July 18, 2016

100,000 people went to a political rally that the Media Party IGNORED. Here's why you should care

Candice MalcolmRebel Contributor

On July 9, I attended one of the largest political rallies in the world. It was bigger than the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention combined. And yet, you probably didn’t hear about it.

That’s because the mainstream media in Canada did not cover it.

The Free Iran rally and conference was hosted at Le Bourget Convention Centre in Paris. The director of operations told me an estimated 104,000 and 106,000 people attended, to peacefully call for regime change in Iran. (They couldn’t host such a rally in Iran, of course, because they’d all be killed.)

Out the speeches and all the promising aspects of the conference, my favourite moment came during the speech by the Hon. John Baird, Canada’s former minister of foreign affairs in the Harper government.

I'll show you a few clips.

He received one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cheers and ovations from the massive audience.

Under the Harper government, Canada stood with these people, against the theocratic dictatorship that routinely executes gays and political opponents, that funds global terrorism and builds a covert nuclear program.

While Justin Trudeau and his foreign minister Stephane Dion sheepishly try to negotiate with the despicable regime in Tehran, and open the relationship back up, Baird reminds us of why it was closed in the first place.

Canada used to stand with the people wanting freedom. We should continue to stand with the Iranian people, and oppose the tyrannical despots that control Iran today.

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commented 2016-08-09 14:04:35 -0400
Those were the days when Canada stood for something on the world stage! Those nine years of Conservative leadership have been deleted by this present government. It is as if those years never happened!

Those were the days I was proud to be a Canadian. Those were the days that I believed in Canadian values. Those were the days that I felt safe and secure in my own country. Those were the days that I knew that our government had our backs. Those were the days that leaders had a backbone and steely blue eyes that stared down would-be dictators. Those were the days when Canada’s leaders drew the line in the sand and NOBODY crossed it.

Those were the days that we had employment, a vibrant resource industry, and the expectation of a decent pay cheque. Those were the days when the middle class counted for something. Those were the days when our Charter Rights were upheld, and one was not afraid of being labeled racist or zenophobic if one spoke the truth. Those were the days when the truth was being respected by mainstream media.

Those were the days when governing a country was a “man’s” job (I include all members of the LGBTQ community in this non-generic word), and not a job that Canadians would give to an over-grown narcissistic child. Those were the days when the Prime Minister could be found in his office or in the House of Commons doing his job of leading our country. Those were the days when substance counted over fluff!

