November 04, 2015

"Alberta Oil" magazine has become an "anti-oil propaganda rag" whose editor is a "bigot": Do advertisers and subscribers know?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Recently, since I've reported on the anti-oil policies of Rachel Notley’s NDP government, I’ve noticed that one particularly noisy critic is a magazine called Alberta Oil.

This week they published a story called "Better Than Ezra," in response to my criticisms of Rachel Notley's NDP budget.

Let me quote just one line:

"The idea that Rachel Notley is waging a war on the oil patch simply doesn’t square with the actual evidence.”

Uh, what? She doubled the carbon tax, hiked the corporate tax 20%, raised personal income taxes, launched a new oil royalty tax review and launched a global warming tax review, and says she opposes pipelines — and that’s not a war on the oil patch?

In three days after the budget, oil companies laid off 5,000 workers. If that’s not a war on oil, what is?

That was written by the editor of Alberta Oil magazine, Max Fawcett. He's written similar articles, targeting other people who champion ethical oil.

I used to know the publisher of Alberta Oil, Ruth Kelly, so I sent her a letter:

"Ruth, did you just get a big ad contract from the NDP government of Alberta or something? How much do they pay you? What conversations have you had with them?"

But she told me she hasn’t had any ads from the NDP, and that the magazine is editorially independent from the government.

She defended the bizarre stories, and Max Fawcett, and said he represents her views too.

So I googled Fawcett’s name.

Max Fawcett is the former legislative assistant and director of communications for a Toronto Liberal MP, Dennis Mills. Mills was on Pierre Trudeau’s personal staff during the time of the National Energy Program!

So you’ve got a magazine called Alberta Oil. You have 4.2 million Albertans you can choose as your editor. But instead, you hire a former spin doctor for a Toronto Liberal MP who worked for Pierre Trudeau when he crafted the most vicious attack on the Alberta oil industry in history?

Say — do you think Alberta Oil’s subscribers know about this?

Or some of the bigoted things he's said about people he used to work with (who were Jehovah's Witnesses) and about people who work in the oil industry? He thinks they're yokels.

WATCH my report to see what I mean.

Hey — are you a subscriber to Alberta Oil? Are you an advertiser?

Why don’t you send an e-mail to Ruth Kelly, and let her know what you think:



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commented 2015-11-06 16:57:33 -0500
As an Albertan born and bred I really don’t think hiking taxes on corporations is going to make a dent in their massive profits. The Koch brothers own a good portion of the oil patch, they’ve made billions right here in Alverta and if any of you think for one second that these two can’t afford this tax hike then I do believe you all need to burst out of your bubbles!
The Koch brother own somewhere between 1.1 million-2million acres of Alberta oil sands! I for one am sick and tired of politicians Molly coddling these multi billionaire types! You are complaining about an environmental tax? My grandchildren will be thankful when their children are able to live and play with clean air, water and soil. The NDP are not responsible for the drop in oil prices, look to the good old USA and Saudi Arabia for that! I will give Notley and company a chance and trust me, I was a conservative supporter all my life but can not support their party at this time.
commented 2015-11-05 12:58:30 -0500
You have exposed a traitor Ezra!
commented 2015-11-05 11:06:52 -0500
I have listened to this guy on radio interviews over the last several months and have wondered wtf? He is definitely not a supporter of our industry and should seek employment with Tides or Sierra Club…if doesn’t already work for them….
commented 2015-11-05 07:32:02 -0500
Note to responding to lefty comments – the way to handle the lefties (apparently lefty dominance of the media party isn’t enough) is to agree with them or ignore them.

Here’s why – the lefties possess cognitive dissonance to the extreme. Lefties will argue adding 1 and 1 doesn’t give you 2 if this answer disagrees with what they are saying.

Remember the lefties (national socialists) in Germany had to exterminate 12M other people 25M of their own before they figured out something wasn’t quite right.

The lefties in Russia (USSR) had to exterminate 30M of their own people before they slowed down – I still think that Russia still thinks there wasn’t a problem.

The lefties in China had to exterminate 60M of their own and they still have no clue that this was/is a problem, but now China can have 2 kids per couple.

Lefties are loud screamers (louder than that Asian chick you picked up on and are beyond what is considered rational. In short, just laugh at the lefties – this comic book PM and his marxists are on the cusp of a global financial collapse.

