September 06, 2018

40% of British Jews could leave UK under Corbyn

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I learned today that some 40 per cent of British Jews have said that they would consider leaving the UK if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister.

But all Corbyn is willing to do is pretend the issue of anti-Semitism has been invented by the media, throw us a few bones here and there, but not take any action to remove the anti-Semites in his party.

If he did, he’d probably have to start with himself!

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commented 2018-09-07 02:39:41 -0400
Too bad Jihadi Justin will not welcome them here. I’d take them over his pals any day.
commented 2018-09-06 16:40:16 -0400
And Anglicans think they aren’t going to be purged as well?