July 22, 2016

Borrowed glamour in Sophie’s closet? Trudeau’s wife is “walking NASCAR” of Canadian dress designers

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Justin Trudeau's wife has been receiving gifts and loans on high end jewelry, shoes and designer dresses since he got knighted into his Liberal birthright and took office late last year. 

Reports say Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau has received $3,000 in gifts and borrows many of the designer clothes she wears. Gregoire-Trudeau fancies herself the Canadian Michelle Obama, but she buys her own clothes as have other Canadian prime minister’s wives.

Even wife of independently wealthy Paul Martin, Sheila Martin, bought her own wardrobe because they could afford designer clothes. But so can the Trudeaus.

If designers want to give gifts and loan dresses to Sophie, that’s their business. If she wants to turn herself into a human NASCAR, covered in decals of Canadian designers, so be it.

But let’s not pretend the Trudeaus are wholesome middle class advocates when they don’t know the meaning of the words “middle class”. The Trudeaus define the Laurentian elite.

Laureen Harper may have borrowed designer clothes sometimes too but it didn’t define her. She didn’t flaunt her borrowed baubles and fancy vacations on Instagram. If she had, the left would have eviscerated her -- the same Left that loves the glamour-signalling Trudeaus.

But Sophie? She needs more help. She feels entitled to more taxpayer funded help. I hear being glamorous is hard work.

Sophie needs another person to accept gifts, send thank you cards for those same gifts and return all those borrowed dresses.

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commented 2016-07-24 16:19:47 -0400
Derek Harvie,

Yes I know what a conflict of interest is, but there is isn’t one here and nobody gives a fuck about this besides the goobers on The Rebel.
commented 2016-07-24 12:18:29 -0400
Does anyone really give a shit about the woman married to justy?

Her intelligence level is well below here entitlement attitude and certainly well below her singing capability.

Just another entitled, spoiled, smug and arrogant beyotch.
commented 2016-07-24 03:53:43 -0400
mik mann/boy….your mental state is diminishing, this is evident by your posts. Put your thumb in your mouth or in your ass, what ever you prefer, and get mommy to tuck you in.
I have been waiting for you to pay me that visit, you you cowardly leftist regressive fucktard. Don’t forget to practice falling down.
commented 2016-07-24 02:47:30 -0400
“The Rich Kids of Instagram” are them all over. The shame belongs to the shallow and one dimensional people who voted for cheap Canadian celebrity and would have voted for Kim Kardashian if they could have.
commented 2016-07-23 23:49:44 -0400
Off Topic. Link below is a video called Clinton Cash which was published on the internet today by Breitbart. It details how Bill and Hillary are using the Clinton Foundation to receive ‘donated’ funds for political policies and agreements as arranged by Secretary of State Clinton. These involve lease contracts for mining, kickbacks, rogue foreign leader corruption, withholding donations to earthquake relief in Haiti, etc. Bill is heavily involved due to his connection to the UN, his former status as president, huge amounts of money received for speeches and of course his relationship with Hillary. Very interesting and informative.

commented 2016-07-23 22:02:51 -0400
Michael Mann sure sounds a lot like Jimmy da silva. A troll I thought we’d gotten rid of. Guess some people have nothing to do but suck shit
commented 2016-07-23 22:02:02 -0400
Michael Mann …you are hilareous…..So fuck is used for emphasis…thanks for that insight….so when you do your clown show do you say " Alright kids it’s time to fuck off now"….A little hint if you want repeat business as a birthday clown , don’t tell the kids to fuck off. Parents get testy and there’s this whole word of mouth issue. Don’t get that clown because he is vulgar. Crying to my mommy well I can’t recall the last time that happened. Michael you are pathetic. You come on here and spout your BS to what end ? You contribute nothing and call people names when they don’t agree with you. Grow the fuck up. See even a moron can learn. But really don’t tell the kids to fuck off at the end of your show.
commented 2016-07-23 20:49:47 -0400
Michael Mann

“I work in the entertainment industry and run my own production company…”

What is the name of your company?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and call you a liar. You don’t run a production company!!!

