September 11, 2015

WATCH: 7 major 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked

David MenziesMission Specialist

I'm joined by explosives expert Ron Craig, who debunks many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11, 2001 Muslim terrorist attacks.

He says theories that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled explosions are based on faulty photo interpretation and personal testimonials of survivors, not on analysis of the hard evidence.

Craig also answers other common questions:

Was thermite used to cut the buildings' steel columns?

Do the huge clouds of dust prove explosives were used?

What really happened to Building #7?

Is it true that no steel frame building has ever collapsed from fire?

And finally: Why do people believe these conspiracies?

On that topic, Craig says, "Scratch any 9/11 conspiracy site (...) and you're going to find people who have a deep dislike for the United States."

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commented 2016-04-26 12:02:34 -0400
This guy’s comments are all ‘theories’ themselves. A person seeking the truth should analyze the facts, and the facts only, to determine what really happened. Unfortunately, because the government immediately destroyed much of the evidence, hid even more, and their investigation was shallow at best; it leads any person with a shred of common sense to the conclusion that something foul is amiss. My thoughts, still today, go out to those innocent people that died that day; and I sincerely hope that whomever was responsible or contributed to this travesty, meets an untimely and painful end.
commented 2015-11-08 11:01:47 -0500
The pentagon missile strike is definitive evidence that the complete 9/11 official storyline is fabricated to coverup the governments own involvement in this classic “false flag” attack scenario. The evidence is OVERWHELMING that it was an inside job by the US and Israel. The US government still has not released the footage from any of the (over) 400 videos of the pentagon area that were immediately confiscated by the governments agents. The ONLY reason they would do that is to coverup the fact that it was a missile strike and not a plane that hit the pentagon. They will never be able to explain the lack of holes in the buildings walls from the wings, tail section and engines… they just aren’t there. QED
commented 2015-09-13 09:59:47 -0400
PK: with respect, you HAVE bought the party line. It’s s just a different party.
I commented below on the way in which reasonable people manage to believe strange conspiracy theories. One of them I didn’t list is the shotgun effect: the notion that a thousand weak arguments adds up to a single strong argument. They don’t.
Each of the “arguments” cited to support the more exotic conspiracy theories has been addressed by one or another of the investigations. When those rebuttals are raised, the true conspiracy theorist immediately switches over to “Okay, but what about….”
That’s why these debates always tend to end in long lists of youtube videos that we’re challenged to watch, which inevitably repeat the same rebutted anomalies, usually with creepy music and official looking graphs. Sorry, that’s not science.
As I said below, any huge and unprecedented event will generate anomalies.
commented 2015-09-12 17:49:37 -0400
*Drew Wakariuk commented 14 hours ago
Prince Knight they would not have bent , they fell properly considering where they were hit not a natural collapse at all. and the mob used bad materials when the building was built your suspicions are not valid, a plane is like a missile , if it was a missile then where is the huge crater???

Drew Wakariuk commented 14 hours ago
Prince Knight YOUTUBE? Are you for real , that is not evidence. And thermite cutting would require many people willing to die when they do it , try using your head*

Before outright condemning what I wrote, you may want to do some research, yourself, Drew.

Yes, YouTube. There are a number of 1hour + videos of people who have posted their own research, complete with documentation and photographic evidence. There are many questions remainning.

You’re actually saying the Mafia built the WTC towers? Documentation, please. There is already evidence of construction methods documenting a stronger-than-average build with these towers. (At the time, they would have been the tallest buildings in the world, and therefore had to have structural integrity beyond what anybody else used just to make sure that the wind or storms or aircraft strikes didn’t push the Towers over. Shoddy workmanship, my arse. If that were the case, they would have collapsed LONG before 9/11.

The aircraft strikes were not symmetrical to on the buildings, so if the towers were to have naturally collapsed, the portions that were blown up by the planes would have been the weakest, and would have given way first. That said, the upper portion of the towers would have leaned toward the weakened and collapsed portion, and the whole upper portion would have fallen to the streets below. That didn’t happen. This is why the theory of controlled demolition, and implosion.

A missile creates a crater only when it impacts the ground. (Doesn’t leave a crater in the air, does it?) Neither does it create a crater when it hits a building, like the airliner is said to have done when it hit the Pentagon. I stand by my research when I say that the measured destruction was insufficient for and airliner, and was more along the lines of a missile strike.

Now, as far as your suggestion about using my head, I think I’ve demonstrated that I already have. Do your own research, and don’t buy the party line.