Why do you think Harper’s campaign was so tired? Here you go Trudeau, you’re it now.
commented 2015-11-05 01:49:01 -0500
JOnathan when the prices were lower in the first half of the 2000’s the patch was still busy as hell.
commented 2015-11-05 01:48:22 -0500
Jonathan it will be the 2% , the carbon tax and other higher taxes and a fight to get anything done. This is not the only factor.
commented 2015-11-05 00:20:29 -0500
Excellent post Charles…however I disagree with “there is a slight possibility that the government is out to get them”..You are being too kind. The dippers are ideologically anti oil and are deliberately doing all they can to stop or at least severely inhibit the industry to justify massive investment into renewables…mainly wind a solar. It’s exactly the model that Gerald Butts implemented for Ontario, with disastrous results.
The industry, and the country are in serious trouble. When the boy blunder and Notely return from Paris be prepared for major changes…they will fall all over themselves trying to appease the UN and the IPCC in particular….
Black days ahead…
commented 2015-11-04 23:52:22 -0500
Jonathan I suppose what really tripped it for many of the folks here is not just your mistaken math, but the accompanying intemperate language, accusing Ezra of not just a lie, but a “blatant lie” and saying that he was “full of shit”.
commented 2015-11-04 22:33:05 -0500
Like I said, I need you to learn a little more about the patch, you see the patch is not just the oil sands. The conventional oil and gas that is produced in Canada (British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan) has a lower lifting cost then many other areas in the would. Yes the Middle East pretty much has the lowest lifting costs, but not by much.
You see when we started fracing , we were able to open the granite and sand slates and because of large pressures in the ground our lifting costs are quite low. We have wells that were drilled in the 70’s and even late 60’s that are still flowing and without the use of hydraulics or a pump jack for people that didn’t know that. Now these wells, and there are many, have been drilled to the 70’s dollar and the wells have been paid over 1000 times. Yes some of the wells have been purchased over and over again, but they still have been paid off. Now we have areas in Alberta where that lifting costs range from $4.75 per barrel to usually $7.89 per barrel. Not including capital expenses. Now when we have oil sitting at $46.53 as of this second. That means on the conventional oil wells we are still averaging $39.00 per barrel.
Now we have to pay taxes on this oil, we have to pay the royalties on this oil plus we have to put money on the side so we can keep expanding the corporation. Once this is all paid we still have to keep our image up and also make sure when we are in a community, we contribute to that said community.
Now I do agree, the lower oil prices are a little to do with the slow down. But when you have a government that raises everything to do with the oil industry, there is a slight possibility that the government is out to get them. But please take what I just explained and learn it for your self. That way you can see the people on this site aren’t trying to attack, they are just getting really upset with the leftist thinking and the sheep following they do with the Main Stream Media.

I really hope to see you back on this site Jonathan.
commented 2015-11-04 22:14:04 -0500
LLRFU…I’m with you on this…methinks there is something phony/fishy here. The advertisers are obviously looking for pro oil stories & not the opposite. Why would the magazine risk it all.
Ezra, perhaps you should dig deeper to see if the magazine has been sold???
commented 2015-11-04 22:07:51 -0500
Hey Ezra! You are super great! Thanks to you that we have you, guarding and looking for the Albertans!
commented 2015-11-04 21:53:42 -0500
Jonathan Soper – Call’em as I see’em! If you are such a zealous Lefty you have to be an Anti Judaeo-Christian goat humper like Trudeau. I won an partial scholarship to SFU with the Euclidean Math Contest in grade 12 for the Province of BC and won Gold in the UBC Physics Olympics, it has been 30 years since I had to use Laplace Transforms but am pretty sure I can still do calculations between the time and frequency domains … or are you still on Integration and Differentiation? Maybe lets keep it simple and just explain Maxwell’s Theorem … or at least tell me how Schrodinger’s cat is doing. :-P
commented 2015-11-04 21:48:40 -0500
Don’t forget that they are trying desperately to land lock the flow, don’t know why but I’m sure there is an end game. These freaks are evil.
commented 2015-11-04 21:43:50 -0500
@kelvin, I agree that it is not a good idea to hike taxes in a time like this, however I don’t think it would be a be-all-end-all for companies.
commented 2015-11-04 21:41:31 -0500
I am going to have to remember the name Jonathan Soper if he is taking Engineering and Economics but can’t do basic percentages! Holly Bat Guano! If this is this kind of Degenerate Intellect is capable of failing all the way into Engineering we are DOOMED. Idiots like this would built a trestle bridge out of toilet paper and try to get sewage to run up hill … without a pump or paddle … then would only be over budget by 100 times (wouldn’t want to confuse this dufus with percentages again).
commented 2015-11-04 21:38:55 -0500
Submitted by by accident. Goat rapist? Whoa that’s extreme. I think we addressed the math thing. I read that he said corporate tax raised TO 20%. My bad. I admitted that I read wrong. Regardless, 10-12% is a pretty small increase. If you want to do a math off, please! I like math. We can nerd it up over here. What do you want? Calculus? Matrices? Seriously though, I’m out. If we’ve gotten to the point that you’re going to call me a goat humper, there’s really no more point for discussion with you.
commented 2015-11-04 21:34:40 -0500
Jonathan, that’s why hiking any tax right now is absurd, plus the fact that all governments are against pipelines in order to finally get Alberta oil on the world price. Plus the uncertainty of the royalty reviews , which now appears the panel is stacked against the oil companies. Hope that clear the mud up.
commented 2015-11-04 21:34:00 -0500
Goat rapist? Yikes, that’s extreme. I think we addressed the math thing. I read that he said corporate tax raised TO
commented 2015-11-04 21:33:55 -0500
So the idiotic Jonathan Soper pretends he is still able to do math and just misunderstood actual math as hyperbole … stupid goat humper probably doesn’t know what hyperbole means … and that his propaganda is the hyperbole.
commented 2015-11-04 21:27:00 -0500
Removed for violating rule:Be civil. No personal attacks.
commented 2015-11-04 21:26:03 -0500
Most oil related companies are owned by guys who were in the right place at the right time and intelligence was never their strong suit so no surprise that they’re funding the enemy.
commented 2015-11-04 21:05:32 -0500
Charles, I can assure you my math is not an issue. I misinterpreted what Ezra was trying to say and though he was trying to make a hyperbole. But I think my understanding of oil prices is fine.

