November 21, 2018

“Stud” vs “dud”: Conservative leaders Bernier and Scheer vie to oust Trudeau

David MenziesMission Specialist

Conservatives in Canada have recently been witness to a tale of two leaders. First up was Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada who dropped by Ford Nation in Etobicoke, as compared to CPC leader Andrew Scheer who spoke at the PCPO convention in Toronto.

More than 1,200 enthusiastic supporters packed the venue to listen to Bernier, who brought passion and substance, announcing PPC policy planks in a rapid-fire manner to wild cheers.

Bernier’s confidence was striking and after his speech, he hung around for well over an hour, shaking hands and posing for photos. He also agreed to an interview with The Rebel, and was obliging and generous with his time.

Three days later, Andrew Scheer spoke at the Ontario PC convention in Toronto, and in what was a friendly audience of Conservatives who desperately want regime change in Ottawa, he only received “polite applause.”

The audience seemed hopeful, desperate even, for Scheer to say something - anything! – to ignite their passions. But with the exception of stating his opposition to a carbon tax, there were very few tangible announcements.

He could have talked about things such as border control and “irregular” immigration. But, apparently, that’s third-rail stuff, obsessed as he is with how he’ll be covered by the Mean Girls at the CBC, the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.

As for us at the Rebel, including YOU, our cherished million-plus YouTube subscribers -- well, sorry. Scheer can’t be bothered to slum it with the Canuck-deplorable’s. When he was done boring the PC rank and file, he jumped into his chauffeured SUV and got out of Dodge.

In summary, my gut feeling is that I have to agree with recent polls showing that the Scheer Conservatives are destined to lose next year.

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commented 2018-11-22 00:43:53 -0500
Much has happened in the last 24 hours that is missing here.
Scheer and Rempel are against the UN Migration Act, Compliments of Robert Greeley late last night.

Bernier is doing everything right in BC. He is running people in the 6 Fraser Valley Ridings ; that’s the 150km between Vancouver and hope.
commented 2018-11-22 00:43:20 -0500
Its firmly on the map alright. The PPC has more than half the riding associations and will have enough to run candidates in the upcoming bi-elections. Andy, Bernier has said he would not consider a compromise with the CPC. He knows it would be pointless. Scheer would never agree to it either. This is on and its already in drive.
commented 2018-11-22 00:03:26 -0500
As I’ve suggested before…. I might be “wise” to see what happens as more and more PPC candidates are actually announced by their riding associations in the coming weeks and months, and the PPC is firmly “on the map”…. If the present groundswell of PPC popularity continues at the present rate, the Smiling Chipmunk’s top advisors would have to be suicidal not to start musing about some form of co-operation with the PPC… Chipmunk just might have to climb down from his high branch and take “that call” from Bernier which he refused to take before…. Time will tell…
commented 2018-11-21 23:53:44 -0500
DON CARLOS CERVANTES commented 3 hours ago.

Hey Don Quixote, If there are any Liberal plants around here it is Yourself and Scheer.
Why don’t you run along and find a windmill to charge or a dragon to hump? Your show is slipping, or your slip is showing, one of the two.
commented 2018-11-21 23:46:20 -0500
People can hate Trudeau all they want here, but the economy currently is great in Canada and people are working with unemployment numbers at their lowest in decades.

He will most likely get re-elected and I say that as someone who has many issues with Trudeau, but I just don’t think Scheer and Bernier can beat him.
commented 2018-11-21 23:02:59 -0500
No votes for the liberalist globalist period.

Trudeau will become a bad statistic like Wynne.
commented 2018-11-21 22:49:20 -0500
Ron Shea commented 3 hours ago
“Max is not taking any votes away from the Conservatives that Scheer has already lost because he couldn’t give a damn about his base. "

The polling is sparse, but it does seem to be the case that Bernier’s drawing primarily from the CPC. Nanos has the latter basically collapsing (a couple percent supporting Bernier and a whack of undecideds), but nobody else has published a corroborating poll so that should be viewed with caution. There is some anecdotal suggestion that a few Liberals are trickling over as well, but that’s harder to tell since the number’s smaller, and complicated by the Lib’s growth on the backs of the NDP collapse.

I would imagine the real number of stay-at-home disenfranchised Conservatives was pretty low, with “disapproval of Scheer” being met by “hold your nose and vote for him anyway”.

