June 16, 2017

10 Things I Miss About Living in the Country

Gavin McInnesArchive

I used to escape New York City by going to a place in the country. Now that I live in the suburbs, I don't have to do that as much anymore, and I miss it. 


Guns! Burning your garbage! Playing with salamanders!

Being a redneck is fun.

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commented 2017-06-17 09:21:29 -0400
Oh my gosh, I can so totally relate to all those reasons to miss living in the country. So funny, Gavin. The birds, yes. The smells, yes. Shooting guns, yes. Burning garbage, yes. The funniest one was the peeing outside. I used to have a requirement that I would only rent a cabin if it was remote enough that I could go out the door to pee and nobody would see me.
commented 2017-06-17 06:14:28 -0400
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commented 2017-06-16 18:05:44 -0400
Thanks Gavin, we just sold the farm a little while ago and I’m definitely going to show my dad this video on Sunday. You nailed it. Though seeing my grandparents swim nude in the lake is something on person should have to see. Me and my brother lassoed a gopher when I was 10 and then threw him into the middle of the pond . Believe it or not, gophers are surprisingly good swimmers (we let him go, we were so impressed). If any PETA people think that’s cruel, you didn’t see the time we blew a gophers head off with a nice clean shot, then came back later only to find his gopher brethren eating him. Seriously. Olympic swimmers and cannibals, I kid you not.