March 21, 2016

“Buffoon” Gerald Butts scolds “snarky westerners” for daring to mock Earth Hour

Rebel Staff

So it was Earth Hour the other day, a propaganda holiday created by the Marxists at the World Wildlife Fund.

And who was their president at the time, but Gerald Butts, who is now Justin Trudeau’s most senior advisor?

So when he saw Canadians mocking Earth Hour on Twitter, he responded:

"Public awareness normally precedes widespread action. Snarky westerners, Earth Hour reaches 1B or so members of a public you’re not part of.”

Yeah, shut up and pay your carbon taxes, to fund Trudeau’s bail-out of Bombardier!

(Oh, and look at that photo on his twitter account. It’s Gerald Butts, flying in the front of a half-empty plane. So, you know he cares about global warming and Earth Hour!)

This is the same Trudeau advisor who thought it was hilarious, mere hours after a Muslim terrorists attacked a Canadian Armed Forces recruitment office with a knife, to make jokes about stabbing.


What is the prime minister’s senior advisor doing making jokes on Twitter in the first place?

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