March 17, 2016

Social Justice Warriors bring affirmative consent to St. Patrick’s Day: “ASK to kiss me, I’m Irish”?

David MenziesMission Specialist

At the risk of sounding culturally insensitive, nobody knows how to party like the Irish!

Equally well, nobody knows how to stop the fun like progressive leftists.

I look at the different ways politically correct scolds have tried to take the fun out of St. Paddy’s Day and remind you to stand strong against the assault!

And I hope you had a happy St. Patrick’s day, to spite them!

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commented 2016-03-18 01:05:38 -0400
But when Islamists rape it is the women who has to make changes?
commented 2016-03-18 00:00:44 -0400
I saw a bunch of college kids downtown today doing a spring break pub cral – a lot of the girls wore short shorts and tank tops (-2 today) – I really thought there was a hookers convention in town – What all this obligatory boozing and grab ass has to do with St. Patrick , an early Christian missionary who subdued pagan barbarism in Ireland – nawww, boring – let’s get poopfaced and do a selfie.
commented 2016-03-17 22:25:44 -0400
A stupid bunch of Progressive Wankers. Go tell to the Irish, and see what happens.
commented 2016-03-17 20:42:26 -0400
March 17, 2016
Dear Diary;
It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the Puppet Master’s Office (always grateful to Peter Netterville for that one).
It’s a hoot and a half. Lizzie the Lush dropped by with a bottle of Crème de menthe to celebrate the Wearin’ o’ the Green. Even Omar Algebra is getting into the Irish spirit of things, signing departmental memos and communiqués to my embassies as ‘Slam O’Phobia. What a guy. He’s telling everyone that because green is the colour of Islam it then stands to reason that March 17 should be declared a national holy day. Well who in their right mind wouldn’t like that? But I’ll keep that one up my sleeve in case I need to use it later, especially if I have to keep Lloyd and his Irish chums happy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you Lloyd.
Poor Gerald, I feel for him (and he always tells me that he appreciates that) but for some reason he doesn’t get giddy like the rest of us until March 21 rolls around.