Just like the liberals you support, you’re a fucking LIAR!!!
commented 2016-07-23 20:43:50 -0400
Michael Mann

The thing that keeps me up at night is knowing that there are uneducated hypocrites that exist who are able to vote based on your age, not your maturity or ability to rationalize and understand the world around you.
commented 2016-07-23 20:41:03 -0400
Michael Mann

Does your asshole ever get jealous of the shit that you spew from your mouth?

Do you even know what a conflict of interest is???
“Designers are more than happy to give her shit for free…”

That’s the fucking definition of a conflict of interest!!!! But because she isn’t a government employee paid by the taxpayers, she has found a loophole in her status as the wife of CUCK prime minister!
There is nothing wrong with designers giving entertainers and Hollywood elite free merchandise for publicity. But we are not talking about Hollywood. The fact that you can’t see the difference is nothing short of pathetic, and ample evidence of your hypocrical double standard.

You are a perfect example of a “know-it-all” liberal sheep.
commented 2016-07-23 20:04:46 -0400
Derek Harvie,

Conflict of interest. LOL.

What entitlement exactly? Designers are more than happy to give her free shit for her to wear, so their clothes/whatever gets promoted. She is actually doing them a favor.

Is this really the sort of thing that keeps you up at night?
commented 2016-07-23 20:00:38 -0400
Peter Karelse.

Name calling? Are you 10 years old? Going to cry to mommy?

Adults swear – even in business. I hear the word fuck said 50 times a day – BEFORE lunch. It is often used for emphasis.

And yes, you are a moron per your own statement.
commented 2016-07-23 19:32:46 -0400
Michael Mann

You are too inept to understand what is known as a “conflict of interest”. Not only are elected officials unable to accept gifts in excess of $500 in value, but no public servant is allowed to accept any personal gifts either.
Is this selfish kunt an elected official or public servant? No. She isn’t, and as such has done nothing illegal.
But it speaks volumes to the arrogance and over inflated sense of entitlement of this spoiled little brat who can not even take care of her own offspring without burdening the tax payers to hire a nanny to raise her demon offspring.
Maybe she’s taking after her mother in law and blowing celebrities on the side.
commented 2016-07-23 19:06:17 -0400
Really Michael..a production company in the entertainment industry…is it successful ? The fact that you had to resort to name calling leads me to believe that maybe you felt insecure about your argument and felt the need to reinforce your position. Maybe I’m a moron but I’ll bet I made more than twice what you made last year. For some reason my clients like morons. My accountant told me I have to entertain more to increase my write off in that area. Wiait a minute entertain freebies do we have a theme going on here? Gee Michael you should as a successful producer give stuff away for the write off. But wait you need a taxable income for that be any good. Maybe next year. So what entertainment do you…..hahaha produce. Sorry couldn’t help laughing. Please dont tell me you are birthday party clown in Ferguson Ontario. That would explain lots. Put your production company contact up here and well I have few friends down there and maybe I can get you a few gigs. Get you up into the taxable income bracket. Are you on linked in?
commented 2016-07-23 18:37:40 -0400
Two other insulting Assholes are KELLY WEBER, no surprise there and JAMIE ROLLINS, a fairly new troll on the Rebel.
I have never seen either of your names as reporters on any media or news program, but you come on here and insult a reporter that does an excellent job of reporting the truth and bringing us stories that no other outlet bothers to report on.
Your insults only show how much of a moron you really are, how much of a jerk you really are. In the case of KELLY WEBER as I said – no surprise.
commented 2016-07-23 18:25:48 -0400
PETER KARELSE I agree, but the tax liability is far less if they are “Borrowed”.
commented 2016-07-23 18:24:09 -0400
The great MICHAEL MANN a purveyor of all truths great and small. The most knowledgeable person on the post – knows everything about everything even so far as producing his own BS. A walking, speaking thesaurus, an amazing person no doubt about it. Doesn’t agree with anyone and disputes everything. There is no subject that MICHAEL MANN cannot talk about and be knowledgeable about and provides arguments that are steeped in personal know how and experience. Has no respect for all the other under educated peons that dare to report stories and events on the Rebel and all the clueless peons that post their comments on the Rebel.
You truly are an amazing asshole MICHAEL MANN, and I cannot figure out why you bother with us little people when you are so far above our puny intellect.
The sad part is that posters fall for your BS and try to reason with you which then gets into a pissing contest which they lose in the end, because no one can win a pissing contest with a skunk. A skunk like you will always win that contest.
commented 2016-07-23 16:32:51 -0400
Peter Karelse,

