June 10, 2016

Kathleen Wynne just gave Americans even more reason to support Donald Trump

StaffRebel Columnist

From one out-of-control incompetent politician to another, Kathleen Wynne is backing Hillary Clinton for president.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Wynne said the prospect of a Trump presidency is 'frightening'.

FLASHBACK: "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight" VIDEO is back in the news!

The Ontario Premier also rambled on about how she hoped there would be fewer alleged attacks on Hillary for “being a woman”.

Not like the attacks have anything to do with deleted emails, right? Something that both Wynne and Clinton are familiar with.

MUST WATCH: Kathleen Wynne insults Canada, admits she doesn't care about fixing Ontario's economy

If Trump had to choose a nickname for Kathleen Wynne, as he's doing for 'Crooked' Hillary Clinton, 'Lyin' Ted Cruz and 'Goofy' Elizabeth Warren, what do you think it would be?

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commented 2016-06-30 12:26:02 -0400
Birds of a feather flock together.
commented 2016-06-18 18:22:18 -0400
She also back Nutty of the west.There is no question Trump fpr president.A president with a spine.
You think she would have her hands full destroying Ontario.
Hilary should be in prison with Billy boy.
commented 2016-06-13 13:33:42 -0400
A woman backing a woman ,oh how original, maybe K Wynne does nt know about the crooked dealings and her violent outburst and how the secret service had to protect her husband evil Bill the serial rapist when he was President, or that she told the marines to “stand down” and do nothing to help when Benghazi was being attacked by " protesters against a video"
Or her lying about the emails or that she is actually a witch, on and on it goes
Oh silly me, Wynne is just as bad as her, of course she would back Clinton, birds of a feather.
This business of electing women because they are more nurturing and caring does not apply to female politicians, because to get to that point they have had to lie and do too many evil things that they lose that part of themselves .
Hillary is pure evil and has been very evil towards women who her husband raped to silence them.
And before you feminist say oh he hates like strong women, i had a female boss for 16 years, i respected her very much, we got along very well, she was tough but also very compassionate ,she was a boss over many mechanics ,they all respected her .
commented 2016-06-10 18:19:43 -0400
The head of the Bubba Wynne crime family supports the lesbian half of the Clinton crime family…quelle surprise
commented 2016-06-10 17:58:37 -0400
Canada is pretty much invisible to Americans. They don’t give a flying frack what that androgynous harpie has to say.
commented 2016-06-10 17:23:57 -0400
fuck you horse head
commented 2016-06-10 15:30:09 -0400
Why is a premier from a Canadian province even endorsing a US party’s presidential candidate? What’s the point? Was it a slow day for Wynne? Maybe it’s because she feels important now that someone bothered to ask her about her opinion of Hillary Clinton? Weird. Maybe Wynne would like it if she was asked about her views on the US elections as a whole? There are many elections taking place in November, so maybe Wynne has an interest in these contests. The librarians in Lansing, Mich. are elected – maybe Wynne has a take on that contest?
commented 2016-06-10 14:35:43 -0400
how about winnie the dyke
commented 2016-06-10 14:26:33 -0400
Sinister Wynne
commented 2016-06-10 14:11:24 -0400
Trump will never know her name.

He is the answer to the asshole elite and grandma (not a bad moniker)
is an prime example of the problem. She’s part of the get-along-gang
that I love to shame to death at every opportunity just because its fun
to poke fun at evil people/wannabe zombie rulers.

I would go with HorseFace or my personal favourite Orville Redenbacher.

We are losing with Wynne bigtime.
A severely damaged eco terror elitist half-wit that needs a real good sit-down,
either that or a muzzle. And goddamn – do we have to look at that ugly mug
every day?

Okay, I think I have it.

How about revenge of the nerds?
That’s what it feels like – every time I turn around and find another
‘rising star’ loser in a position of power.

Is pukeface too mean?
commented 2016-06-10 14:05:25 -0400
“Barking Kathy”
commented 2016-06-10 14:00:43 -0400
genetically flawed
commented 2016-06-10 13:37:15 -0400
Actually, I believe that Donald Trump would not give a second of thought out of his busy day to think about the likes of Kathleen Wynne, as insignificant as she is to someone who is going to become the most powerful person in the World. If would be, however, amusing to hear what disparaging moniker he could cleverly devise for such a political disaster as this “woman” should he ever decide to do so.
commented 2016-06-10 13:34:14 -0400
Pig wynne is just doing what marxists do – align with other marxists and islamic terrorism.

The problem isn’t pig Wynne.

The problem is the stupid fucking Canadians that keep voting for this pig.