November 26, 2018

(WATCH) Diamond & Silk: Trump is protecting our border from invasion

Rebel Staff

Democrats like California Senator Kamala Harris continue to call President Trump’s concerns about migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border a “political stunt.”

Watch as social media stars Diamond & Silk slam Democrats who are dismissing President Trump's deployment of troops to the border in response to migrant caravans from Central America.

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commented 2018-11-26 23:56:37 -0500
I did my share on Sunday, I went to my PPC meeting and missed the Grey Cup.
commented 2018-11-26 23:54:36 -0500
Love the Diamond & Silk ladies, who are driving the Al Sharptons of the Democratic establishment to foam at the mouth every day of the week….
commented 2018-11-26 19:36:13 -0500
Trump sure put a stop to the migrants to day, they were using military grade tear gas and pepper Spray grenades on them. Launched by combat infantry. Military grade tear gas is about three times the strength of what the police use.

Liza, I hope trump dose not oblige the Trud, if he dose they will only head back south come next spring, making two boarders for Trump to watch and the Canadian boarder is a long one.
commented 2018-11-26 13:11:44 -0500
Too bad Justin doesn’t give a rats ass about our borders or sovereignty. He cares so much about Canadians that he is going to float the people in the caravan up to Canada. He is also asking Trump who is closing border crossings to allow him to send buses to bring these illegals up to us. Trump had better tell him to screw off or he will have to close the northern border after Justin does the dump. Justin Trudeau is a traitor and a disgrace to his people and his country. May he rot in hell along with Pierre (and Castro). Damn them.