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The anti-Israel bias of most of the Canadian media is unbelievable.

But instead of complaining, we’ve done something about it. Our online news channel, The Rebel, has hired Igal Hecht to be our Israel-based reporter. Now we can learn the facts directly — not just through the filter of anti-Israel journalists!

Below is a sample of Igal's reports in the past few weeks. I put it to you that not a single one of these reports would ever have been allowed to air on CTV or CBC — they would have nixed them for being too fair to Israel.

This is a sample of a segment Igal regularly updates called "Middle East news".  

Middle East news: Hamas plotting major terrorist attacks say unnamed Palestinian officials, and more


Igal will also report on how the mainstream media in Canada often misrepresents the facts

Here's how CBC is making Palestinians look like victims, not terrorists


We even have the breaking news stories that no other journalists are willing to discuss. Take this report that exposes gross Palestinian wrongdoing:

Toronto Star's "heroic" Palestinian women are actually Muslim Brotherhood activists


Igal will often interview people who you would never hear from in the mainstream media. Take this Palestinian who actually tries to hold the Palestinian Authority accountable: 

Palestinian human rights advocate says world ignores PA corruption -- part 1


What do you think? We’re still in early days, but I think it’s really shaping up as an interesting source of Israel news and opinion — with a lot more real reporting than you’ll find on CTV, CBC or any Canadian newspaper.

And unlike the mainstream media, we actually support Israel, our democratic ally in the region. We don’t demonize them.

If you like these videos, if you are interested in Middle East news, please SIGN UP below so we can keep you posted about Igal's latest reporting. 


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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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Check out The Rebel. I just joined.
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