March 08, 2016

“Albertans First” coup d’état plan WON'T unseat the NDP -- Here’s why

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I make how I feel about the NDP very clear. I even wrote a book called The Destroyers: Rachel Notley and the NDP’s War on Alberta because I think everyone needs to be armed with the right information.

That’s why now I want to make sure everyone has the facts they need about Albertans First, the grassroots group working to unseat the Alberta NDP. They are collecting petition signatures to demand a plebiscite that will give Albertans the opportunity to vote on Bill 6 and the carbon tax. Albertans First supporters also plan to purchase memberships to the NDP party and take that party over from within. A coup d’état.

This plan will not work. And, I break down all the reasons why in my video. I explain why this scheme will fail by detailing the rules of petitioning in Alberta and the membership process of the NDP.

I appreciate everyone’s passion. I believe in peaceful protesting. I respect and defend every Albertan’s right to tell the Government they disagree with them. This is a liberal democracy. But relying on hope based on misinformation is how we got the NDP as Government in the first place. No one bothered to learn for themselves about the NDP, even though all the information was readily available online. No one wanted to listen to people like me who were laying the facts out at the time. People wanted change, not facts. I’m afraid that’s happening again here. People, so desperate for change, are willing to believe anything. I don’t blame people for feeling this way. These are desperate times. But, we can’t lose our heads.

There is only one way to unseat the NDP. Support the party you think will unseat them; the party that best matches your value system. They’ll be glad to have you and your passion. Volunteer, door-knock, phone-bank, hold fundraisers and just plainly out work the NDP. That’s what you do.

We are stuck with the NDP for at least three more years. There are no quick fixes. There are no easy ways out of the mess we are in. It’s going to take hard work. But the good news is that we are Albertans. We are not afraid of hard work and we can overcome anything that Mother Nature, the Government and the price of oil can throw at us.

People who underestimate Albertans do not understand us.

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commented 2016-03-12 02:56:26 -0500
I really agree with you on every levels Lisa, you totally make sense and great way to put it. Get rid of nutley, the sooner the better before there is nothing left of our beautiful province. 1980 in Alberta was terrible because Pierre trudeau decided he was going to destroy our energy industries and now we, unfortunately, have his insane boy son who wants to do the same thing along with nutley with a carbon tax. Seniors and young families are struggling greatly already with the high cost of everything especially their gouging property taxes and all Albertans will continue to struggle even more but the communist ndp and liberals will continue to push their garbage policies anyway.
commented 2016-03-11 23:10:26 -0500
Yannie let me offer you some smart advice, since I did not offer an opinion on the topic of the petition and join the NDP plan, I suggest you mind your own business, as you don’t know what you are talking about. Go home.
commented 2016-03-11 21:02:38 -0500
Liza, Julie’s offering some smart advice, although you figure that the more you hate the party that won an election fair and square, the more likely Notley will leave her post. Stay delusional in your small-mindedness, even though Gunn-Reid hinted that the rally was a dumb move. And now that your hero, George Clark, has been exposed by Vice Canada and 630 CHED as an incompetent, lying bigot, what else are you going to do with your pathetic life between now and 2019?
commented 2016-03-11 17:25:28 -0500
The plan is a simple one Julie, get her out, and undo everything she has implemented. The damage she has done to oil and gas is irreparable immediately, as most companies have already relocated, for the foreseeable future. Companies would be encouraged just by her leaving. Fight for a good soft wood lumber deal with the U.S. Streamline the ridiculous approval processes for projects in all areas, including mining, hydro electric and pipelines. Get the oil off of rail cars and into pipelines, freeing up rail for wheat, which is a huge part of the Albertan economy. Get off farmers backs, and let them do their job. With Notely gone, the huge tax grab necessary to fund her green schemes would be eliminated. This is a resource rich country, its not just Alberta, and we need to take full advantage of that. The new agenda from Ottawa(from the UN) is advocating the complete opposite. Notely is a puppet of the new regime, and she is poison to Alberta, and complicit in the take down of the country. We need strong western provinces to counter the agenda, otherwise we will be dissolved.
commented 2016-03-11 15:49:40 -0500
Liza. You don’t have to hate Notley to be someone who really cares about Alberta. Instead of focusing on destroying our government in the name of “democracy” (ironic), perhaps your efforts could be better used in helping to come up with better solutions. It’s easy to blame and criticize and point out what should be done, but it’s another to have an actual feasible plan that will work. Until then, it’s all talk. Or as you put it, smoke and mirrors.
commented 2016-03-11 13:18:24 -0500
Julie we are in trouble because of the seeds of uncertainty that Notely made sure to sow. She kept dragging her feet on where she stood with the royalty review. Companies fled before she even had the results out. The damage was done. Saskatchewan is diversified and they didn’t do it trying to shut down oil and gas as energy sources, while indulging in inefficient(and at this time) costly green alternatives. It is a disgrace that the funds put aside for hard times has been squandered by every party since Ralph. That is not Notely’s fault, but she took good advantage of it to push forward with Trudeau and Butts global agenda. She is an opportunist, and she has taken full advantage of the window that has so carelessly been given her.

