November 03, 2017

“Batman v Superman” is a “polarizing” “epic mess of a film”

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

Batman v Superman
(2016) may be the only movie more polarizing than the current political climate.

What in this film missed the mark? How are film’s characters symbols of political governing power?

What does this movie say about religion's role in government?

(And how is Lois Lane like The Rebel...?)

There is more than meets the eye in this three-hour epic mess of a film.

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commented 2017-11-06 11:26:08 -0500
- May be worth a look.
commented 2017-11-04 17:39:17 -0400
A bit late to do this review?
commented 2017-11-04 17:37:40 -0400
William Elder,

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about, which isn’t surprising considering your other views on The Rebel. You and your friends sound old, boring and out of touch. Do you have a problem with Star Wars too?
commented 2017-11-04 14:15:12 -0400
Frank Hohimer commented – “You do understand that these comic book films cater more to adults”

Heh, yeah – arrested development “adults?”. And for the record, I collected comic books – when was a kid – I abandoned the genre when I started reading real literature with comprehension. Comic book story arcs (or should I say “graphic novels” to placate the delicate sensibilities of the victims of arrested maturation) are simple good versus evil narratives in a simplistic plot format that is easy for youngsters to digest. Nothing more lofty than that. It’s the holy grail of geekdom. I know of no adults in my immediate circles who give these comic book movies more than a casual glance if they make it to TV – and like me, they certainly would not waste time and money in a theater to watch it.
commented 2017-11-04 12:19:20 -0400
Frankly I’d rather stay home and watch an old Godzilla movie.
commented 2017-11-04 00:10:34 -0400
Frank Hohimer not to shock you , but i agree, i am a comic book geek.

William Elder i have to agree with Frank this time, i love comics and they were a very treasured part of my life.
commented 2017-11-03 22:17:41 -0400
William Elder,

You do understand that these comic book films cater more to adults (with families) than to your outdated stereotype of people still living in their parents basements. The primary fans are people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and are now in their 30’s and 40’s.
commented 2017-11-03 21:19:47 -0400
This would only matter to you if you were an arrested development comic book nerd dwelling too long in Mom’s basement. Forget Batman and Superman and go start a family – that will occupy enough of your time that comic books will begin to seem childish by comparison.