April 09, 2015

Today in history: 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox

John RobsonArchive

April 9 is the 150th anniversary of the Confederate surrender at Appomattox that ended the US Civil War.

It’s a suitable occasion to reflect on the power of forgiveness on history and the poisonous impact of resentment. The fairly rapid reconciliation between North and South made the United States geographically one nation again with a couple of generations. But the bitterness white Southerners directed to their black citizens, including denying them effective citizenship, left the country horribly divided racially into our own day.

The series of 150th anniversaries of key Civil War events has received surprisingly little attention especially, it seems, from the White House, curious given the importance of a black president in ending the long racial nightmare. But it deserves our attention, both for what was achieved through forgiveness after Appomattox and what tragically was not.

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commented 2015-04-16 14:23:05 -0400
Thanks for another insightful history installment, John. I can’t help but reflect what a tragedy it is that the first African-American President is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist propagandist who Obama called his ‘mentor’, and that Obama is a cultural Marxist who, instead of being a uniter of the races, is the worst divider of the races since the Civil War.
commented 2015-04-10 13:46:25 -0400
Absolutely awesome clip – thank you, John.
commented 2015-04-10 02:01:25 -0400
Good story telling, as comme toujours, John Robson.
commented 2015-04-09 19:55:26 -0400
Excellent piece, John. Thanks.
commented 2015-04-09 18:31:56 -0400
I would like to note further that in spite of the fact that ALL progressive legislation regarding racial equality was enacted by Republicans…Obama is a Democrat….so add ingratitude to the list of his crimes. After all he should know what blacks in America go through having grown up in the ghetto of Honolulu like he did….:-)
commented 2015-04-09 18:25:28 -0400
The Civil War did not have as much to do with abolition as some historians would have you believe. The good old boys did not come down out of the White Trash Mountains of Pennsyltucky to fight for the rights of slave owners. The rebellion was over an extremely unfair tax and tariff system. Compared to the tax that the British imposed 80 years before this was ten times worse. If fact Lincoln even proposed an income tax as a solution to the injustice.

If the taxation system that was the actual cause of the war were to be re-introduced, it wouldn’t take much yeast for the South to rise again……:-)
commented 2015-04-09 16:51:37 -0400
Excellent message professor! The Roads not Taken…how sad when we miss the chance to change history for the better…those roots of bitterness that keep us from forgiveness and reconciliation…it reminds us to search our own hearts and see where we could ‘root out’ any bitterness and unforgiveness…Thanks for this enlightening episode!!! by the way, where can we see the “Magna Carta” program?