People who really care about Alberta don’t want to let it be taken down by Notely’s smoke and mirrors. Or by people who have been brainwashed into believing the green energy lie. The technology for green energy alternatives already exist. The storage systems do not. Nothing that claims to be a success at this time is doing it without subsidies. It will be viable when and only when cheaper means of energy are no longer available. Until then it will be unsustainable, inefficient and send the economy from the ditch into the grave. The globalists think its not even a price to pay, as they want a new order anyway. Their agenda is truly one of destruction. They have a lot they need to get out of the way first.

However, I don’t think this particular topic is about whether or not you stand with Notely, or if she deserves to be brought down. Its about bringing her down, and how best to do it.
commented 2016-03-11 11:59:41 -0500
Also, I do agree that the number of birds killed by wind turbines is horrendous. But to use this as a comparison to the number of birds killed by oil an gas is a bit of a stretch. It’d be like comparing the number of lakes, rivers, ponds, etc that are contaminated and negatively affected by wind turbines to those contaminated by the oil and gas industry, and basing a conclusion on those results only.

And Liza, I don’t have a union job. And I haven’t been “bought” by our government. I don’t agree with everything they are doing or have proposed. But I also don’t see them as the enemy, either. Alberta still has some of the cheapest tax rates for big business, so they aren’t chasing away corporations. In fact, in 2001, under our Conservative government, corporate tax was 15.5 percent. They lowered it over the next 5 years to 10 percent. And as a result, our province has significantly less than we could have had. Now, up to 12 percent, we still have a lower tax rate than most of the country. BC is at 11 percent. Not really a huge difference. Why the outcry at 12 percent, but no comment or disparaging remark about it having been 15.5 percent? Our previous government catered a little too much to corporations at the expense of the rest of the province, and now we’re in trouble.
commented 2016-03-11 11:41:08 -0500
Roy – Yeah. I prefer to read and watch unbiased works, rather than those that go in with the sole intent of trying to convince people about something without showing ALL evidence and points of view. It’d be like going to buy a used car and then completely believing everything the salesman tells you about the car he wants to sell you. He isn’t going to tell you anything that may change your mind about buying the car. He’ll do everything he can to sell it to you, even stretching the truth or outright lying to do so.

I could easily google and counter back with a bunch of pro-green technology websites that show their benefits and slam oil and the dirty oil coming out of Alberta. But that, too, is clearly one-sided. And it really isn’t the point I was trying to make. Green technology doesn’t have to be wind mills.

Again, nothing I say will ever change your mind. And that’s okay.

P.S. – Ironic that you call my comments condescending. I think you need to reread your own. It’s fine to have a difference of opinion. And why should I get off this “sight”? Isn’t it my democratic right to voice my opinion? Isn’t that what your group is doing right now with your protest? You have every right to do so, too. Why is it you feel that everyone should listen to your point of view, but anyone who may disagree with it shouldn’t be allowed to comment?

As for the jobs lost – it’s pretty proportional. No, 100,000 oil jobs may not have been lost decades ago when oil was “cheap”, but there are MANY more people working in the oil field now than there were then. In fact, during the oil crash in the 1980’s, Alberta’s unemployment rate went up to 12.4 percent. Today it’s up to about 8 percent. Not a good number, but a far cry from 12.4 percent.

