May 24, 2017

20 Reasons Why School Sucks

Gavin McInnesArchive

The "educational" system has been a disaster for a long time, but now that I'm a dad, I notice and worry about this more.


I don't just mean the usual stuff about communist unionized teachers brainwashing our kids with cultural Marxism and junk science, either.

Have you noticed, for example, how often they treat our kids like slaves?

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commented 2020-09-23 09:29:51 -0400
I would not say that everything is so bad in schools. There are good schools, it just takes time to find them. When my brother was in the previous school, he used because this subject was taught just awful. History was taught not according to program, but the questions in the task were from the program. We left this school and found another one.
commented 2017-05-26 13:51:11 -0400
Thank you Gavin for posting this.

I am very pleased that people are finally beginning to come to their senses in their perceptions of public education and universities, as you have here.

I couldn’t believe what I witnessed when I returned to “higher education” as an adult. The worthlessness of it all flabbergasted me. My experience there led me to call modern universities, Fascism Factories. Nothing even remotely resembling genuine education takes place at these institutions in the modern era. It’s all political indoctrination, and it’s garbage.

But it’s not entirely unpredictable. If you have state funded and supported schools, you’re likely going to be pumping out statist graduates.

So I think a proper solution to this massive problem is to ratify a Constitutional Amendment that establishes a permanent separation of education and state, effectively abolishing and prohibiting public education altogether.

Two year tech schools are mostly okay. There’s a little bit of social justice nonsense there, but they mostly don’t have the time to impose it on students in any great measure because their primary function is to train a workforce, and they often answer to local employers. They should really be privatized though.

Regardless, there’s really no need to pay thousands in tuition in order to sit in a class and listen to an idiot professor recite the contents of some book over the course of 5 months, that one could order off of Amazon for $24.95 and read themselves in less than a week.

#AbolishPublicEducation #FascismFactories #SeparationOfEducationAndState
commented 2017-05-25 09:34:59 -0400
WE should take our children out of those communist driven uni and colleges.
commented 2017-05-24 12:35:58 -0400
Thanks for your report Gavin. I hope students keep sending you evidence of the nonsense taking place on campuses.
Hysterical idiots with a useless piece of paper….parents should be very worried, their sons/daughters will never move out and they will have to post-pone retirement!