Save Australia Day!
Mark LathamRebel Contributor

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Save Australia Day!
By Mark LathamRebel Contributor

In this era of political correctness, when things are done not for their positive impact, but so that nobody can take offence, Australia Day on 26 January has been under siege.

WATCH: Prof. Jordan Peterson on revitalizing conservatism in Canada
By Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Prof. Jordan Peterson spoke at the Carleton Place Arena, June 15, 2017 where he discussed a number of tactics and reasons to revitalize conservative thought.

Eco-terrorists demonize fracking despite the science and Obama’s hypocrisy
By Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

New studies conducted over long periods of time show fracking isn’t as much of a risk as eco-activists say it is but despite this, activists remain irrational to the point of being willing to take drastic eco-terrorist measures.

The Right punching back is “the only solution”
By Gavin McInnesRebel Commentator

On Friday's show, I interviewed Chadwick Moore. He's a gay journalist and a former liberal who turned conservative. 

Top 5: “White Helmets” caught (again) working with Syrian terrorists; French Muslim upset over PSA to hydrate
By Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. One of Islam’s most effective and notorious preachers of genocide, hate and Islamic supremacy lives in Michigan, but remains out of FBI reach.

Heritage hazard: Confederate flag on vintage car triggers SJWs and politicians
By David MenziesMission Specialist

A classic car at the annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival in Toronto has triggered social justice warriors and Nervous-Nelly politicians after a hysterical woman freaked out over a Confederate flag-sporting General Lee replica.

Tommy Robinson: Stop the hate — Close the Didsbury Mosque in Manchester
By Tommy RobinsonRebel Contributor

As I've reported before, multiple hate preachers have been speaking at Didsbury Mosque in Manchester over the years, and it's time for locals to see what has been happening behind closed doors.

Toronto Star and New York Times demonize Canadians
By Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, Jerry Agar reported on the mainstream media attacking Kellie Leitch for her tweet condemning Trudeau's refugee program that let in a Syrian who beat his wife with a hockey stick.

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Opinion: The Heresies of C-16
By David MacKenzieRebel Columnist

Ottawa has now entrenched controversial transgender theory in its books. And just as the sun still rose in Alberta on December 12, 2015 — the day after the Legislature in Edmonton did something similar — one can assure all Canadians that the sun will do likewise despite this latest decision...

SJW “diversity experts” say there's too many “white male” acts at rock festivals
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

Imagine if Justin Trudeau's absurd gender quotas managed to find their way into a rock festival's lineup. Tickets would NOT sell.

Ultra left-wing Mic writer whines about Nintendo 'Arms' character because of 'weaponized' hair
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

Just when you thought the left had already bitched and moaned about everything in existence, along comes a new Nintendo character that makes their blood boil.

As Conservatives gather, watch the “So-Cons”
By David MacKenzieRebel Columnist

Politically speaking, Canadians very rarely get statesmen or -women anymore, because we are routinely reminded never to vote for anything other than the highest probability of success.

Just how radically left-wing is Mark Zuckerberg? Comments made by his former speech writer are absolutely insane
By Mike GwilliamRebel Columnist

Yesterday I was browsing Facebook when a post from someone I didn't know appeared in my feed.

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