By the early 1980s, a world-wide economic recession hit the oil industry hard. Our province led the nation in housing foreclosures, bankruptcies and suicides. In 1986, Alberta received another economic blow when world oil price declined steeply. But Alberta’s economic woes began to turn around in the late 1980s. The provincial government used enormous royalty revenues generated from oil and gas sales to diversify into the forestry sector.

Did you read that? THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT used royalty revenues to DIVERSIFY the economy. So why is it that you are so against diversification now? One can’t help but assume it’s because you don’t like the new government or the policies it’s trying to pass. And that’s fine. But it seems super hypocritical to rave about the previous governments actions and then condemn the current government for doing the same thing. Perhaps if the previous government had saved money for the inevitable drop in oil prices then the current government would be better able to fund diversifying our economy. And yes, we send a lot of money to Ottawa as a “have” province. And everyone wants that to slow down. But why weren’t we all out protesting about it for the last couple decades? Why only now with this new government? It isn’t their fault, it wasn’t their doing. Alberta is in trouble right now, but to lay the blame solely at the feet of our current government seems incredibly ignorant to me.
commented 2016-03-11 11:20:01 -0500
Julie Taylor, “And it isn’t an “NDP lie” I’ve bought into. It’s logic.”

That just about says it all. FYI, people do have a right to say when a government is bent on destroying a province. A right, and an obligation. You might want to get over yourself. Thanks for clarifying where you were coming from.

If the NDP were sincerely interested in diversifying the economy of Alberta, they would follow Brad Walls lead. Support mining, forestry, agriculture, along with gas and oil. Have a tax structure which doesn’t chase away manufacturing and small business. Notely’s only concern is union jobs, and you can’t have an entirely unionised province. I know she thinks she can, but it is nothing but a pyramid scheme and they only work for a few for a time, at the expense of many.

If your definition of logic is this Notely madness then you have been bought. You have a ticket into the elite club of ‘the union job’ or you wouldn’t be so defensive. Unions unfettered, and allowed carte blanche, (thanks to Trudeau) are parasites, and will suck this country dry. Why don’t you take your nest egg and move to Ontario, you can have all the green alternatives you want there.
commented 2016-03-11 02:03:01 -0500
commented 2016-03-11 02:01:00 -0500
Julie Taylor, a left wing shill, we don’t need your condescending comments and it is sickly to read them. Putting up grotesque, useless, birdkilling windmills and solar panels is costly, useless and these damn huge monstrosities have a huge carbon footprint of 241.85 tons of CO2 each. None of us in the rural areas want to see, nor hear this numbing hum sounds, never mind a total waste of money. They don’t work as proven in Europe and Ontario. Pull up this video and get informed: It tells you all about this GARBAGE, MONEY WASTING SCAM GREEN ENERGY CRAP. You may to pay double for all your utility bills and other huge added costs to everthing, but we don’t. And another thing, we are not in deep do-do because of low oil prices but because investors have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE IN THIS EVIL GOVERNMENT THAT YOU ARE DEFENDING AND SUPPORTING. GET OFF THIS SIGHT AND LEAVE US ALONE. WHEN WE HAD $10.00 and $20.00 oil many years ago, we never lost 100,000 jobs in a year. It’s just this left wing ndp that are bent on destroying everything that works and is good in this province. Go back to your ndp hole.
commented 2016-03-11 00:38:46 -0500
You all sound like petulant children having a tantrum because you aren’t getting your way. We live in a democracy. This government was democratically elected. Don’t like the results? Then get out and vote next time. The government isn’t ignoring you. They understand you are upset. They get your concerns. But that doesn’t mean that they will change everything to meet YOUR needs and wants at the expense of the rest of the province.

And Liza, it’s clear that there is a lot you don’t understand. You’d rather bury your head in the oil sands rather than start to think about the future. Of course nobody knows when the oil will run out. But we do know it will. Are you ready for when that comes? Because right now, Alberta is struggling tremendously from the drop in oil prices. This has NOTHING to do with the NDP. And oil is still rather plentiful. Yet there is nothing in place to help the province during this tough time. Nothing to fall back on. Virtually no savings. Isn’t this a glimpse of the future when oil starts to dry up? If we don’t have plans and options set up, a whole lot of people will be struggling. And then, of course, you will blame the government for not making a plan.

