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SJWs attack Trudeau for St. Patrick's Day cultural appropriation
By David MenziesMission Specialist

Here’s the skinny: on March 17th, Trudeau made what any normal person would consider to be a completely innocuous and uncontroversial tweet. Namely, he delivered St. Patrick’s Day greetings. And really, what could possibly upset the rank-and-file of Generation Snowflake regarding St. Paddy’s Day?

Interview with Marcel de Graaff, MEP
By Janice AtkinsonRebel Commentator

Marcel de Graaff, MEP, may be best known outside of the Netherlands as the co-founder along with Marine Le Pen of ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom), a populist group within the European Parliament.

Interview with Gerolf Annemans, MEP
By Janice AtkinsonRebel Commentator

I spoke to fellow Member of the European Parliament, the Flemish Gerolf Annemans, MEP. Annemans is the vice president of the parliamentary group to which I belong known as the ENF.

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