I did NOT say I am a conspiracy theorist. I DID say that there are holes in the party line big enough to sail a supertanker through. The party line is not consistent, therefore it’s wrong. The questions of what happened and why still remain. I have no answers, merely questions.
commented 2015-09-12 17:16:56 -0400
Every huge and infinitely complex event of the scope and scale of 9/11 will generate mysteries and anomalies. These will be seized on by conspiracies theorists as evidence of conspiracy; by political junkies as instruments for blame or censure; by responsible folks as areas for inquiry; and by philosophers as yet more evidence of the limits of human comprehension. We do the best we can.
commented 2015-09-12 14:10:36 -0400
Terry Rudden said: “Cal, I truly do believe you have a reading badger in your basement. I suspect it is a mutant engendered by a tainted vaccination, administered by the CIA through a jet-stream distributed aerosol aimed at poisoning the gay population.” Priceless! Thanks for the laugh Terry!
B.T.W. I have witnessed an event similar to what happened to the W.T.C. In the 80’s, an office tower in Montreal (Place Ville Marie) I believe it was called leased by the company I worked for caught fire overnight and collapsed in a similar manner when the steel reinforcing in the floors failed causing the floors to pancake and fall to street level. Everything was lost.
commented 2015-09-12 11:18:16 -0400
Bill said, “We may never know what happened on 9/11 as it is so politically charged that a revelation of gross malfeasance could topple the existing power structure.”

That’s a real good point that I had not considered.
commented 2015-09-12 10:49:03 -0400
I have never seen any major event without assume conspiracy theories. 9/11 is the most investigated event in history and we know every detail of it. No Jews or gov’t people involved what so ever.
commented 2015-09-12 10:20:47 -0400
We may never know what happened on 9/11 as it is so politically charged that a revelation of gross malfeasance could topple the existing power structure. I despise unfounded speculation but the 9/11 commission certainly heard its share of this – so much so that the lead commissioners were frustrated by the conflicting statements of officials to the evidence at hand.

Chairmen Kean(lead commissioner) and Hamilton (Commission Vice-Chairman) of the 9/11 Commission authored a book. In it, Kean and Hamilton charge that the 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail,” and write that the commission was so frustrated with repeated misstatements by officials from The Pentagon and the Federal Aviation Administration during the investigation that it considered a separate investigation into possible obstruction of justice by Pentagon and FAA.

Sorry Dave but 9/11 Monday morning armchair quarterbacks spewing pure conjecture holds no interest for me – neither does holding on to the Pollyanna idea that the government isn’t telling us everything about 9/11.
commented 2015-09-12 09:15:25 -0400
Glenn, can I be the first to put in a bid on your script? I’ll offer you script approval, final cut, 10% of domestic gross.
I’ll double that percentage for foreign gross if you let me write in a dictionary-reading badger in the basement.
My people will call your people.
commented 2015-09-12 09:01:00 -0400
Gee Richard for an ignorant idiot you sure profess to know a lot. Ignorance is bliss.
commented 2015-09-12 08:57:57 -0400
Adam we are going to miss you! Idiot. Great video Menzies. Some people will never understand logic. I have seen similar expert analysis. Excellent!
commented 2015-09-12 08:40:19 -0400
This firefigher says it wasn’t an inside job… But there are a hell of a lot of firefighters that were actually there, who say it was.

I personally don’t pretend to know what happened as far as explosives and all that, but I do know that our politicians had prior knowledge of this threat, allowed it to happen as a pretext to strip us of our Rights.

I do know the “ISIS” is an invention of our tax dollars, that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are too.

Is it now “conservative” to give $700 million to “the opposition” in Syria, then claim “Canada has no part in it, it was all Obama”.