And it isn’t an “NDP lie” I’ve bought into. It’s logic. But based on your arguments it’s clear that this is something you lack. I research before forming my opinions. I look at all sides of an issue. I try to look at scientific articles rather than editorial ones, because peoples opinions are often not based on fact. Like how many people believe in George because his mother (who they believe gave a message from God because she was so close to death) told him to put his book learning to use and educate the masses. To follow his heart. But cherry picking facts to suit your argument, intentionally taking things out of context and twisting words to increase anger, spreading rumour and misinformation as fact so that people will be indignant and outraged. These are not things done out of love. They are things done out of delusion. And these are the things your “fearless warrior” is doing. Take a step back. REALLY read what he is writing. It’s easy to get caught up in the mob mentality. It’s easy to be angered by changes that affect you negatively. But please, look deeper into the accusations he is making against the “evil” NDP. Much of what he has been posting today could be considered slanderous. Saying there are death threats being made online. Yet no screen shot? He’s quick to capture images of memes making the round and then saying that the NDP is mocking you and calling you all rednecks, when it is really supporters doing this, not the government itself. Why can’t he show proof of the more serious and troubling accusations? Is it because it’s merely hearsay? Because that seems to be what he does a lot. A supporter tells him something, and he spreads the word as though it is gospel truth, without even looking into whether or not the incident actually happened. Making accusations based on hearsay or past histories rather than first gathering current, relevant facts and then spreading them as truth should tell you something about his character. This isn’t “love”. And this isn’t something driven by God’s grand plan. This is one mans delusion of grandeur, and he won’t stop. All his grand plans for the 8th didn’t happen. His promises weren’t kept. Isn’t that a complaint he had with our government? And now he’s guilty of doing the same thing… Hmmm.

There is so much more I want to write about this, but there really isn’t any point. I won’t change any minds here. So many people are so blind to anything else that irrefutable proof still wouldn’t be enough to change their minds. So peace out. I hope you’re back to work soon. I hope our province starts to recover, and I hope plans to diversify continue so that our province will be even greater than before.
commented 2016-03-10 22:10:25 -0500
I too hoped the petitions would work but after attending the rally and seeing first hand the ndp arrogance i don’t believe they will allow plebiscites. We under the governance of evil totalitarian socialists, the supporters may not be evil but they arrogantly believe rural albertans are backwards rubes to be led.talking to the staffers on tuesday you could see they had no concept of why we are angry. They believe mlas become our leaders to contol our lives not our duly elected representatives
commented 2016-03-09 19:41:09 -0500
Julie I don’t know exactly where you’re coming from, but your comments seem rather insulting to a whole lot of people. I have already chimed in here when I have no first hand knowledge of what has or is transpiring, so I will refrain from further comment on the petition and plan until I know more. I would however like to comment briefly on you’re opinions on resource production, and green alternatives.

Just when is the oil supposed to run out? Enquiring minds would like to know. The technology in large part already exists, save for the storing aspect of any green energy, which is rather important. When the day comes that oil stops flowing, globally, then that is the day these alternatives will become viable. Until then it is an excuse to shut down Canada. Nothing more and nothing less. Your comments on the oil patch sounds like you have bought into the NDP lie. Actually all of your comments sound like you have bought into the NDP lie, but as I said, I don’t get where your coming from.
commented 2016-03-09 15:49:25 -0500
Sheila was on point with her remarks. For all his knowledge and “book learning”, George isn’t a lawyer, and it appears his reading comprehension isn’t that great, either. Not to knock him down, I’m not trying to be mean. But when you don’t fully understand how laws work, and can’t fully read and understand legal writing (it isn’t always straight forward), you can’t expect to be successful. He picked an idea and ran with it, even though it was flawed. He had his followers believing that change would happen yesterday. That there would be a new government, that the premier would step down, that the petitions would be accepted even though he wasn’t able to submit them correctly. But he now totally ignores all the promises he made yesterday, and none of his followers seem to be questioning this.

