June 27, 2018

33rd Anniversary of Air India bombing brings out new conspiracy

David MenziesMission Specialist


On Saturday, memorials across Canada were held marking the 1985 Air India bombing by Khalistani extremists.

But on Friday in Toronto, pro-Khalistan supporters held their own memorial, claiming that the Air India bombing was a conspiracy.

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commented 2018-06-28 22:34:05 -0400
“The biggest fake news spinners around are our own government”
Deborah, absolutely. They manufacture pretty well all of the fake news we are fed. We have to sift,sort through and fact check everything they say, for ourselves. They can’t hide all the source info. Their only real advantage is that most people don’t dig, so the rest of us have our jobs cut out. They don’t call this an information war for nothing.
commented 2018-06-28 13:19:39 -0400
The biggest fake news spinners around are our own government, under the leadership of a rich, trust fund narcissist, who has aspirations to be some kind of Marxist god. He thinks he’ll be able to kill the true Canadian spirit, the Christian spirit, but he should tread carefully, and look through the history books, at what can happen to demagogue’s like him.
commented 2018-06-28 09:00:32 -0400
Gadzooks, Keith and Helen. Use paragraphs!
commented 2018-06-28 08:51:59 -0400
Good posts on this thread. Thanks Rebels.
commented 2018-06-28 06:56:01 -0400
on a different topic, (although very RELEVANT) , Have a look at this,

ALERT: Justin Trudeau Is Trying To Silence Us.
It’s happening.

The Trudeau government is taking concrete steps to silence our voices.

In just the past few days, the Trudeau government has convinced Twitter to ban parody accounts of cabinet ministers, and are now demanding that Facebook “take action” against what they call “fake news.”

Yet, it turns out that Facebook’s top person in Canada is Kevin Chan. He’s in charge of a new program to fight “fake news,” and will have control over which news stories on Facebook can be seen by Canadians.

And just who is Kevin Chan? He’s a former Policy Director for the Liberal Party.

As if that’s not enough, he helped Bill Morneau promote the Liberal budget.

That’s the guy who’s going to decide what is “fake news” or not in the upcoming election.

But even that isn’t enough for the Authoritarians. The Trudeau Liberals aren’t done.

Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad says "Social media companies should immediately take action to fight back against those who deceive and manipulate for political gain…. Right now it remains clear that more action must be taken.”

Clearly, they aren’t going to stop until all of us have been silenced, using the excuse of “fake news.”

They’ll do everything they can to stop websites like SpencerFernando.com from revealing the truth to Canadians. In fact, some people have already had trouble sharing articles on Facebook and noticed other ‘convenient’ problems accessing my website.

Make no mistake: This is an all out assault on Free Speech and the political opposition.

And that’s why we need to fight back.

A big part of fighting back is taking steps to bypass the social media networks. While we should keep sharing and tweeting, it’s also essential to share articles from SpencerFernando.com and other independent media through email.

Talk to your friends and your neighbours.

Do everything you can to spread the word.

The Trudeau Government wants to silence us. But if we are strong, and if we use every tool at our disposal to get the truth out there, we will emerge victorious in the fight for Canada’s freedom.

Spencer Fernando
commented 2018-06-28 01:29:08 -0400
Jagmeet, leader of the NDP, was born here but he wants to establish the Sikh State of Khalistan in India. So he didn’t bring his politics from another country. We have so many individuals from other nations in our cultural melting pot called Canada. That we are birthing our own extremists with political aspirations in Canada and in other nations. Because they can function here without the threat of prosecution, they plot against Canada and nations that they have history in, to change the political landscape. If they are in India and strongly advocating for a separate state, more than likely they would suffer penalties of Indian Law. So they have set up shop here, where one of their own has an opportunity to become Prime Minister. If that were to happen, you can imagine the conflict we would be in with India and the extremist activity carried out here at home. Doesn’t matter what stripe an extremist is wearing, whether it be Sikh or Muslim, they never seem to have any difficulty turning against their own. Immigrants from other nations always go on about racism, if/when they get to be in charge in Canada, that’s when you will see real racism practiced at its worst. The kind of thing that is happening in South Africa as documented by Katie Hopkins during her tour there recently. All we are doing with our ridiculous excuse for an immigration system is importing the worlds troubles. Their hatreds, long standing race/religious wars and political revolutions become our concern. We are burdened with acts of violence here in Canada in response to what is going on, half a world away. We have to send money, aid and assistance as if we have adopted that nation, its people, its economic and political woes. The more we take in, the deeper we get into their problems and our whole existence is focused on addressing issues related to all of our immigrants rather than what is important to Canada and its citizens.
The Air India bombing was over 30 years ago, but from what I remember and my thoughts about it when it happened. The RCMP dropped the ball on it, I remember something about evidence being lost, the whole issue was racially sensitive and there was not a great deal of help obtained from the community that was impacted. They apparently investigated for like 20 years, it looks like either there was significant incompetency, someone was pulling strings from a remote location or it was the kind of investigation like when there is an attack at a Mosque or somebody drives a van over people on the street.
We have so many murderous political factions now existing within our borders that our country will more resemble a third world at war nation, than an actual third world nation. Because we have members of the third world here from every corner, they are mostly monocultures in their own nations. And we have a collection of every type of politics to be found in the world. And none of them are here to benefit Canada. But Trudeau is keen to import many more, let’s keep that door open, the line is getting longer.
commented 2018-06-27 22:20:54 -0400
I don’t know what to say, but I sure agree with what the last fellow said about people coming into Canada with their politics from other countries. “They should not bring it here”.