At any rate, the conservative core pool is about 35%, maybe 40% if you’re really lucky. Split off more than about 5% of that and winning an election gets difficult. Given the leadership results I could see it breaking nearly down the middle … which is just about the worst case scenario for either party. 35-20-20-15? If that happens the only seats the Libs won’t take will be in rural Alberta, plus maybe a dozen NDP holdouts scattered across the country.
commented 2018-11-21 22:43:22 -0500
Robert Greeley: My statement,exactly,from a few weeks ago.In my utopian hopes,it was decimation of the so-called Liberal party(in it’s present form…) with an Andy Panda Sheer minority government with Bernier holding enough seats to make the Pillsbury Dough Boy squeak often enough so that serious rational voters would wake up and kick his sourdough posterior into the next toaster oven…
commented 2018-11-21 22:14:20 -0500
Is there a possibility of both wishy washy Scheer…and Bernier getting in as the top two?

And Goofball Trudeau and his crew get the… kicked to the curb treatment that his fellow liberalist globalist crew members received in Ontario!.. Which they rightfully deserve!!

Vote Scheer and Bernier in!… No votes for the scumbags..make it very clear!!
commented 2018-11-21 22:00:11 -0500
I don’t hold out much hope for a conservative win in the federal election. Scheer is about as helpfull as an umbrella made from toilet paper. A little rain and it’s ruined.
commented 2018-11-21 21:46:54 -0500
Don Carlos Cervantes:You posed the question : “Who is the greatest threat to Canada,Trudeau or Sheer”. The answer is….YES
commented 2018-11-21 21:22:55 -0500
Ted Tadright: I do not know if Bernier has a spine.I only know this….a lot of people will inherently(and when morally forced to) will follow what they(at least perceive) to be strength: strength of words….strength of conviction…strength of direction….strength of beliefs…no opportunists need apply. for this position.
Stepping forth to assume to be a leader demands many things and many people cannot be a leader,but firstly,please ensure that your philosophical and moral compass is pointed correctly and above all…STAY THE COURSE.
commented 2018-11-21 21:07:18 -0500
To Ron Shea et al : Ron, to begin with, if you are tearing at the bit to use a few choice adjectives to call me; because, I had the temerity to call knee-jerk reactionary Max Bernier supporters ‘simpletons’ then knock yourself out. I would not want you to blow any gaskets suppressing all that inner angst. Otherwise, I thank you for your measured response.

Comparing the underdog ‘Stud’ (Bernier) with the top dog ‘Dud’ (Scheer) at least according to David Menzies’s always pithy terminology, presents a controversial challenged but I will attempt to summarize as best as I might.,


There is much that Bernier says that I agree with; but be advised that in politics it is much easier to make the strong and implacable statements on policy when you know you are not in a position to win. Bernier, regardless of his debatable qualities, does not have a hope in hell of winning in 2019. The best he will succeed in doing is splitting the conservative vote; thus ensuring that Trudeau (who is the REAL enemy that Canadians have to eliminate) wins a second term.

Andrew Scheer, on the other hand, is in a much better position to win than Bernier, certainly according to the polls. When you feel that you have a real chance of winning, that usually requires that a party move closer to the centre on their policy positions. In Canadian politics as in American politics, it is the party which can best maneuver themselves into the position of being, and/or create the perception of being, the party of the center (or the party which best represents the real concerns of most of the voters) who wins the election.

The real question you should ask yourself honestly is the following. Who is the greatest threat to Canada, Trudeau or Scheer? If you think it is Trudeau, then vote for Scheer because he is the only one who has a hope in hell of beating Trudeau in 2019. If however, you really think Trudeau and Scheer are equally as bad, then by all means vote for Bernier and thus effectively re-elect Trudeau. If you do the latter be prepared to live with the consequences of four more years of Trudeau, and pray that Canada survives the four more years of that idiot. This is not rocket science.
commented 2018-11-21 20:55:10 -0500
John Galt,