Adam Rule, you are correct, this hit-piece here was one step too far… I’m not gonna be coming here no more, these people are full of shit about being “Conservative”.
commented 2015-09-12 08:17:21 -0400
Where did they dig up this fucking idiot? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it was an inside job. Shame on you Rebel Media for promoting and showing this mainstream media propaganda. I might have to reconsider coming to your site for “reliable and unbiased news”. I’ve never seen a more biased interview. There is a mountain of evidence to prove every one of these “theories” to be absolutely true and accurate. How about the firefighters interviews where they heard explosions in the second tower coming from the basement BEFORE The second plane hit? How about the security guard in the second tower hearing and feeling the same thing and seeing coworkers coming from the basement with clothes in tatters and burnt skin? How about the pictures of the rubble that show core columns cut on the same angle as demolitions experts use and they appear to have been melted? What about the fact that fires from jet fuel and office furniture do not burn hot enough to melt steel? What about the “squibs” that are seen 30 to 40 stories below where collapse is occurring? What about the structural columns that were thrown blocks away from the site? What was the steel never analyzed and inspected before being shipped off to China to be melted down? What about the 9/11 Commission report that doesn’t even mention building 7? WhT about the fact that the 9/11 Commission spent $600,000 on investigating probably the most horrific crime ever, but Government agencies spent billions investigating Clinton’s hand-jobs? What about the mysterious shut downs of elevators in the weeks prior to the event? What about Silverstein leasing the property from the port authority for $15million and then turning around and insuring them for $3 billion? What about the fact that the buildings were in need of $1billion of upgrades, including asbestos removal and nobody would touch it? I think a shrewd businessman would have walked away from that deal. What about the one man who knew more about Bin Laden than anyone else on the planet was suddenly reassigned to head of security for WTC by the FBI two weeks before 9/11? What about the military exercises involving that very scenario on that very day? What about the other two planes? What about there being no evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon? Didn’t hear about those in this interview. What about the stand down orders given to military personnel? What about Norman Manetta’s testimony about Cheney’s odd behaviour? What about the fact that the “hijackers” couldn’t fly Cessnas let alone a 757? What about the impossible maneuvers they performed while not being able or qualified to fly these planes? What about the fact that several of the hijackers turned up alive in the middle east? What about the cell phone calls from the hijacked planes being impossible in 2001? (That wasn’t possible until 2008) The list goes on and on… Shame on you Rebel.
commented 2015-09-12 05:38:36 -0400
So….this thread has pretty much proven that 9/11 was the work of Jews promoting ZIONIST ambitions with their American bum buddies who were having a slow quarter with their arms sales……nothing more to see here folks.
commented 2015-09-12 05:15:04 -0400
George W. Bush:: BWAHAHAHAH!! I am now planning to murder my own people with great injustice.

Arial Sharon:: As I have demanded that you must do because I hate all of Islam! Hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!!


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George W. Bush:: Yes master..

Arial Sharon:: First we will murder thousands of your people with Arab traitors we have convinced to do our bidding with our dirty money. Then we will blame it on the hero of the Muslim world, Osama Bin Laden.

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(by John Hawkins reposted in the spirit of the author’s intent)
commented 2015-09-12 03:39:48 -0400
Prince Knight they would not have bent , they fell properly considering where they were hit not a natural collapse at all. and the mob used bad materials when the building was built your suspicions are not valid, a plane is like a missile , if it was a missile then where is the huge crater???
commented 2015-09-12 03:35:51 -0400
Prince Knight YOUTUBE? Are you for real , that is not evidence. And thermite cutting would require many people willing to die when they do it , try using your head
commented 2015-09-12 03:34:55 -0400
Richard Vanderlube we did not create ISIS
commented 2015-09-11 21:49:01 -0400
Here’s a government website that talks about Canada’s role “since the start of the Syrian uprising”… I think they meant to say foreign-funded coup against Assad.

“To date, Canada has committed more than $700 million in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syrian crisis.”

Millions of dollars for “refugees” and “humanitarian aid”, still trying to get rid of Assad, upset with Russia for moving in to take out “ISIS”. Only a moron couldn’t see that we’re heavily invested in the Sunni terrorist industry.
commented 2015-09-11 21:39:31 -0400
Debunking myth #1 — Scientific Evidence Explosives were used.
Yes, this “expert” does a good job of discussing that there is no scientific evidence. However, there is a LOT of circumstantial evidence, most of it audio-visual that can be found on YouTube, that sounds, much like those found in building implosions, were heard and recorded from the World Trade Center site. Not completely debunked.

Debunking myth #2 — Thermite Cut Steel Columns.
This “expert” discusses the theory of “rivers of molten metal” under the towers. He completely evades and does NOT discuss the photographic evidence that the girders were cut cleanly at an angle to the girder. He suggests that thermite is only good for creating pools of metal, like a blast furnace. He ignores that demolitions experts and SWAT will use thermite in a “cord” to “blast”/cut around steel doors and frames in a surgical maneuver. Not completely debunked.

Debunking myth #3 — People Inside the Towers Were Blown Off Their Feet (Explosion)
Have not heard this one before, have not researched, cannot comment, but sounds reasonable. The clip shown in the “interview” does suggest a staccato and progressive motion, as if subsequent charges were going off in sequence, but that is not proof positive.

Debunking myth #4 — Clouds of dust prove explosives were used
Same as #3. Have not heard, have not researched, cannot comment. It is reasonable to think that the collapse of the building itself could have ejected (not “rejected”, as was mentioned) by the force of the compressed air from the floor above.

Debunking myth #5 — Building 7 sustained no damage, but still collapsed…
This one is news to me. I HAVE heard that this whole scenario was an insurance scam, because the WTC towers were insufficiently leased, and had poor prospects of finding tenants. Again, no concrete proof…

Debunking myth #6 — No steel-framed building has ever collapsed from fire.
He used a comparison with a “lightly-built” building in Ontario, but that’s comparing apples to oranges in construction techniques. He then compares the WTC collapse to a fire in a building in Holland, and says that an all-day, non-managed fire brought down a portion of the building. Okay. Then why didn’t only a portion of the towers collapse? There’s still more here than is being admitted.