Oh, how I miss those days!
commented 2016-07-19 08:44:20 -0400
We should continue to stand with the Iranian people, and oppose the tyrannical despots that control Iran today.
commented 2016-07-19 04:14:03 -0400
The old media has become an albatross around the neck of the people. Of course we won’t be expecting Trudeau to deal with them at all. We’ll have to wait. But I can’t see how they can keep on their road to self destruction.
commented 2016-07-19 02:02:35 -0400
Why don’t you just speak plainly Jay? You are such a smarmy smuck.
commented 2016-07-19 02:01:10 -0400
….or not gay. Apparently he has never discussed his sexuality publicly. Which is appropriate in my opinion. It matters not.
commented 2016-07-19 01:55:51 -0400
Nobody cares if Baird is gay. Get over it Jay.
commented 2016-07-19 00:13:35 -0400
John Baird and The Rebel are able to defend rights of homosexuals in a way the world may not be ready for. They have courage, but are up against a mainstream media and mainstream politics that is hesitant when it comes to asserting the “rights” of men to be with men.
commented 2016-07-18 19:59:02 -0400
John Baird did us proud! It was heartwarming to hear them cheering for our country.
commented 2016-07-18 19:46:49 -0400
Trudope wants his own islamic dictatorship! How else to explain the importation of thousands of adherents to this religion of Satan and his attempts now to cozy up to the Iranian Thuggish Gov’t!
commented 2016-07-18 18:31:16 -0400
This is the voice of the Iranian people in Paris Meeting
We hate the mullahs’ regime
commented 2016-07-18 18:26:35 -0400
The voice of the Iranian peopleThe whole world to hear
The realities of the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance  Not conceal
commented 2016-07-18 18:21:40 -0400
Thanks to the Excellent article
commented 2016-07-18 18:17:53 -0400
Thanks to the Excellent article
The realities of Resistance of Iran
To inform the whole world is
commented 2016-07-18 17:55:45 -0400
because what CBC just shows are the photo ops and selfie shit of the idiot! you know who!
commented 2016-07-18 17:52:27 -0400
John Baird = PM
Rona Ambrose = Prem. Ontario
Jason Kenney = Prem. Alberta
We’re getting there!
commented 2016-07-18 17:44:29 -0400
The C. B. C. is a communist run net work they should be in hell.
commented 2016-07-18 16:17:49 -0400
That is no small thing Bill Smith.
William Collins, yes Baird would be a good choice, but he has abandoned federal politics. I doubt he could be enticed back. We definitely need someone who would wipe the floor with Justin, and cut out the crap regarding Islam. I hope a conservative politician like that exists, who is up for the race.
The ‘I should care, but I don’t’ attitude is what gets ’Justin’s’ into office in the first place.
commented 2016-07-18 16:13:15 -0400
No weber, it is you and the rest of the leftist regressive fucktards that are so predictable. Your statement says it all about you and your ilk. Its rather sad in fact.
commented 2016-07-18 16:02:49 -0400
I doubt young justin would have much to say against the current despotic regime in Iran… his brother, Alexandre Trudeau, collaborates with Press TV, the Iranian state owned propaganda organ.
commented 2016-07-18 15:26:40 -0400
LMFAO! You guys are predictable. Oh, Peter Nutterville you hurt my feelings. 😥
commented 2016-07-18 15:21:38 -0400
Who in the Hell cares about the weber chick? and what she cares about and doesn’t.
To put it another way – we should care about what you post, but we don’t.
commented 2016-07-18 14:46:25 -0400
@ Liza Rosie and Paul Maurice

I find that most of the socialist trolls that post comments on TheRebel are of equally despicable morality.
commented 2016-07-18 14:39:46 -0400
Kelly Weber logic.
I should not kill innocent people, but I do.
I should not steal, but I do.
I should not lie, but I do.
I should not rape and pillage, but I do.
I should not beat my wife, but I do.
I should not torture little children, but I do.
I should not defecate in the public square, but I do.
I should not sell dangerous drugs, but I do.
I should not be a totally evil pervert, but I am.
Well…………….I hope you get my point, Kelly Weber. I am sure everyone else does (unless they are total morons.)
commented 2016-07-18 14:38:48 -0400
CBC reported Sat. that a truck killed 84 in France even though they knew that the drivers name was Mohamad.
On Sun. CBC reported 3 cops were shot dead in Louisiana , and the killer was African American. If he was Muslim they wouldn’t say it.
I can’t wait until someone breaks up and sells the CBC. They should be in Turkey, not in a Democracy.
commented 2016-07-18 14:31:28 -0400
Baird for PM? Anyone else on board? If John ran Justin would soil his little boy pants.
commented 2016-07-18 14:31:12 -0400
Very telling response Kelly Weber.
commented 2016-07-18 14:27:01 -0400
I should care but I don’t.
commented 2016-07-18 14:23:15 -0400
I miss the Harper days when Canada had a moral backbone.

Now under Justin, Canada is once again a morally decrepit country, or rather to be more specific, Canada’s Liberals and Liberal supporters are morally decrepit and are leading Canada down the wrong path.
commented 2016-07-18 14:09:34 -0400
The mainstream media in Canada, such as the taxpayer funded CBC and the obnoxiously mendacious Toronto Star, are committing the sin of omission. As such, they are morally reprehensible and accomplices of totalitarian regimes, as well as Islamic terrorism. The personification of their “pretty, emasculately evil” point of view is Justin Trudeau, a prime minister lacking moral and intellectual integrity.
commented 2016-07-18 14:00:23 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,354, Attacks, 199,123 Killed, 279,549 Injured.