What was the great surprise and his ultimate plan? The NDP aren’t stupid – they (and any other political party under this kind of attack) will vet all applications, and possibly put all on hold for many months). So good on George for getting lots of people to donate money to the NDP. And good job to so many who have falsified their documents when applying (by saying they agree with the NDP’s policies).

And why the sudden turn into hate speech? I thought this protest was supposed to be about love?
commented 2016-03-09 15:41:30 -0500
Mara M – you posted "Why engage in green projects at all when they are proven failures worldwide? They are black holes, not “alternative” sources because they are not sustainable, financially, nor are they reliable. Save our money. Let Alberta be what it is and is intended to be, an oil producing province first and foremost. "

What happens when the oil runs out? You do know it’s not sustainable, right? Would you rather have a government that doesn’t plan for the future? Oh, wait. We had one like that for 40 years. What provisions did they put in place to help us Albertans when the inevitable oil crash happened? None. That’s what. Pretty soon, Alberta will be a have-not province, especially if we don’t diversify. My husband works in the oil patch (laid off right now), but we have a slush fund to see us through. If we knew this could happen, why didn’t our government? And there are plenty of places hiring right now. People just don’t want to work for minimum wage when they are used to making so much more money.
commented 2016-03-09 15:39:32 -0500
Thank you George for this post. I have followed Rebel for a long time and really enjoy them and usually agree with their opinions. I like Sheila, but I personally felt she was condescending and dismissive of the hard work and effort that so many people put into this petition. I also felt she was uninformed about what we are trying to achieve and I found her constant statements, that what she knew was just a google search away, off putting. She made it sound as though we were uninformed and naive. So in the spirit of Love and your post, I am going to continue to support the Rebel, and will give the idea of donations a serious consideration. So many places need our donations now. Glad to see the Rebel has no clue what is happening to Albertans First.
commented 2016-03-09 15:33:03 -0500
I feel badly for the rational Albertans who are protesting and are surrounded by the nut jobs on here and at the rally. You were made to look like a bunch of ignorant, racist rednecks, and it definitely hurt your cause. You won’t “overthrow” this government, and you are going about everything the wrong way. It only makes you seem like a bunch of ignorant racist hicks. It’s ironic that there are so many preaching that George’s moms’ death bed comments were sent by God. Then entwining religion into your rally. Would Jesus condone threatening to kill someone? No. He’d say to pay your fucking taxes and to do unto others as you would have done unto you. He never condoned violence or hate. What an embarrassing day for Alberta.
commented 2016-03-09 15:17:09 -0500
Ron c….nice English! NOT!!
Speaking of hoedown, as soon as I read your post I thought….hoedown???
Did Notley slip and fall?
commented 2016-03-09 15:16:10 -0500
I am surprised and somewhat dismayed, Sheila, that you doused the fire and spirit of opposition to Nutley’s government by the good people of Alberta by throwing cold water on it. Instead of encouraging the Albertan people in their struggle to throw off the yoke of an NDP government, you seemed to have made them feel that their efforts were fruitless.
Why is that? Is it because you were not front and center in this endeavor? I do not live in Alberta (my sister does), so, legally, I have no vested interest in your province. But I am concerned with what is happening in Alberta because it directly impacts the Canadian economy.
As one commenter already stated, the coming together of a large group of Albertans with a common goal is a cause for celebration. Instead of lauding their efforts, your diatribe has only belittled their efforts. You could have done better than this!
commented 2016-03-09 15:03:16 -0500
The biggest problem with this effort, which I don’t believe was well thought out to begin with, was that it hinged on the action of the vice-regal to act. In case no one has got it, the vice-regal has no powers, in law, to act against the legislature. Since the vice-regal has no force of arms at their disposal, the government cannot be removed as expected. Ultimately, it’s the citizens, through force of arms, that can remove a government. The threat of physical harm, lethal or otherwise, should be applied to disobedient politicians without reservation. Best they understand that they are in office at the pleasure of the citizens, and can be moved, by fair and safe means, or by means that are extraordinarily foul.
commented 2016-03-09 14:51:36 -0500
Robert Hewgill commented 45 mins ago
Bill Elder commented 4 mins ago
Buying a Dip membership puts money in the pockets of this public sector union party I’d rather spend the money on a full page ad in both main dailies telling the province what a lame duck nepotistic government it has.

