November 20, 2015

14-year-old American students told to draw ISIS propaganda posters for school assignment

StaffRebel Columnist

A Utah school is making news after a concerned mother's 14-year-old daughter brought home a ridiculous school assignment.

The girl's ninth grade class in Salem Junior High School in Salem, Utah was told to draw ISIS propaganda posters and Google “how to recruit for ISIS”.

Annie Langston, the girl's mother, told Fox 13 Now that, “my initial response was, 'there’s no way you’re going to do this assignment'.”

She added, “in light of what happened in Paris, is that the reason for this assignment? I feel a different assignment or report could’ve been chosen or a discussion in class about the tragic events.”

After requesting an explanation from the principal and teacher the assignment was canceled.

“They’ve sat down with this particular teacher, and it has been taken care of,” she said.

The assignments that were turned in were shredded.

Image credit: KSTU-TV

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commented 2015-11-22 15:01:37 -0500
My Niece is attending college in a child care program, which is pretty non-political, or so you would think. During the weeks approaching the election, the professors told them to vote for the NDP.. at first.. As the election drew closer, the message changed to the wonderful qualities of the Liberal Party of Canada. The regular curriculum was suspended so that they could run mock elections, and discuss the results. The few that voted Conservative were soon shamed into voting differently. My Sister phoned the school and ripped a strip off of them, but they denied any of it happened at all. There seems to be no possible way for average Canadians to change this practice. Sad times indeed.
commented 2015-11-21 01:33:07 -0500
School teacher indoctrination is common is Canada as well.

Used to be I had a lot of respect for teachers.

Now I know there are a few good ones but the majority get a failing grade from me.

Most are not worth spit.
commented 2015-11-20 22:43:57 -0500
Isn’t it odd that all of our 4 or 5 new leftie trolls that showed up at almost the exact same time about a week ago have also decided to not show up for a day or so … all together at the same time. Hmmmm… and that our new rash of leftie trolls appeared about a day after Jimmy Da Silva vanished … and that each of our new 4 or 5 leftie trolls have a very similar style of comment to Jimmy. Whaddya know, such a coincidence. What are the odds of that happening?
commented 2015-11-20 22:23:01 -0500
I have to wonder if this was a religious school because if this was a school offering any kind of Christian instruction there would be a huge uproar about separation of church and state never mind such an absurd assignment.
commented 2015-11-20 19:23:13 -0500
Do you need any more proof that the World has turned into one huge lunatic asylum? It isn’t climate change so those damned Jews must have put something in the World’s water supply.
commented 2015-11-20 19:20:33 -0500
Since experience is the best teacher, perhaps a teacher’s and principal’s outing into the middle of a Russian fire zone would be very helpful.
commented 2015-11-20 18:44:44 -0500
There should be firings of all teachers, administration and board members who proposed or permitted this disgusting show of stupidity.
commented 2015-11-20 18:40:46 -0500
The leftists (like Bernie Farber) are aiding Islamists. They both want the death of the west.
commented 2015-11-20 18:36:57 -0500
Why can’t the progressives and lefties just get it over with and go volunteer for q radical Islamic beheading already spare the rest of us the hassle.