February 02, 2017

“F*** them”: 10 secrets about Fox News (now that I've quit)

Gavin McInnesArchive

I’ve had it with Fox News. I was a contributor there for eight years, and now I’m going to spill some secrets — some of which aren’t really secrets, like that they aren’t really right wing. (And some of the secrets aren't bad things, either...)


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commented 2017-02-05 19:23:59 -0500
2 things you got wrong. First, milo was just on the other night and second, bolling and guilfoyle were both HUGE trump supporters.
commented 2017-02-05 18:45:58 -0500
I like Hannity, but he can get on my nerves with his repetition. If I hear “dirty air, dirty water, throw grandma off the cliff” one more time…
commented 2017-02-04 05:33:49 -0500
Umm, two words: Tucker Carlson…Mr. Controversy…AND I LOVE IT! He even had Milo on! He has all of the little Liberal weenies on too. It’s fun to watch him mop the floor with their tears, then destroy them LOL.
commented 2017-02-03 19:27:18 -0500
You don’t know jack shit about me. I teach my kids to think critically, which is why I don’t watch network news like you obviously do absorbing all your anti-Trump tripe. It is you that can’t think beyond your narrow ideas. If I wanted to be pissed off then yes, I would waste my time with leftist news like CNN. But I rather get the facts by hearing Hannity, and Tucker, especially when Tucker brings on leftist snowflakes. Stop melting.

So far Trump has done everything I want, stopped Jihadis at the border, reduced regulation, building a wall, ect. It is not sucking balls, which I will leave to you, but being happy he hasn’t done a single thing I disagree with.
commented 2017-02-03 14:14:55 -0500

Yes, I realize you want to be spoon fed what you want to hear and Hannity among others at Fox News give you that.

Objectivity and the ability to be critical when it is clearly deserved is obviously not for you, since you are a mindless sheep and only want the kind of “journalism” where commentators are sucking on Trump’s balls.

Too bad you can’t think for yourself.
commented 2017-02-03 12:53:35 -0500
Kelly was a real bitch to Trump and to Newt, just taking the stories of his groping as 100% fact. Good riddance to Megyn Kelly, and kudos to Tucker taking her spot. He is awesome. She was a Hilary donut bumping liberal. Jack? Chris wallace? The guy is a total douche. He asks Trump hard probing questions in the debate and nothing hard and probing of Hillary. Then after Trump attacked CNN, Wallace cried like a baby about mean old Trump. Wallace is either a liberal or a McCain loving Neo-Con.

I’m glad you hate Hannity because that tells me Fox has a good thing going with him.

A couple other Fox News douches are Bush loving Perino and little dirt bag Gutfield, who both ran with stories of groping as 100% gospel. Obviously they were in the tank for the Bush dynasty.

Sheppard Smith also whines about Trump, poor little homo Nazi snowflake.
commented 2017-02-03 10:51:05 -0500
I don’t have ‘TV’. I won’t have ‘TV’.
So this isn’t even an issue for me. TV’s ALL lies and BS anyway and has been for a long time. All of it.
I get my news and info from several different conservative, Christian and/or Libertarian sites on the internet – not from the MSM – then I sift and weigh it carefully. I still monitor the Fake News, er, the MSM through Google News – Know your enemy! I will choose FOX articles to read over all the other MSM ones on Google News, but as far as I’m concerned FOX is just another MSM stooge – with some merely cosmetic differences. It’s just marketing.
This all makes sense when you look at the corporate media ownership structure, and who the prevailing ‘leaders’ are on the various boards of directors…that’s where the direction of your ‘editorial content’ and the bland homogeneity of it’s lies comes from…
commented 2017-02-02 22:31:36 -0500
I find it interesting that conservatives used to LOVE Megyn Kelly, until even she couldn’t take Trump’s bullshit anymore.

I think Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace and maybe a couple of others there are Fox News are respectable journalists that are able to be objective and critical. I don’t want to get my news and information from someone like Sean Hannity for example, who is a complete shill and sell out.