I think a good idea would be to get some wanted posters made up with Notley and her gang on them.

These posters would say something like, Wanted for creating fuel poverty.

Wanted for discrimination against those who work, produce and create the provinces wealth

Want for genocide.

Change the wording of the last one to read Wanted for Democide.

It means death by government. It would also peak the interest of people who don’t know what it means, and nothing riles up the left and sends them into fits of madness like being accused of the biggies that they’re so found of accusing others of.
commented 2016-03-09 14:41:48 -0500
As of yesterday, NDP is coming across as if they care about Alberta with all of their “creative” programs and all of a sudden they are even pipeline keen. That would be great if they still weren’t hell bent on “diversification” because we know what that means – green projects using taxpayers’ dollars until subsidies run out and subsequently, the usual failures and bankruptcies.
Why engage in green projects at all when they are proven failures worldwide? They are black holes, not “alternative” sources because they are not sustainable, financially, nor are they reliable. Save our money.
Let Alberta be what it is and is intended to be, an oil producing province first and foremost. The NDP are still the radicals we know them to be. Leopards do not change their spots so do not be fooled or let your guard down. There is a good possibility that the Lt. Governer put Notley on notice that this budget must pass or she must resign.
commented 2016-03-09 14:00:13 -0500
Bill Elder commented 4 mins ago
Buying a Dip membership puts money in the pockets of this public sector union party I’d rather spend the money on a full page ad in both main dailies telling the province what a lame duck nepotistic government it has.

I think a good idea would be to get some wanted posters made up with Notley and her gang on them.

These posters would say something like, Wanted for creating fuel poverty.

Wanted for discrimination against those who work, produce and create the provinces wealth

Want for genocide.
commented 2016-03-09 13:45:33 -0500
Buying a Dip membership puts money in the pockets of this public sector union party I’d rather spend the money on a full page ad in both main dailies telling the province what a lame duck nepotistic government it has.
commented 2016-03-09 11:37:36 -0500
Not only did the sign up agreement changed, but also the membership fee of $1 seems to have disappeared. With the 75% tax credit, this membership would be worth only 25 cents to the new member. That is quite a deal, considering how much of the administrative work this could create. I don’t think the NDP is making much profit on those memberships. Now they have to search through all the social media to find out who is legit and who is not; this sounds like a fun job.
commented 2016-03-09 11:31:01 -0500
I have heard back from the event organizers and the information I posted below is incorrect. They had the kids (each with a piece of paper in their hands with a number on it), in the wrong order when they revealed the petition amount. Therefore two different numbers got out. They had to shuffle the kids to get it right. 163,684 petitions is correct with approximately 16-18 thousand more to come.
commented 2016-03-09 10:39:32 -0500
Ron Voss, pull your head out of your ass and READ my whole statement and THINK beyond your fan-girl fingertips.
this hit piece video does NOTHING but perpetuate exactly why government in general is out of control. Sheila does nothing but spew petty vindictiveness and divide like minded conservatives.
commented 2016-03-09 10:20:17 -0500
Bruce Kirk, get a grip. Your response is not unlike what we expect from the leftists, namely, emotion and name calling. Why don’t you address the argument Shelia made (not “a petty vindictive rant right out of the cbc playbook” as you unfairly characterize it), rather than pouring vitriol on her. Sheila, by detailing the rules of petitioning in Alberta, makes a good argument that the plan to unseat the NDP in this way will not work. If you disagree with her assessment, then show otherwise! However, I sense that you agree with her by saying, “whether or not the petition is valid is IRRELEVANT”. Irrelevant?? How many people signed the petition were under the impression that it would work? And to infiltrate the NDP by signing up for membership sounds like the kind of dishonest Trojan horse ploy that would be employed and probably has been employed by the leftist ‘progressives’, according to whom, the end justifies the means.
commented 2016-03-09 09:13:53 -0500
How did the wingnut hoedown in Edmonchuck?