February 08, 2017

92% of left-wing protesters live with their parents: study

StaffRebel Columnist

A new study has confirmed what you've been thinking about left-wing protesters all along. As far as Berlin goes anyway.

The report, which found 92% of protesters live at home and one third of them are unemployed was published in the German newspaper Bild. Demonstrators arrested for politically-related protests between 2003 and 2013 made up the study.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the study was conducted from 2003 to 2013 and based on 873 arrestees from that period. The statistics came from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

In addition, in 15 percent of cases, the victims of the protesters were right-wing and 80 percent of the victims were police officers.

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commented 2017-06-03 01:16:46 -0400
From the original source document;

“3.4.1 Marital status according to the young age of most of the suspects was the most (91%) single at the time of the crime. 4% were married or living in a registered life-partnership, 5% were divorced

“3.4.2 Living
Marital status and age structure of the suspects are also reflected in their housing situation low. 92% of the suspects lived with her parents, 4% in a dorm and 2% each alone or together with friends”

These are violent offenders. About half are repeat violent offenders.
They make bad choices. Big surprise there too.

Could it be… just possibly, that these people make bad choices consistently in their lives?

Could it possibly be that their low-income, mommy-living circumstances may possibly be, at least in part, due to the demonstrated tendency for making bad choices in their lives?

Unmarried violent offenders living with mommy making terrible choices – including leftism.

Lonely losers who have no self-control. That’s the demographic of leftist protesters in Berlin.
commented 2017-06-03 01:13:33 -0400
Incidentally, I think it is important to identify the source document for this report.

The material comes from data collected by the BMI – a national security organisation in Germany.

The original source of the data in this report can be found at https://www.berlin.de/sen/inneres/verfassungsschutz/publikationen/im-fokus/im_fokus_linke_gewalt_2009-2013.pdf

This is linked from the page https://www.berlin.de/sen/inneres/verfassungsschutz/publikationen/im-fokus/

These are reputable sources and the data checks out.
commented 2017-02-09 08:50:32 -0500
Of course. What rational person has time to go out and misbehave in public?
commented 2017-02-09 01:47:36 -0500
And i wonder how many are married to an anime pillow? I can just see the men in this group wondering why the women laugh and walk away when they tell them where they live.
commented 2017-02-08 13:41:18 -0500
While I too am having a chuckle at this, we should also take this report as a “heads up” that as the parents of the little fascists die off, and there is no one to provide food, clothing and shelter for them, we should expect a substantial increase in home invasions, violence and robberies when their self-centred instincts for survival kick in.
commented 2017-02-08 12:55:56 -0500
One word: Conscription
commented 2017-02-08 12:32:06 -0500
I can just see different corners of said basement having multiple signs , for differnt causes
It would be entertaining if some reporter type journalist would do video interviews of these subterranean dwellers
commented 2017-02-08 12:25:39 -0500
I am all in for a basement tax
commented 2017-02-08 12:23:36 -0500
Basement trolls, figures. Right wing parents, kick them and their bongs out. Let them worry about real issues, like survival (job, rent, car, etc . . . . ).
commented 2017-02-08 12:15:37 -0500
What a co-incidence…the ceiling glazer patriarchal oppressor also lives at home with zher mother.
commented 2017-02-08 12:02:18 -0500
The title of this piece alone was enough to crack me up when I read it…even though the reality is not really that funny…
I wonder what the percentage is in Canada…even though it’s really, pretty obvious.
And it’s way too many!
commented 2017-02-08 11:46:22 -0500
Quelle suprise.