I think you are right about Scheer, that he has no spine. I have about given up on him. But does Bernier? He talks about cutting the CBC’s budget, but not about privatizing the CBC. That worries me. It makes me think that he isn’t fully up to speed as a conservative leader either. We need someone who, like Trump in the US, will take bold conservative measures to save Canada, and not just tinker with the corrupt left-constructed system any more.
commented 2018-11-21 20:47:16 -0500
Dan Mancuso:We have our common ground. already….however it is very difficult to lead a horse’s ass to water.
commented 2018-11-21 20:31:41 -0500
I think we have to finally recognize that Harper was only 5% better than Scheer. He had a solid majority last time and he didn’t privatize the CBC, didn’t appoint conservative SCOC Justices (well, one, out of six appointments), and didn’t listen to his conservative base. Therefore he lost the country to traitors and he lost the last election to a mental midget. He is done as a conservative voice as far as I am concerned. I want a Trump-like figure who will save this country with bold conservative measures and put it back on track to Western freedom, prosperity and values. I don’t want another milquetoast traitorscum-media-pleasing centrist tinkerer like Scheer or Harper who will take us down the same road to Sharia oblivion, only at a slower pace. I want redemption for Canada as a free nation!
commented 2018-11-21 20:16:03 -0500
If only Scheer could find his inner conservative. He must have one, or else why did he run as one? But he just continues to wallow in gutless wonder mode. I think he has been co-opted by the traitorscum media into their globalist agenda. He has until the end of this year to convince me otherwise, or he loses this voter also to Bernier, who at least isn’t the least bit intimidated by the traitorscum media, and seems to have some conservative principles and love for Canada. I fear a split conservative vote also, but I just can’t see voting for Scheer. I fear we are in for another Canada-wrecking term of globalist Beavis and Butthead traitor government that will be the end of Canada as a free, peaceful and prosperous society, as the dark forces of the freedom-hating cultures see our weakness and make their move to move in and take over and replace us, which they have already begun to do. I believe 2019 will be our last chance to stop that, and I don’t see it happening, alas. But maybe Bernier will galvanize Canadians to save our country. I hope!
commented 2018-11-21 20:12:31 -0500
Another thing Max has on his side is that the mean girls at the cbc and msm morons may try, but they won’t succeed in bullying him. He’ll tell them to give it their best shot. I don’t think the CBC is going to have the same influence they had in the last election. Their character assassination will fall on deaf ears this time. My concern is a fair election. I am sure there are people working overtime coming up with different scenarios to fudge things, tech glitches and counter problems, illegal voters via last minute qualification changes, the dead receiving voter cards, even cries of Russian interference etc. I am dead serious. The left now will use anything. That is my main concern. There hasn’t been a fair election in this country for years. Not the last federal election, not provincial elections and not mayoral elections, heck even the last Monk debate in Ontario fudged the final results. Its a problem in this country and must be exposed as it rears its ugly head. We can’t stand for it.
commented 2018-11-21 20:06:20 -0500
DON CARLOS CERVANTES commented, “Good old Rebel. Sabotaging the chance to save Canada on the eve of the most important election of our lifetime.”

Good old Smil’n Andrew Scheer sabotaging the chance to save Canada on the eve of the most important election of our lifetimeby by whipping his MPs to support a Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord and dispensing with part of his conservative base by throwing the Rebel under the bus, thinking we wouid have no choice but to vote for him. Enter Maxime Bernier.
commented 2018-11-21 19:57:27 -0500
after the next election fiasco with medias chump winning maybe then the party will realize their stupid mistake in putting chump2 in charge. then place a true leader in Maxime to once again make canada great again.
commented 2018-11-21 19:55:47 -0500
I’m with you Tony. I’m done holding my nose. I don’t much feel like voting for someone who holds nothing but contempt for me. I am grateful Max came forward. Voting for truth, sovereignty and liberty can never be a bad thing. Anyway you slice it Bernier will have influence next year. Scheer offers me nothing, why would I vote for him to keep Justin out? They are basically on the same team.

DON CARLOS CERVANTES , Scheer won’t put this nation first and stop the immigration flood, he has already shown over and over that he always caves to pressure. He stands for nothing. He goes which ever way the wind blows. Scheer is responsible for this turmoil, and I’m pissed off at him. This should have been a slam dunk.
commented 2018-11-21 19:46:31 -0500
As Robert mentioned, voting strategically for the CPC or PPC depending which candidate has a greater chance of winning is a start in finding common ground.
commented 2018-11-21 19:40:37 -0500
Having read the comments…
The last thing the ‘right’ needs is more division than we already have with our individuality and moral principles…the left is ‘winning’ because they’ve accepted homogeneity (and Satan).
The right needs to find some common ground and fight from there!
We’re losing, so far…
commented 2018-11-21 19:33:07 -0500
And so here we are….we few…we unhappy few… desperately trying to be a band of brothers but standing at the precipice with rapidly diminishing options and you…Don Carlos Cervantes…think that Andy Panda Sheer will save Canada? Let’s go down the road of Sheer as the victor.Things that you mention such as the flooding of Canada with migrants under Bevis & Buttshead will continue under Sheer…..because he is GUTLESS…or…. He is the Liberal plant,perhaps…
As we argue here today, Sheer could…could spearhead a “Take Back Canada” approach and would be met with huge support by taking a public stand on numerous issues.Countless people I have spoken with,listened to and overheard are crying out for leadership that is not afraid to speak out & up and stand their ground….Sheer offers you a slow,lingering death while whining that he could have been a contender…if only…if only.
Rather than focus on Bernier,you should be more concerned by actions of Northern Dancer,such as a $600 million early Christmas gift to Canadian media outlets who are deemed “trustworthy” enough to qualify.Even if Bernier did not exist, Sheer will fold under this new tactic,because he has…no spine.
commented 2018-11-21 19:32:15 -0500
Dan asked, “Is there any good reason why Stephen Harper couldn’t be brought back to lead the party …”

That would be excellent, but considering the venomous hateful treatment he got from the left, especially the CBC, I doubt if he would even want to come back … and I wouldn’t blame him in the least.
commented 2018-11-21 19:32:04 -0500
DON CARLOS CERVANTES wrote: “Good old Rebel. Sabotaging the chance to save Canada on the eve of the most important election of our lifetime.”

