June 07, 2017

8 Ways to Fight Against Radical Islamic Terrorism

Mark LathamRebel Host
On tonight's show I announce an exciting new partnership with Ezra Levant's TheRebel.media from Toronto, Canada. I talk with Ezra about how The Rebel has made a difference with activism in Canada and the UK.
I also talk to the UK's Tommy Robinson about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, and propose an 8-point policy agenda for fighting back against their evil ideologies.
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commented 2017-06-27 08:24:56 -0400
In the above video Mark Latham in part speaks about the following:

Radical Islamic Terrorism. . . an 8 point policy agenda for fighting against their evil ideologies
1) Zero tolerance in our schools
2) Zero tolerance with welfare
3) Integration, integration, integration
4) Modernize Islam
5) Defend our civilization and Western culture
6) Travel ban from dangerous countries
7) Terror watch list – what to do?
8) Non-interventionist foreign policy