June 25, 2015

Which of the 13 GOP candidates Should Canadian conservatives take seriously?

David M. SwindleRebel Blogger
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Neil, trust me, this isn’t me in “real hate” mode. Palin seems to have a good heart and she does more good than bad. (And she and I probably have more views in common than we differ on. We’re both Tea Party. She’s pro-Israel and has said some decent counter-Jihad points that have endeared her to me.) But she just hasn’t made the right moves to position herself as a serious candidate for 2016. She made the choices that were best for her family and her fan base, not her political career. Maybe in 15 or 20 years she’ll have the experience and credentials to be a Reagan, but right now she’s hard to take seriously any more as a a political leader. She was elevated to the VP slot just because she was an attractive woman. Come on, I’m sorry, but I hate to say it, but the 2008 VP slot was cast in much the same way as picking another pundit on the cable shows. She was given an almost impossible task and doomed to fail. That she still did as well as she has and remains with many fans and influence still is to her credit and why I don’t rule her out completely. But the 2016 cycle is such a long shot for her at this point. I won’t rule her out further down the road, though, if she does something substantive to get more serious than being a reality TV star and a punch line.
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