January 20, 2017

“An unflushed toilet”? Looking back on Hollywood’s weird pledge to Obama

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Boy, Hollywood hates Donald Trump. But it’s not actually Trump they hate. 

Until 18 months ago, he was one of them, a celebrity, a TV star, owner of the Miss America pageant, rich; he was everything they are, but better at it than most of them.

They sort of hate Trump; they really hate the people who voted for Trump.

But I want to show you how these celebrity airheads reacted to Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years ago. It’s a video put together by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

It’s a bunch of banalities — and then Jason Bateman promises that he will pledge to serve his country by not flushing his toilet when he just pees in it.

First of all, he’s obviously lying.

Do you really think that a millionaire celebrity, obsessed with images and perceptions and coolness, would leave an unflushed toilet in his house, for his fancy friends to see?

But my main point is the most obvious point:

These are very stupid people, who are lucky, not smart. It’s fun when they sing or dance or do other entertainments for our pleasure. But we should never, never listen to what they say politically.

And when they do — with rare exceptions, there’s a good chance that we should just say, “What Would Hollywood Do?” and then do the opposite.


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commented 2017-01-23 10:07:38 -0500
JFK had the same thing. Ronald Reagan the same. It seems obama having it? Is bad? Ezra is not for Canada but for the USA.
commented 2017-01-21 02:41:50 -0500
Andy Neimers objects to the image of the unflushed toilet and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The Choir needs no apology from any of us, they sing beautifully.
commented 2017-01-21 02:36:24 -0500
Not sure what you are babbling about Jay Kelly… The Mormon Tabernacle Choir certainly doesn’t need “exposure” as their rendition of TheBattle Hymn Of The Republic is the finest in the world… As for Donald Trump, much quicker than four years from now, Americans and the the world will be very aware of his “talents”… Mark that down on your calendar… Oh, and be sure to check in to The Rebel at that time to be sure you are just not blowing pakalolo smoke now…
commented 2017-01-21 02:06:05 -0500
No wonder no celebrities endorsed Donald Trump. They are too stupid. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang at his inauguration, but they need the exposure.

Donald Trump is a man of the people. No particular talent, no particular skill, but born into millions. In four years some Americans will be glad of their choice.
commented 2017-01-21 01:59:13 -0500
An unflushed toilet, that describes quite a bit of Hollywood.
commented 2017-01-21 01:58:30 -0500
I do not want them to move to Canada, but i wish they would go on strike, it would be quite comical when no one cares.
commented 2017-01-21 01:57:50 -0500
These self important creeps think that we would die without them and we need them to tell us how to think, that is why they are so pissed off now, America said stick your BS.
commented 2017-01-20 22:39:50 -0500
Lloyd, good one. Celebrities mean nothing to me & I never watch the awards show & don’t know half their names. They can promote a product all day in commercials & that’s when I will more than likely not buy it & frankly it’s so obvious these actors would never use those products anyway, again phony balogne.
commented 2017-01-20 22:32:17 -0500
A Rebel Fan:
Donald Trump IS a successful businessman, than a celebrity.
He took on a monumental task and a very brave one to run for President. He knew he’d be ridiculed, mocked and possible his life would be in danger by doing so. But, he said it, he loves his country.

I think the media missed the point today on his inaugural speech. The media kept saying it was the same as his speeches on the campaign. Much of what he said was said on the campaign tour, but most of Americans never heard what he had to say when he was campaigning, only what the corrupt media took from his speeches. This was his way of reaching millions of others who could just possibly be thinking the same way republican voters actually feel.

I think he was brilliantly, again, campaigning right up there on stage, in front of Obama and Clinton, and winning over more and more and more Americans with making American great again.
commented 2017-01-20 20:05:22 -0500
Ezra, can you give us a list of all those Hollywood hypocrites? So that I can be sure that I never give them a dime.
commented 2017-01-20 19:39:18 -0500
Donald Trump was first a successful businessman, and then a celebrity. That’s one difference between him and them. Another is that when he didn’t like what he saw in America, he came down off his Hollywood pedestal into the real world and went the long distance through the campaign to become president to DO something about it. (Lots of celebrities wouldn’t stay the course like he did.)

Hollywood should be thanking President Trump. Since they aren’t, I wouldn’t support them because I think they are phoneys.
commented 2017-01-20 19:28:43 -0500
commented 2017-01-20 19:25:51 -0500
With a simulated floating turd in it
commented 2017-01-20 19:24:01 -0500
Hey ! , somebody has got to come up with the ingredients of a drink called the NOBAMA - equal parts white and dark rum --..-.-.-.-
commented 2017-01-20 19:17:20 -0500
So Bateman is a Pee lister , but a shit flusher non the less

Un till your video EZRA , I’ve never heard of baitman

NOBAMA NOBAMA MAMA !!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!
commented 2017-01-20 19:04:39 -0500
Right on, Ezra. Whenever I find myself in agreement with a Liberal or a Hollywood celebrity, I carefully go back and re-examine my position. It usually means I missed something.
commented 2017-01-20 18:28:08 -0500
Yep…I very much doubt that Bateman has a clue about rural water problems with the old saying,

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

If he was really serious about it, he would have a hole in the ground outhouse, no chemicals. Of course an unprimed hand-pump to wash up after.