I work in the entertainment industry and run my own production company – it’s done all the time. You have no idea what you are talking about.

What they are getting in return is free publicity worth millions of dollars and sales from people who want to buy the same stuff that the celebrities are wearing/using. Why do you think celebrities – who are rich, are given free gift bags full of expensive merchandise at award shows and the like.

You are really better off to say nothing, because your posts confirm you to be a fucking moron.
commented 2016-07-23 15:36:20 -0400
Michael Mann you are clueless as demonstrated by your numerous vapid posts….It is mind boggling….by the way where are you from?
commented 2016-07-23 15:34:07 -0400
John Landry the clothes are a benefit….borrowed or not.
commented 2016-07-23 15:32:09 -0400
Michael Mann you and this free stuff crap. You think a business will give something and not expect something in return? It’s called a write off . Again start a business and pay some real taxes and you would know how this works. Free stuff …..spoken like a true socialist. And that’s a bad thing, referring back to a quote on the subject by Margaret Thatcher.
commented 2016-07-23 15:26:51 -0400
Michael Mann what planet are you living on? If I receive a benefit from a contractor and the contractor claims this as an advertising expense, I better claim the benefit. At one point CRA wanted to tax air points as a benefit so take it from there. You know if you had your own business and needed to deal with taxation issues you would know this.
commented 2016-07-23 14:32:55 -0400
LOL @ Michael Mann thinking Sophie is doing this as advertising to help business. The woman is self absorbed, believe me, it’s all about her. And if people think those dresses go back to the lender, then I have a bridge to sell you. They are deemed, “Borrowed” to avoid the hefty taxes she’d have to pay. Those clothes go right into her petite closet.
commented 2016-07-23 13:19:01 -0400
Michael Mann commented 2 hours ago

You are completely right. Sheila is clueless.

That’s what happens when you are from Alberta Texas and try to talk about things outside of farming, oil, guns and roping cattle.

Designer clothes are created to convey image type – no surprise that “eat ’n puke” Sophie with all here mental disorders wants to dress “above the crowd” – it hides what white fucking trash she really is and fools stupid fucks such as yourself into believing that she is somehow worthy.

In the meantime you fucking internet troll, go fuck yourself – ya douche bag!!!!
commented 2016-07-23 12:06:55 -0400
What is “Clueless” Mikey is the Trudough’s . . . all about “Style” no “Substance” . . .
The legacy of the next 3 years is going to be Debt, Despair and Confusion . . .
Justin is Canada’s Obama . . . not going to end well !
commented 2016-07-23 11:31:25 -0400

You are completely right. Sheila is clueless.

That’s what happens when you are from Alberta Texas and try to talk about things outside of farming, oil, guns and roping cattle.
commented 2016-07-23 11:22:39 -0400
Peter Karelse,

You are insane. If clothing designers and jewllery designers want to give her free stuff to benefit their career and the products they sell – that’s on them.

The same thing is done with actors and other celebrities – they are willing to give them free shit at their own expense, because they know that they will get a million+ dollars in free publicity and demand for their products.
commented 2016-07-23 08:27:25 -0400
Michael Mann it’s not free shit as you say. It’s advertising for the clothing designers and jewllery designers. These are not small ticket items and Sophie is benefitting from these ‘gifts’ . Therefore the value of these should be claimed as taxable income. I would guess that the designers write off the supply of the Sopie items as advertising. More reason to have it taxed as income. So now the taxpayer gets to pay for nannys , office help and now the clothes on her back.
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