May 08, 2015

3 reasons to support the new plan to revoke would-be terrorists' passports

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Ottawa has announced plans to streamline the process by which passports for would-be terrorists are revoked.

Ottawa has announced plans to streamline the process by which passports for would-be terrorists are revoked.

Many say we should just let these people go and die overseas, but I don't agree.

I explain why, and lay out the three key reasons why I think the government’s latest move is the right one.

For one thing, when Canadians travel abroad, they leave as untrained terrorists. When they travel overseas, not only do they learn the skills of a highly trained terrorist, but they become more radicalized.

Watch my full report and tell me if you agree or disagree.


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commented 2015-05-11 07:52:36 -0400
They have lists of these mutts, time for round ups and either shoot on sight if there is resistance or send em to Gitmo to sweat. The next thing to do is outlaw/incarcerate these hate-spewing scum who are radicalizing these feeble minded mooks.
commented 2015-05-10 15:27:44 -0400
Concerning terrorists, anything and everything should be done to stop them from travelling abroad and going jihad. Anything and everything should be done to prevent acts of terrorism or promoting acts of terrorism in Canada.
Special courts can be set up to counter these acts of terrorism. Our Canadian courts can’t handle their jobs as far as I am concerned. They need retraining and removal of Liberal socialist indoctrination aka Trudeaumania.
commented 2015-05-10 11:49:34 -0400
The UN? Shudder! That band of leftist thugs controlled by despotic dictators? Once the terrorists are overseas, let that nation wipe them out, or request our assistance to do so as Iraq has done. Iraq has been making progress lately which is encouraging for them.
commented 2015-05-10 01:41:33 -0400
Of course we have the duty to prevent the pigs from going overseas and committing illegal acts. We also have the duty to respect the wishes of the pigs. If the animals do get overseas and join any listed terrorist organization we have the duty to recognize that they no longer wish to be Canadian and cancel their citizenship according to their demonstrated wishes. Of course once there they can’t return to any civilized country but that is their problem. Maybe the UN can do something useful and start a class of citizenship for terrorists so they won’t be stateless.
commented 2015-05-09 20:14:55 -0400
Hmm. Dangerous and slippery slope. I would only be concerned should it be a Liberal – NDP Gov’t. The Dippers are members of Socialist/Communist International and the Liberals have been proven to be fans of oppressive regimes starting with Pierre Trudeau. His son, Justin the current leader of the Liberal Party has already proclaimed his “admiration for communist dictatorships”, referring in this case to the Communist Regime in China. The Liberals while in Gov’t have also been known to support and provide assistance and financing (courtesy of the taxpayer) to various terrorist groups. Tamil Tigers comes to mind. This was widely under reported in our Socialist Media. (Gee, what a surprise!) Zork, that said, coming from your background, your trepidation is understandable. I do like the idea of revoking citizenship and tossing out the threats that way. You are right. Citizenship in this country is a privilege not to be taken lightly or advantage of as so many of the Islamists are doing now. The Khadr family purportably “lost” ten passports during the Chretien Liberal Gov’t before the brakes were finally applied. As the phrase “Stand On Guard For Thee” in our National Anthem implies, it all our duties’ to stand on guard for this wonderful country and count our blessings to be here.
commented 2015-05-09 16:21:33 -0400
Rick, I did not call anybody garbage, I quoted Marissa. The usage was a direct reference to her formulation of the problem. I only tried to make two points, I probably wasn’t clear enough, so let me repeat them:
Point 0ne: Preventing someone from leaving a country is a violation of a fundamental human right. I grew up in a communist country which I was not allowed to leave. I would not want Canada to become such a country.
Point two: I believe in any sovereign country’s right to determine who could be a citizen. We are already making this determination when granting citizenship. Revoking citizenship should not be any more difficult than granting it.

And since I am at it, let me make a third: We cannot prosecute people for things they may do in the future in another country. Neither can we prosecute them for what they have done in another country unless it can be proven that it was done against Canadian citizens and/or Canadian National Interest.
If you join a terrorist organization fighting the government of Somewheristan, the Canadian government should be perfectly within its rights to hand you over to the legitimate government of that country.
If you are butchering Somewheristani civilians, you should face Somewheristani justice. Allowing these adventure terrorists back into Canada makes us complicit in their crimes. Even putting them in jail in Canada is a reward compared to what they would face where they committed their crimes. Distancing ourselves from them is the only decent thing to do.
As for the passport rules, saying that “The vast majority of Canadians are decent law abiding people. They will not be affected” is a very dangerous and slippery slope.
commented 2015-05-09 15:41:01 -0400
Lets be honest. We are opening up a huge can of worms here.
As much as I MAY trust a Conservative Government to use this kind of law fairly – I would never trust Jestin Troodo with it.
And WHERE did that little NEW wrinkle about Sex Offenders/Tourists come from?
commented 2015-05-09 13:57:21 -0400
Pierre Elliott Trudeau (marxist sympathizer) used to rail against the “bleeding hearts” as he called them, when they didn’t agree with his dictates.
Now his son Justin is one of the biggest terrorist coddling criminal sympathizers going. He makes the John Howard Society look like like a bunch of meanies. Pierre does another roll in his grave.
commented 2015-05-09 13:55:51 -0400
Zork: “We should be proud of sending our garbage to places where it can be incinerated.” I disagree. As a sovereign nation, should we not have a respondibility to the international community to deal with our own problems and not transpose the garbage as you call it, to a foreign jurisdiction to deal with? Not very neigbourly of us. While the “garbage” is still here, we can effectively deal with it as our laws and traditions enable. Moving the problem elsewhere becomes problematic for any control over said problem. The vast majority of Canadians are decent law abiding people. They will not be affected. So far, the problem in this country is small, relatively speaking, and preventative measures by our authorities should be effective. I for one have faith in our military and police services. Not so much in our judiciary (based on recent events), Justin the communist dictatorship admiring Liberal, Tom the dipper member of socialist international, and not forgetting our socialist media, print and visual.
commented 2015-05-09 10:46:57 -0400
Brent – " although Canada justice system is under the control of the United Nations"

