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Trumping Trudeau Book Signing - Calgary
By Rebel Staff

One year after Trudeau’s “refugee rush,” 90% are still jobless
By Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The new immigration minister has been answering questions about the Syrian migrants that Justin Trudeau rushed into Canada. Ahmed Hussen told Parliament:

Before Brexit, before Trump, Rob Ford rode populist wave into Mayor’s office
By David MenziesMission Specialist

Rob Ford, that human seismic force who created an earthquake in Toronto’s left-wing political establishment, has been dead for a year now.

FOI docs reveal Liberals glossing over UN group's terror ties
By Brian LilleyRebel Co-Founder

For well over a year, I’ve been talking about the Trudeau government’s flirtation with funding a UN body that has had close connections with terrorist groups, that has employees that glorify terrorism, and that educates children to hate Jews and Israel.

“National Farmer’s Union” opposes rural self-defence? Turns out it's an NDP front group
By Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Commentator

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, or SARM, is trying to make it easier for farmers and rural residents to protect themselves from criminals. 

Journalist called “racist” for questioning Muslim prayer in public schools
By David MenziesMission Specialist

Kevin J. Johnston is a journalist who runs He has covered the issue of Muslim prayer accommodation in the Peel Public School Board and has been called “racist” for his troubles. 

VIDEO: Parliament ignores free speech group’s opposition to M103
By Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

On March 20, a group called Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms held a press conference on their opposition to the Islamophobia motion M103.

Nothing says middle class like Trudeau’s $127K tropical vacation
By Brian LilleyRebel Co-Founder

How great a vacation could you get for $127,000? That is the cost, so far, that taxpayers forked over for Justin Trudeau to spend his New Year's vacation on the private island of his billionaire friend the Aga Khan.

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Rebel Columns

Opinion: There is no scientific justification for a carbon tax
By Tim BallRebel Columnist

The target is not carbon, that is just one of many falsehoods. Carbon is a solid, and carbon dioxide a gas, yet, proponents of human-caused global warming (AGW) use them interchangeably. 

Conservatives champion freedom — but not where it counts most
By David MacKenzieRebel Columnist

Today, I must begin with an accusation. Conservatism— particularly the variety that sympathizes with libertarianism— has not been proactive enough in supporting freedom of thought.

Enough with the political correctness: transgender individuals shouldn't be allowed to compete in sports
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

What you do with your own body shouldn't have to be anyone's business but your own. When you start competing in sports, you're making it everyone's business. That's unfair to others, but also to yourself.

UN Climate Results are Only Possible Through Corruption
By Tim BallRebel Columnist

Trump does not need a reason to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but if he did, a recent exposure of corruption at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) would suffice. 

Carl Bildt's blindness to Sweden's immigration failure is dangerous and pathetic
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

In typical leftist arrogance and denial, Sweden's former Prime Minister Carl Bildt, denied there was anything wrong with Sweden on Twitter after President Trump made reference to the sad state of the European country.

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