I look forward to Megyn Kelly on NBC – they are lucky to have her.
commented 2017-02-02 20:40:17 -0500
I pretty much knew and agree with most of your secrets. Still dig Fox because it really is the only media hope on TV. And yes, lots of Rascal commercials, yet they still usually win the demo which means more young(er) people watch them than the others. And unlike other commenters, I like people like Beckel and Julie Roginsky. It would not be fun if it was just a big ideological circle jerk like MSNBC where everyone genuinely seem to loath each other despite being on the same team. On CNN they just look like after the cameras are off, they couldn’t give a fuck about each other. But FNC seems like a genuine group of friends and family that would go out after and have a meal or beer, regardless of political leanings. And that is much easier to watch than the sneering and bitchface that is MSNBC.

Kinda tired of O’Reilly though. The faux humility and alpha snorting is getting old. Tucker is a god amongst men. You’ve been TUCKED!
commented 2017-02-02 18:27:14 -0500
Fox news covers everything you’d expect in polite company. They’re my go to teevee news but sometimes you can only take so much polite company .
commented 2017-02-02 18:09:26 -0500
I remember the first time I saw Megan Kelly I thought to myself, “why is she dressed up like she’s going to the Oscars? Dangling, diamond ear rings? You’re a news host not Ivana Trump.” Oh, wait a minute…
commented 2017-02-02 16:02:59 -0500
There I am trying to call on my teenager when his language gets off…but really, do we need to impress with the F word all the time??? As a woman, which claims to have some dignity left (my husband tells me I do), I am not impressed. And as a mother even less. Do we really have to go lower to be funny…really, no class left?
commented 2017-02-02 14:03:40 -0500
Great show Gavin; I even laughed before noon.
commented 2017-02-02 12:51:07 -0500
Julie Roginsky, a nasty dem.
commented 2017-02-02 12:49:36 -0500
I hope the door hit Megan Kelly on the way out.
commented 2017-02-02 12:48:59 -0500
Explain to me the Saudi ownership. Common knowledge but no one speaks of it.
commented 2017-02-02 12:36:35 -0500
David White & George Luck, I have to agree with you re those nincompoops, they’re a joke, but you forgot Heraldo who argues about everything.
I also agree FNC is the best alternative to left wing TV & the only network I watch which gives me a choice of agreeing or disagreeing, compared to CBC, CTV who only manage to give me a headache. I was not sorry to see Megan Kelly leave either as she tooted her own horn a little too much for my taste & was getting a little too greedy.
Gavin, don’t leave us in limbo, why did you quit or were you fired?
commented 2017-02-02 12:00:16 -0500
I tried, I really tried to listen to Gavin, go to rehab buddy, you need it..
commented 2017-02-02 11:23:27 -0500
I agree with George Luck, Beckel should have stayed at CNN where he belongs, Juan is a joke and I wish I could debate that fool on pretty much anything(how did he spawn such a fine such a fine young conservative man in his son Raffy?). You can toss into that puke bucket the likes of Julie Roginsky, Jemu Green, Robert Zimmerman, Alan Combs and most other leftist and dumocrat apologists, but at least Fox does show a modicum of balance, and with the likes of Tucker Carlson Fox can count on me tuning in. AS usual I find myself agreeing with BILL ELDER again.
commented 2017-02-02 11:14:45 -0500
Hey Gavin, you’ll be much better now that the leash is off.
commented 2017-02-02 10:56:09 -0500
FNC lost me when they brought that ignorant, liberal talking points megaphone, Bob Beckel back. Juan (hey I’ve memorized all the democrat talking points) Williams is bad enough, but bringing back that ignorant Beckel was the last straw. He is a horrible human being and should have been sent to permanent re-hab and kept there.
commented 2017-02-02 10:34:55 -0500
commented 2017-02-02 10:23:20 -0500
Sour grapes Gavin, Fox news has some warts but it’s still the only alternative cable news in the US. That alone is the value – and for those who are not down with diversity of opinion there are state broadcasters in China and Cuba where you obviously would be better assimilated into the monoculture.
commented 2017-02-02 10:15:06 -0500
CRTV GAVIN ?? — I’d be tempted to tune in
commented 2017-02-02 10:09:46 -0500
Maybe a book ?
commented 2017-02-02 10:08:56 -0500
KEVIN – to say what ever you want ? , ,you mean you’ve been holding back ?? ,
YIKES , this could get interesting