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Marc Morano talks Trump: “Plain talk” on climate agenda unleashes full-blown “Clexit”
By Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The last time we saw Climate Hustle director Marc Morano, he was causing a ruckus at the UN Climate Change Conference in Morocco. His documentary detailing misconceptions about climate change, and obvious enthusiasm for Donald Trump, made him so unwelcome he was “escorted” out by climate cops. 

Anti-Brexit protestors can’t answer my simple questions
By Tommy RobinsonRebel Contributor

I went to the anti-Brexit "Unite for Europe" march in London on Saturday. These elite, left wing types are always calling people like us stupid, so I thought I'd ask them some easy questions about the European Union, since they like it so much:

Blue collar symbols get the boot in Monopoly “token” vote
By David MenziesMission Specialist

I hate monopolies, especially government run ones, but I like Monopoly, the Hasbro board game. I rarely play now so my fondness may be nostalgic, yet I noticed their recent gimmick in the news: inviting fans to vote for new game play tokens to replace familiar old ones.

Mark Dice’s petition pranks prove liberals will support anything — except THIS
By Gavin McInnesRebel Commentator

Mark Dice takes his camera out on the streets of San Diego and shows his one million YouTube subscribers how unbelievably stupid most Democrats are. 

Expert: Why EU, UK have SUBSIDIZED Islamic extremists since the Rushdie riots
By Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I invited Sam Westrop of Islamist Watch on to Friday's show, to talk about the fallout from the UK terror attack. He explained the "logic" behind the British government's funding of its radical Islamic communities.

Three Stooges U? Inside one college’s new “Ouch! Oops!” microaggression handbook
By David MenziesMission Specialist

Our word of the day is “microaggression”, defined as “everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs or insults” based off an individual’s minority status. But if that doesn’t help, I’ve plucked some examples from a diversity handbook. 

Have climate alarmists oversold the panic? History shows why skeptics are right
By Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

How can a knowledge of history dispel climate alarmist scaremongering? That was the subject of Rebel historian John Robson’s talk last week at a Freedom Talk conference. 

WATCH: Muslim imam in Quebec preaches about killing Jews
By Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

According to the CBC: "A Montreal mosque is facing a police complaint and rebukes from the larger Muslim community after a video of an imam delivering a sermon in which he asks for Jews to be killed surfaced online."

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Opinion: There is no scientific justification for a carbon tax
By Tim BallRebel Columnist

The target is not carbon, that is just one of many falsehoods. Carbon is a solid, and carbon dioxide a gas, yet, proponents of human-caused global warming (AGW) use them interchangeably. 

Conservatives champion freedom — but not where it counts most
By David MacKenzieRebel Columnist

Today, I must begin with an accusation. Conservatism— particularly the variety that sympathizes with libertarianism— has not been proactive enough in supporting freedom of thought.

Enough with the political correctness: transgender individuals shouldn't be allowed to compete in sports
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

What you do with your own body shouldn't have to be anyone's business but your own. When you start competing in sports, you're making it everyone's business. That's unfair to others, but also to yourself.

UN Climate Results are Only Possible Through Corruption
By Tim BallRebel Columnist

Trump does not need a reason to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but if he did, a recent exposure of corruption at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) would suffice. 

Carl Bildt's blindness to Sweden's immigration failure is dangerous and pathetic
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

In typical leftist arrogance and denial, Sweden's former Prime Minister Carl Bildt, denied there was anything wrong with Sweden on Twitter after President Trump made reference to the sad state of the European country.

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