November 17, 2018

(WATCH) Trump shuns Trudeau at Armistice Day service

Rebel Staff

World leaders gathered for the Armistice Day service at the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees to pay tribute to the millions who died during World War I, and while President Trump extended his hand in greeting to all of them, there was one he didn’t shake hands with.

It was the one who President Trump described as “very dishonest and weak” following a disagreement at the G7 summit earlier this year.

Watch how Trudeau reacts to being ignored by Trump.

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commented 2018-11-19 18:01:46 -0500
Junior is afraid of Trump, so he taunts him behind his back. He’s a coward!
commented 2018-11-19 14:44:14 -0500
I hope at one of these summits Trump walks up to Trudummy and lays that punk out!!
commented 2018-11-19 09:23:07 -0500
Trump vs turdo. As I texted my Yank buddy after the trade agreement: “Well, one thing is clear: your dickhead is a LOT smarter than our dickhead.”

I thing the world would be a better place if the Selfie Queen and Twitter Twat would turn their cell phones to full vibrate and stick them up their arses.
commented 2018-11-18 21:28:12 -0500
ROBERT GREELEY commented 3 hours ago
Ron Joseph..Yup..that’s why I’m doing it..also getting back to the citizen band
CB radio..
Short wave would not be a bad idea either.
commented 2018-11-18 21:26:55 -0500
Mr-Babies-Are-Parasites, that is more MSM spin, which I assume you already know but for some reason you want to believe a lie.
commented 2018-11-18 21:14:06 -0500
That’s not all Trump shunned on Armistice day. Apparently he doesn’t’ like getting his hair wet.
commented 2018-11-18 18:52:44 -0500
I guess Trudeau’s next step will be.. will make CB radio’s illegal…can’t have free speech un monitored now can he along with his Climate Barbie types..
commented 2018-11-18 18:08:52 -0500
Ron Joseph..Yup..that’s why I’m doing it..also getting back to the citizen band
CB radio..looking for a powerful one at the best price.. I want to talk with real people without being censored.
commented 2018-11-18 14:20:57 -0500
Al Peterson, I’m still laughing at your Chickenshit SONG RESPONSE ANSWER to the question, “is our PM two-faced?”
I guess that Greeley, Barnes and yourself are practicing these Song Response Comments for the soon-approaching day when Trudeau banns all “meany written” comments.
commented 2018-11-18 13:43:35 -0500
How sweet to be an idiot,
And dip my brain in joy,
Children laughing at my back,
With no fear of attack,
As much retaliation as a toy.

How sweet to be an idiot, how sweet.
commented 2018-11-18 13:39:11 -0500
Nope he’s just a…
commented 2018-11-18 13:04:42 -0500
I was surprised that US Networks including Fox didn’t pick on either the non-existant handshake or Trudeau’s negative speech on Trump without using Trump’s name.

Did anyone notice that both of Trudeau’s negative speeches on Trump were done as soon as Trump left the area.
Armistice Day in France and The G-7 meeting in Quebec.
commented 2018-11-18 10:42:48 -0500
Nice to see that our Chump got Trumped.
commented 2018-11-18 01:28:09 -0500
commented 2018-11-18 01:16:05 -0500’s going thru…
commented 2018-11-18 01:08:03 -0500
You are not playing it Rebel Media…What da fu….
commented 2018-11-18 01:01:53 -0500
Rebel Media.. did you just banned a video?
commented 2018-11-18 00:56:30 -0500
commented 2018-11-18 00:50:10 -0500
Hey Trudeau…do you know anything about working? Clearly not…you take vacations paid by us for you and climate Barbie to travel around the world and then shove down our throats that you are a climate master god… you goofs.. stop ripping off hard working Canadians you jerk offs..
commented 2018-11-18 00:40:56 -0500
commented 2018-11-18 00:36:35 -0500
It was funny to see Trudie being avoided like a case of the Crabs. But I would have been truly impressed had Trump kicked “Mr. Inclusive,” The Muslim Sock Puppet squarely in his pea sized Nuts.
commented 2018-11-18 00:20:21 -0500
Ya Justin, not only are you not important, but she is more beautiful!
commented 2018-11-17 22:24:59 -0500
Obviously our Boy Blunder didn’t pick the right pair of socks for the occasion??
commented 2018-11-17 21:09:18 -0500
DAN MANCUSO commented 6 hours ago
When you ‘jokingly’ say Colt 45………..
Dan, to explain how, would get me banned on these pages for six months.
commented 2018-11-17 20:59:55 -0500
If you would just prove that you are against Canadian Soldiers..
commented 2018-11-17 20:57:22 -0500
commented 2018-11-17 20:57:11 -0500
Is this Canadian Military song going to be Censored TRUDEAU? Are you going to ban it!!
commented 2018-11-17 20:27:26 -0500
Mohammad Trudeau is the ultimate beta-Cuck male …why would Trump shake the Cucks hand ? Trump is working to save Western civilization not destroy it and islamify it like Mohammad Trudeau
commented 2018-11-17 20:16:38 -0500
Tru-uhh-uhh DOH!!!: “Wait?… I’m not the center of attention? Nobody’s looking at ME?… Butt mah Socks!!!…” pouty face
commented 2018-11-17 19:24:00 -0500