Don, ‘The Rebel’ is not sabotaging anyone other than pointing out the obvious truth. If Max does win and defunds the CBC is that good for Ezra? Maybe. Maybe not. If Trudeau wins again, he will shut down ‘The Rebel’. Maybe Scheer will shut down ‘The Rebel’ when he becomes PM seeing as he is too much of a politically correct coward to allow them to even ask questions.
I actually expect Scheer to win in 2019 because most Canadians will cast their vote as a hate vote against Trudeau, not caring about the policies Scheer stands for. Has Scheer publicly come out and condemned the U.N. migration pact? No. Michelle Rempel might of, but she is not Scheer. And even if Scheer did, what’s to say he won’t change his mind? He invited the Canadian Council of Muslims to the CPC convention. He didn’t invite ‘The Rebel’. And people want to vote for Scheer? Max isn’t perfect but at least he stands for something. Scheer stands for nothing other than what the weekly polls say, but in truth that makes sense seeing as how far this country has drifted to the left. Scheer is for a carbon tax one day. Against it the next.

DON CARLOS CERVANTES wrote: “The reasoning being, that a successful Maxine Bernier will not win of course but he will take enough votes away from the Conservatives to ensure the re-election of that treasonous buffoon, Justin Trudeau.”

Max is not taking any votes away from the Conservatives that Scheer has already lost because he couldn’t give a damn about his base. He couldn’t even keep Bernier on side but why would that matter after Scheer cheated to win at the leadership convention. It’s no secret that Scheer is center left and the reason behind the defection of thousands of loyal CPC members and Canadian patriots, looking for real Canadian representation.

DON CARLOS CERVANTES wrote: “I am obligated to point out the following, to all the simpletons (and omigod yes, you are simple)…”

I can understand your emotion and passion but you do not have to insult the members of ‘The Rebel’ including the subscribers. Many of us have had an excellent and thorough education, unless of course you would like me to use a lot of very descriptive adjectives from the Oxford Dictionary of English to point out your shortcomings?

I will vote for who I think can lead Canada the best. Many Canadians at the present feel the same. We need a great leader. That isn’t Trudeau. Or Scheer. I will not vote for whom I hate. If you’re going to place blame, blame those who vote for Trudeau or those Canadian’s who are simply too apathetic or too uninformed to care and educate themselves about politics because the leftist education system in this country did a great job at indoctrinating the minds of our population since the late 1960’s.
commented 2018-11-21 19:29:14 -0500
Every time I see Smilin’ Andy’s sweaty brow, his nervous little smile, his shifty eyes and then listen to him stammering, I get the heebie jeebies. Strategic voting might be a help, vote for the Conservative or PPC candidate most likely to win.
In defence of The Rebel, Andy is making it awfully hard for anyone right of centre-left to vote for him.
commented 2018-11-21 19:24:07 -0500
If it wasn’t already painfully obvious Menzoid, you’ve made it crystal clear – Smilin’ Andy has to go…
Is there any good reason why Stephen Harper couldn’t be brought back to lead the party, or Brad Trost, or is there anyone else – able and appropriate – we could press-gang even, into the leadership position…necessity being the mother of invention and desperation, and all that.
Of course, they’d be facing the same lefty-liberal-globalist embedded shadow government and Fake News Media Party Donald Trump is barely dealing with…and who also greatly contributed to Stephen Harper’s…election ‘loss’ in Canada.
I assume you used “dud” in your title Menzoid, because gelding didn’t rhyme with “stud”. Oh Canada!
commented 2018-11-21 19:04:31 -0500
Don Carlos Cervantes, I was reading you post until you called me a simpleton for wanting a Conservative leader that in not spineless like Smilin’ Spineless Andy. Your undeserved arrogance reeks of Liberal elitism.
commented 2018-11-21 19:03:44 -0500
I’ll take another 4 yrs of turdeau before I will hold my nose and vote for Scheer – he does not deserve the vote. I am now firmly in the Bernier camp.