January 25, 2017

10 stories that prove Germany has become as PATHETIC as Sweden

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Awhile ago, we compiled a list of ten stories that proved Sweden is the most pathetic country in the world. Now Germany has stepped up to claim the cuck crown. From the way they kowtow to Muslim migrants and celebrate the destruction of their own country, Germany has begun giving Sweden a run for its money.


Here's 10 stories out of Germany that are so outrageous it's downright embarrassing.

1) Germany spends tax dollars teaching Muslim migrants to FLIRT with women instead of raping them

German tax dollars are actually going towards teaching Muslim migrants how to pick up women.

A video released on YouTube shows what really goes on in “integration” classes. In one instance, a young refugee from Somalia who has been Germany for two years sits down next to 'Jenny' and introduces himself as Sadik. Almost right away he tells her “wow you are really quite good-looking.”

Jenny advises Sadik to just 'take it slow'.

2) The 'multicultural' agenda: left-wingers celebrate replacing “blonde hair, blue eyed” Germans with hijab-wearing Muslim migrants

Islamic scholar Lamya Kaddor celebrated the eradication of traditional German people on live television and was applauded by her left-wing audience.

She claimed that being German in the future will not mean having blonde hair and blue eyes and instead being a Muslim migrant wearing a hijab.

3) German mayor tells worried grandfather “don't provoke refugees” after they sexually harass school girls

A ridiculous statement was met with a fantastic response by Germans at a town meeting.

When a worried grandfather asked what was being done in regards to refugees sexually harassing school girls and how things would get worse with summer approaching, the Mayor of Bad Schlema gave the worst answer possible.

“It's simple, don't provoke them and don't walk in these areas,” he said.

That response caused the crowd to go absolutely insane.

4) Germany finally fights back against Muslim migrant rape epidemic, using... cartoon "do's & don'ts" posters

The small town of Bornheim, near Cologne, had so many sexual assaults of German girls in the public swimming pool, by Muslim migrant men, that they simply had to ban Muslim migrants from entering.


That lasted for about a week, until political pressure crushed the mayor.

So get this. Instead of stopping the flow of single, Muslim men, local authorities are printing little posters with do’s and don’t’s for Muslim migrants. They’re using these at swimming pools, and at festivals and carnivals, where groups of women might gather, and migrants might start getting that taharrush feeling.

This poster has two different pictures telling migrants not to punch people. Don’t hit women. And don’t hit little girls.

5) Left-wing German politician LIED about her rapists' nationality to avoid 'racism', see the shocking way she's 'coping'

Left-wing German politician, Selin Gören has admitted to lying about her rapists' nationality and racial background, potentially putting many other women at risk.

The national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid was attacked by three men while working as a refugee activist in the city of Mannheim back in January.

She was ambushed in a playground by the three men and was forced to perform a sex act on them.

When going to the police, Gören lied about her attackers, saying they spoke German and did not tell them the ethnicity of the men and that they spoke Arabic or Farsi.

Luckily, she revealed the truth to police 12 hours later after a friend convinced her and reports surfaced that another woman had been raped in the area.

Selin claims the reason she lied was because she did not want “more hatred against migrants ín Germany”. She then posted a letter on Facebook to a fictional refugee in an attempt to cope. It's shockingly gross.

6) 'Mein Jihad': Germany goes off the rails, pro-jihad in new government funded infomercial

A new German infomercial completely white-washes the idea of radical Jihad by associating it with a personal struggle. In other words, Mein Kampf.

Then it gets into the violent Jihad – the one we have come to know. But not before returning to the toned down version of Jihad.

“In modern times, most [Muslims] say that military Jihad must only be used defensively,” the video says.

The propaganda video is clearly designed to ease tensions of Germans with the waves of Muslim migrants now populating the country and an ever-increasing dislike of Merkel's government.

7) German police tell women to WEAR SNEAKERS to run from MIGRANT RAPISTS

In an increasingly Kafkaesque response to the increase in violent crime and rape in Germany due to the over one million male Muslim migrants brought into the country, German police made a series of recommendations to women to avoid rape. None of them involved stopping the import of more male Muslim migrants.

8) Berlin police RAID APARTMENTS and ARREST residents for 'anti-refugee' social media posts

Censorship in Europe is out of control and in Berlin things are getting downright scary.

Berlin Police conduced a large scale raid on internet users and ransacked ten different apartments.

Mobile phones, narcotics and weapons were confiscated. Nine suspects, aged 22-58, were arrested and are accused of posting messages critical of migrants.

9) Germany bans pork sausages in schools and canteens to avoid offending Muslims: report

Germany continues to commit cultural suicide. A new report suggests that sausages have been removed from public canteens to avoid causing offense to Muslims.

This would be like removing poutine from Canada.

10) German town of 102 forced to take 750 "refugees" as part of Merkel's "absurd national suicide"

So there’s a little town in Germany, called Sumte. 102 people live there. Now the district government says they have to take in 750 asylum seekers.

Angela Merkel, who is clearly going through a bizarre psychological crisis, decided to let in millions of migrant Muslim men. No screening; no women and children first.

SOUND OFF in the comments: what country is more insane – Sweden or Germany?

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commented 2017-01-25 18:12:13 -0500
Appeasing terrorists has never lead to peace — only to war.
commented 2017-01-25 15:28:50 -0500
The Germans felt too embarrassed about being Nazis but they still want to be Nazis so they got the Muslims to be Nazis for them.
The Fourth Reich that will try to conquer the world is an Islamic Fascist Caliphate
Zeig Heil Mein Fuhrer Merkel!
Merkel Ackbar!
commented 2017-01-25 14:37:03 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,704 Attacks, 209,639 Killed, 293,426 Injured that we know of.