Nope. The only things the UN has over Canada is where Canada signed a legal contract, and even then what can they do if Canada breaks the legal contract? Canada is its own sovereign nation. I would be interested in seeing the evidence to back up your claim.
commented 2015-05-09 10:20:26 -0400
Excellent proposal, although Canada justice system is under the control of the United Nations so you can bet passport revoke would be impossible and make billions for foreign law conglomerates.
commented 2015-05-09 10:09:18 -0400
VERY strongly disagree. Why would you want to turn Canada into a communist country like prison??
….but just as it should be an unquestionable right of the individual to leave, it is and should be the unquestionable right of every sovereign state to decide who should be allowed to live within its borders. Suspected terrorist should be given a passport and canceled the moment they leave the country.
Yes, of course, we should have a proper process with it, we should explain to them clearly that if they leave, they may not be able to return.
Citizenship is a privilege, not a God given right. Canada should have the right to revoke it at any time. (and I say this as a naturalized citizen)
We should be proud of sending our garbage to places where it can be incinerated.
We just have to make sure that we do not take it back.
commented 2015-05-09 00:23:30 -0400
commented 2015-05-08 20:15:30 -0400
Joan, “plant tracking devices and use the data to take them out”. Sigh, a woman after my own heart. Thank You! You made my day!
commented 2015-05-08 20:05:37 -0400
Acting like soldiers for a foriegn government or sudo government like ISIS who by the way have decared war on Canada. Taking up arms agaist Canada is a capital offence and in time of war a firing squard is the answer bang bang problen solved
commented 2015-05-08 20:01:50 -0400
Marissa I loved your last comment about the Canadian passport belonging to the Canadian government. When I was traveling on cruise ships they would ask me for my pass port. I would refuse to give them my pass port for two reason 1…What if I missed the ship how would I get back to the ship 2…This is the most important reason. When the person asked me for my passport I would ask he/her to read the first line in the passport “This passport is the property of the government of Canada it must not be altered and should be safe and gaurded in every way.” Then I would ask please show me the authorization to relinquish my passportwhich I knew they did not have. I then said you may photo copy it. They did and I have done it on every ship. Here is some avice never give your passport out, and never let your pasport out of sight you don’t know what can happen.
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Enlightened Conservative
commented 2015-05-08 19:45:23 -0400
Of course there is the little problem of good photo-shopped fake passports.

So I say let’s let CSIS loose to gather whatever intelligence they need to snare would be terrorists. They are already accused of planting tracking devices under the skin of nobodies so they might as well own the odious accusation, kidnap and drug would-be jihadis, plant a tracking device under the skin on the backs of their necks, and use the data to identify targets and take them out.
commented 2015-05-08 19:21:31 -0400
Marissa…if you were my daughter I would be fiercely proud of you….but you really don’t know the half of it. Canada has a long history of ex-pat cause fighters…the Spanish Civil War…The Finnish Winter War….The Chinese resistance of the Japanese before Pearl Harbour….if they want to go and fight in what the feel is a noble cause…let them go.

But then there is Keneo Inoue….“Kamloops Kenny”…born and raised in Kamloops BC…became embittered in Canada and went to Japan before the war…when war broke out his fluency in English was valued by the Kempeitai …the Japanese equivalent of the Gestapo. He made it his personal hobby to torment and kill Canadian POWs taken at Hong Kong….when the war ended he was charged with war crimes…his lawyer argued that he could not be charged with war crimes because he was a Canadian citizen…they said fine…charged him with treason…and HANGED him.

That is the piece missing from today’s mix….some people celebrate those we have incarcerated…I do not. Those we incarcerate evangelize and proselytize fellow inmates…and when their numbers reach critical mass…a mass hostage taking will take place to secure the release of these “political prisoners”….that is what has happened everywhere else…that is what will inevitably happen here.

Without the death penalty for treason no measure of incarceration actually insures the security of Canadians.

Those who serve abroad in support of our friends and those who aught to be our friends should be welcomed home…those who served in the forces of our enemies and those who have avowed to be our enemies…should be summarily shot at the border…not let in and not turned away.
commented 2015-05-08 18:48:41 -0400
Canceling passports is a great idea!!!
khadr’s passport, if it exists, should be canceled now.
commented 2015-05-08 18:30:37 -0400
Watch our Socialist Media and Liberal appointed Judiciary rail against this (common sense) move. It is just beginning folks.
commented 2015-05-08 18:11:21 -0400
Where would Omar Khadr be today if his pasport had been revoked while he was in Afghanistan?