Debunking myth #7 — Stream of sparks outside the building not a result of the fire.
No opinion.

The near-vertical collapse of both towers. If a building collapses “naturally”, the building has a tendency to lean, creating more on-the-ground damage than occurred at the WTC collapse. These towers collapsing were more in line with a controlled demolition/implosion than a “natural” collapse.
The multiple videos of BOTH aircraft flying into the towers show no markings whatsoever on the exterior of the craft. We have been told that they were commercial airliners, and the companies owning the aircraft were identified. Why was there no “livery” on the planes striking the towers?
The towers, and all very tall buildings, are engineered to withstand aircraft striking the building. The construction method of the towers was such that each floor was interlocked with the others, creating a very strong structure, indeed. Why did the towers collapse at all? It does seem reasonable for the towers to lose the parts above the impact points, and possibly a few floors below that. But the entire structure?
The damage at the Pentagon shows insufficient damage to have been caused by a crashed airliner. The analyzed damage is more in line with a missile.

And then these “experts” have the audacity to wonder why the 1/3 that don’t buy the party line have the gall to question the party line? I’ve watched numerous YouTube videos of the 9/11 attacks, and I’m FAR from convinced that it was, indeed, a terrorist hijacking. I do not know exactly what DID happen (causes, motives), but I DO know it’s not what I’ve been told.
commented 2015-09-11 20:56:51 -0400
These DIA agents know the senior officials, politicians, media are deliberately lying about just how well-funded, well-armed “ISIS” is, despite what they provided as their analysis.

And reason they lie about it, is because the truth, that “ISIS” continues to be a well-funded Western mercenary force, is TREASON. Gotta pretend that they’re just this rogue group we cut funding to long ago, yet Western money is STILL in the region, admittedly funding other “Syrian rebels” who are also Islamic extremists.

Defend it all you want. There is a coordinated effort by several nations including Canada, to fund terrorists to take out Assad. Seeing the way we’ve been repeatedly deceived, about “moderate Syrian rebels”, about “Assad the butcher gassing his people”, about “refugees”, we don’t buy it anymore. You nation-builders are a bunch of frauds, a bunch of phony-Conservatives who fund terrorism.
commented 2015-09-11 20:25:56 -0400
All flights grounded but Saudi’s fly on out. Don’t play stupid with me about “ISIS” when there’s about fifty different CENTCOM “intelligence” folks coming out now saying we run “ISIS” to overthrow Assad.

A year ago, they were saying it’s an absolute lie that we funded Islamic extremists in Syria… Now it’s been shown that is in fact the case. The US government secretly blowing up the WTC may be something you can laugh at, but the creation of Al Qaeda, Taliban, “ISIS” is established fact, don’t you try to bullshit with me oil rich nations, your government and media readily lent a hand to those towelheads, actively assisted in creating the threats we face.
commented 2015-09-11 20:18:31 -0400
US foreign aid to Qatar in 2012 = $200,000
US foreign aid to Kuwait in 2012 =$200,000
US foreign aid to Saudi Arabia in 2012 = $1,400,000

Doesn’t look like much, but if you readily admit that these are the countries sponsoring terrorism, and we contine to give them money… Kissing Abdullah’s ass upon his death with glowing eulogies…

Should I feel I’m being told the truth?

We continue to let these people in our countries, let them maintain embassies in our countries, kiss their asses internationally.

Is this the appropriate behavior if we know what oil rich states are involved??? When folks like you talking about getting the source of ISIS, and you claim the West is not responsible for it, tell me, when will we have “boots on the ground” in the countries you mention to get these people?

I think you know what’s going on, and for some reason, you’re okay with letting it continue.
commented 2015-09-11 19:39:47 -0400
Richard – Wowee!

But really, do you not think Islamist terrorists get most of their donations from anti-western, pro-Islamist billionaires in Qatar and other Islamic states?
commented 2015-09-11 19:31:25 -0400
Back again.9/ 11 conspiracy theories debunked by a fire fighter. Just for starters, the buildings did not come down. They turned to dust. Where are the car door handles ,not found. Please listen to Dr. Judy Woods and get and read her book . Until you do nothing that is written here is based on evidence
Only on opinions.
commented 2015-09-11 19:14:47 -0400
Maurice said, “It’s a strange world we live in…. very strange.”

You can say that again!
commented 2015-09-11 19:00:56 -0400
The twin towers are actually still standing and we are all victims of a mass hypnosis hoax.

On a proper note: May God Bless all First Responders!!!!