Here’s a pretty cut and dry discussion of oil prices and what companies to break even. Take a look at this

A quote, if you don’t have time to read the whole thing,

“Western Canadian heavy crude costs more to extract than other oil sources because it must be separated from deposits of sand. It also trades at a discount to other crudes, in part because of the distance it must be transported from remote boreal forests in Alberta.

Benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil cost less than $41 a barrel in Wednesday trading, which although at multiyear lows was still well above the Western Canadian Select average of around $24 a barrel.

More than half of current oil-sands production can’t break even unless WTI crude-oil prices rise above $44 a barrel, according to a TD Securities Inc. report published Wednesday."

Starting new, expensive projects would be irresponsible business until prices improve. And I hope they do. As a future engineer, oil sands projects offer lots of job opportunities for me and my classmates. But I won’t be holding my breath for a few years.
commented 2015-11-04 21:01:09 -0500
Jim Scarfe… as far as where the info came from on CBC and CTV journalism shilling to the left, the most obvious factor was that the Canadian Media Guild, the union of about 6000 journalist, was a registered third party listed on Election Canada’s website. They would only do this if the intention was to campaign and support a particular political party. I went and looked at the listing myself, so I know it was there and not just someone talking out of the side of their mouth. Now, as is common knowledge, which side of the street do unions campaign for? The left side. Usually NDP left. This in itself speaks to the bias leaning one would get from a significant number of these “journalists.”
Being retired, I have quite a bit of spare time. I followed the election, for months before there even was one. How the MSM reported the news on, and for the political parties, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, it is quite biased, and shaped the “story” as much against the conservative right, as it did positively for the liberal/ndp left. CBC and CTV were two of the worst perpetrators in this media hi-jack of the Canadian voting public.
commented 2015-11-04 20:56:57 -0500
Also after seeing this post about Alberta Oil, I will be forwarding this page to my bosses and to some of the engineering firms we use, as they advertise in Alberta Oil. You see, I thought I was starting to become some sort of conspiracy nut and reading into everything. Ezra thank you for showing me the way again. It is nice to see I am not the only one that was picking this rag up and being disgusted.
commented 2015-11-04 20:48:04 -0500
Jonathan I am sorry everyone jumped on you. But as you can see from the replies everyone made, you upset them and your math skills need to be looked at. Also when discussing the oil prices please do a little more search. Then we can have a good discussion.
commented 2015-11-04 20:34:58 -0500
I’m studying mechanical engineering and economics, so I have more than enough math on a daily basis thanks. I mistook Ezra’s wording. Regardless, do you really think an oil corporation is really going to cancel a massive project simply because they are going to be paying 2% more or their profits in taxes? Oil prices have always volatile and an oil company would never plan something a project with expected returns of well over 2%, meaning a 2% loss in profits due to taxation would be inconsequential.

Taxes invariably induce some loss in economic output to society, but are a necessary evil. The amount of taxes depends on the values of a government, and the people who elected them. Albertans elected an NDP majority so clearly, they value increased social spending over the potential losses from raising taxes. You’re going to have to live with it for four years (And before you accuse me of being an NDP supporter/ voter, I am not even from Alberta. These are just my insights.)
commented 2015-11-04 20:23:23 -0500
Jonathan, I see you’ve had a much needed math lesson. LOL
commented 2015-11-04 20:14:23 -0500
I have some pretty solid faith that regardless of the government in power, when prices come back up (and they will eventually), Alberta will bounce back.
commented 2015-11-04 20:12:31 -0500
I took Ezra’s 20% mark to mean an increase in 20% of taxes. He could have made it more clear in his video, although fair enough, he wasn’t necessarily untruthful. However, oil companies will still only be paying an extra 2% off their total profits, which frankly, is not much. Not enough to cancel multi billion dollar investments by far. I don’t support many of the NDP’s policies, but I support the free market, and if I were an oil executive, I would not be investing in new oil sands projects right now, which would be almost guaranteed to lose me and my investors money. I’d wait a few years until prices bounce back at lease.
commented 2015-11-04 20:10:19 -0500
Ron / Drew…. yup!! LOL