September 16, 2019

100 years of climate data DELETED from Canadian policy report, including historic high and low

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Catherine McKenna’s Climate Change Ministry is ignoring a century’s worth of weather data that doesn’t fit with the Liberals’ pro-carbon tax, fear-mongering agenda, according to a new exclusive report by Blacklock’s Reporter.

According to Blacklock’s,

“Environment Canada omitted 100 years’ worth of weather data from a federal website intended to illustrate climate change. Staff also used “modeling” instead of actual temperature readings to plot dramatic graphs, but said the result was not intended to be misleading.

The historical data is not observed historical data,” said Samantha Bayard, spokesperson for the department. “It is modeled historic data.”

The temperature data is part of a new website by Climate Change Canada meant for policymakers to “support and enable Canada’s climate change adaptation planning, and improve access to relevant climate data.” It’s meant to be the stuff taxes and climate emergency declarations are built on.

However, government cataloged temperature measurements collected between 1850-1949 were replaced by 24 models and historical simulations based on data collected from 1950-2005. The ministry claims the readings were excluded because the number of weather stations nationwide wasn’t “dense” enough.

However, I think the truth is something much different. The 1850-1949 historical temperature readings are a bit of an inconvenient truth for the Liberals pro-carbon tax agenda.

Blacklock's reports that Vancouver was hotter in 1910 than it was in 2017. Toronto was warmer in 1852 than it was in 2017 and Moncton was warmer in 1906 than in 2017.

So I kept looking. I found the same sort of results for other places, like Halifax and Alberta. The hottest temperate ever recorded in Canada happened before 1950 - September 15, 1937, saw a high of 45 degrees Celsius in Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan - which meant it was also excluded from the new climate change website.

These measurements don’t jive with the ticking down of the Liberals’ climate change doomsday clock. Out they went in favor of “models” and estimations!

In Catherine McKenna’s world, the science is settled but the historical temperature isn't.

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commented 2019-09-16 19:35:24 -0400
you cannot fool the people if real stats are available .
commented 2019-09-16 19:24:43 -0400
This is yet more proof that climate change is humbug and a horrendous scam. And warmer winters with longer summers will benefit us in the long run anyway. The fact is that the climate always changes. We just have to roll with the punches and take things as they are. Additionally, doomsday predictions are always wrong when made by delusional people.
commented 2019-09-16 19:05:56 -0400
Canada’s only hope is Maxme Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada. They are the most reasonable people capable of steering our government towards a prosperous future for all Canadians and their descendants,
commented 2019-09-16 19:02:45 -0400
We all know Scheer loves the carbon tax, so it is up to the provinces to tell the new PM where to strategically place his “Modelled Historical Data” and the carbon tax.
commented 2019-09-16 19:01:32 -0400
Adding to Lee’s comment:

What the hell does ‘modelled historic data’ even mean, particularly when you are talking a period of sophisticated instrumentation. Historic data is actual empirical data, not a statistical model. That 100 years of empirical data is not even proxy empirical data, but measured empirical data.
commented 2019-09-16 18:59:25 -0400
The biggest question is will the liars and thieves get back in to office this upcoming election and if not will Andrew Scheer be any better?
commented 2019-09-16 18:54:09 -0400
Modeled historic data, that must be what they did with Trudeau,s test scores.
commented 2019-09-16 18:51:54 -0400
Lee….Exactly…..“Modeled historic data.” is just code for…“the low information voter will eat this up.” and the media will regurgitate the lie.
Its what the Libranos bank on, lying to the public and once its out there, even if there is a half assed retraction, the wee wick johns, pensons and all knowing andrew types will take the bait….hook,line and sinker.
commented 2019-09-16 18:50:08 -0400
Of course they deleted the data. It contradicts their narrative. We all know the Liberals are liars and thieves.
commented 2019-09-16 18:39:27 -0400
“Modeled historic data.”

aka, Fake News.
commented 2019-09-16 18:31:48 -0400
I saw this on another site. The LIBSLAM party!