September 15, 2016

4 reasons to never raise the minimum wage

Rebel Staff

While guest hosting for Ezra Levant, broadcaster Jerry Agar explained that, while it seems counter-intuitive and even mean spirited, raising the minimum wage is one of the worst ways to try to help struggling workers.

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commented 2016-09-16 04:16:00 -0400
Anonymous now unions are the abusers in many cases. And no one is forced to work anywhere. The exploitation is paying the taxes.
commented 2016-09-16 03:42:13 -0400
Of course the min wage should go up with inflation. Sometimes people fall on hard times, and end up with a bad job. People don’t need to get exploited by an abusive employer. It is because of the practices of evil employers, why unions came into existence.

I wonder if Ezra pays his staff min wage.
commented 2016-09-15 18:04:31 -0400
that’s it Drew… Let the markets decide with sound money of gold and silver..
No more printing to oblivion..
commented 2016-09-15 17:58:26 -0400
Let the market decide, the left only wants to raise it so they can tax more, not to help anyone.
commented 2016-09-15 16:03:26 -0400
All sage advice bill but unless the rules of economics below are followed to the letter all attempts to meddle with money and economy will fail and fail they will, maybe not overnight but they will fail.! We are at the tail end or the “end game” if you wish of a Fiat money experiment as they generally only last 40 years. There has been no successful attempt throughout the history of mankind with successful a Fiat money system.
Just go look at the history of fiat money in the world and you will see that all of the systems have failed catastrophically and usually ending in Civil War. Now imagine this on a global scale and there is no wonder why the powers that be are attempting to strip us of our rights to fire arms.
commented 2016-09-15 13:21:30 -0400
If you want marginally employed people at the end of the wge scale to do better, have more money to spend on their needs, simply raise the poverty level and do not tax their income. ( and I mean payroll deductions no pissy “rebate” once a year)

Then you encourage them to do better by eliminating income taxes for mid income earners and go to a flat tax of say 20%. Anyone over 200K$ or in civil service pay income tax as per the normal scales.

I guarantee you will see private sector vibrancy and economic expansion almost immediately – this tax load would encourage private sector middle class expansion and there would be less welfare cases with low wage jobs being untaxed.

But don’t expect anything new or visionary or progressive from the left because their politics and economic grasp is still based in 19th century notions.
commented 2016-09-15 12:45:02 -0400
Basic laws of economics 101..!
#1. One must produce more than one earns or consumes.!
#2. All other laws of economics from here to infinity all are relevant and subject to law number one.
#3. In a free flow marketplace or economy wages MUST be subject to ebbs and flows. Wages are determined by what the market can support without manipulation from interference from any outside force.
#4. Government must not be allowed to interfere with the natural occurring ebbs and flows of the marketplace or in the economy.
#5. Gold and silver are the only successful forms of money as they hold intrinsic value and cannot be printed at will to cause destabilization to Currensy devaluation.
#6. Any deviation from these rules will eventually cause disruption in the velocity of money, causing bankruptcy nationwide up to and including the sovereign country that didn’t follow the rules.

There is really nothing more to say about minimum-wage..!!!

commented 2016-09-15 11:21:25 -0400
One aspect is automation. We are already starting to see some of that with the electronic ordering options available at some fast food outlets. They don’t say its in response to the minimum wage laws, and maybe they’re right. But the wage laws pressed them to look at alternatives.
Now the depressing part: say a restaurant implemented the technology to do ordering. That’s a sunk cost. If wage laws are rolled back, there would be no net effect on that restaurant since its automation is bought and paid for. Basically, once an alternative is deployed there is no going back to the uneconomic the old ways.
commented 2016-09-15 10:59:38 -0400
$15 per hour min wage does many things – all bad

1) kills small business overnight / startup costs rocket
2) pushes masses onto government income, eventually welfare – something the marxist pigs like Notley want – it justifies their socialist shit and they believe, gets them voters – have a look at Europe because this is exactly what they do over there
3) makes for a marxist society – you have a few large companies hog tied to the government and large government departments – and these are the sources for jobs -

Another step toward hell in a hand basket – nice job choosing this marxist piece of shit Alberta – hope you survive the next four years.