April 15, 2015

Cap and trade raises taxes, but won't lower temperatures

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Ontario Liberal government announced a cap and trade plan this week. So what is cap and trade?

I call it "a war on industry."

Cap and trade is supposed to control the carbon dioxide emissions that allegedly cause climate change.

But carbon dioxide is harmless and natural and there hasn't been any global warming in almost 20 years.

So while cap and trade schemes pretend to be about reducing pollution and climate change, they're really an anti-capitalist, anti-progress tax grab.

Did you listen to Kathleen Wynne's announcement. It's like she thinks she has the power to change the weather itself, just by implementing this scheme.

All it will really do is line the government's pockets and drive businesses out of Ontario.

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commented 2015-04-17 07:30:43 -0400
Levant has pretty much got it here with his assessment but there are a couple of things about this tax scheme he left out.
We see that this cap and trade taxing has failed in every jurisdiction it has been implemented in – and for the same reasons –it always promotes corruption and cronyism and kills the productivity which governments feed on.
As Ezra states this is nothing but a greed-inspired surcharge on the productivity of the private sector. The first effect it will have is cutbacks in staffing as they try to cope with the extra burden – then they will pass the increased operating costs down the supply chain to the next link until it hits the end user – the consumer. The consumer will notice a significant increase in the cost of goods from food to fuel – this will impact the poorest segments who cannot absorb the inflationary spiral in their income.

Secondly this scheme is designed to build a supportive corporate-government crony cartel because bigger corps can buy themselves a pass – can you see the corruption of free market dynamics this will cause as smaller players are taxed out of competition. It will also set up a collection of government-connected corporate clients who have undue influence and privilege – really bad for inclusive democracy.
So to sum up; cap and trade is the perfect vehicle for a corrupt kleptocratic misanthropic political machine to adopt in expanding and securing its power and control while making windfall profits from the people who can least afford to be robbed. I’m sure Al Capone would be in this racket if he were here today.
commented 2015-04-16 23:57:20 -0400
Those who still believe that Co2 generated by oil/gas industry in causing global warming ignore evidence provided by IPCC ( international Panel on Climate Change ) . There is NO correlation – over the past 18 years Co2 went up but global temperature measured by over 100 scientific monitoring stations worldwide is flat ! Turned out that almost all computer
models predicting gloom and doom were wrong . The models had not included natural phenomena such as solar activities,
volcanic eruptions .
Still , media trumpets that stupid message and a lot of people believe it . Governments
all over the world pay huge subsidies to so called "green energy " and , to safe face , they continue to do so .
Perfect example is US where the greenest president ever said that global warming is a fact and debate is over .
Premier Dad of Ontario followed the suit and committed the province to go wind and solar instead of nuclear and we all pay the price . His adviser ,G. Butts , is now pounding the same ideas into Justin the Kid ’ head .
K Wynne decided to continue this destructive policy and keeps on signing new contracts with wind turbine
companies . Revenues are shrinking so she desperately needs another "revenue tool " hence Cap and Trade crap ,
for which all of us will pay – just watch it.
By the way , I always thought that tools have been created to fix things , not to destroy them .
commented 2015-04-16 22:21:04 -0400
Ezra, love your humour. How can I syphon more money from the taxpayers’s wallet? Hmmmm, let’s see……ha! I’ve got it, Cap & Trade. It’s all about the redistribution of wealth & Wynne, knows it. Ontarians are probably wondering what her next tax grab will be, providing there is still something left to grab but hey the majority of them reelected her with a majority no less, so I guess this must all be giving them a big thrill.
commented 2015-04-16 19:56:59 -0400
This cap and trade thing is the biggest scam going…designed to fool only idiots.
commented 2015-04-16 13:53:08 -0400
I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the video- can’t stand listening to that hag!
commented 2015-04-15 23:46:43 -0400
Kathleen Wynne is a prime example of a “climateophobe”. Climateophobia is a growing problem in Canada. Any way you put it, fear of climate change is pretty irrational.
commented 2015-04-15 23:29:16 -0400
Hahahaha only it’s more sad than funny.
commented 2015-04-15 22:10:09 -0400
There no whore like a Liberal whore. They sell their soul for a dollar so what is their price for a province? If you want to see how Ontario will look in 5 years look at California today.
commented 2015-04-15 21:57:37 -0400
wynne announces her cap & trade insanity and Toyota announces they are now moving their Toyota Corolla production to Mexico.

Way to go looney liberals!
commented 2015-04-15 20:23:40 -0400
Remember when we used to joke, “if they could tax the air we breath” I’ll tell ya what’s causing global crap. 30 million people living in a desert using fresh water to irrigate their goddam golf courses
commented 2015-04-15 17:29:29 -0400
The only Cap Wynne should have is, Cap in hand, it would be good OFF her
commented 2015-04-15 16:41:01 -0400
sure has raised my temperature!
We need a boycott rally.
commented 2015-04-15 16:18:32 -0400
Well said Ezra.
commented 2015-04-15 14:48:30 -0400
There is really two classes in our society. The Working and the Government. The Working class learns from its mistakes, is rational, and makes money to support their families. When the Working class has less money it budgets and it is prudent with spending. On the other hand the Government class doesn’t worry. They spend. They build bureaucratic Empires. What they spend is the Working class’s money. The Government is by and large irrational. It has no boundaries and it is infested with liberal bureaucrats that like rules, and committees, and the safety of their non-working jobs. These non-working liberals like to think. Sit and think. Lay and think. Sometimes they implement good thoughts. Not often. Eventually the Government class takes everything that it can from the Working class so the Working class leaves and goes to a rational (or almost rational) government or they just quit working and vote for the Liberal Government class. But ….instead of saving the working class the Government class saves the planet …to make more money. It makes other plans. This is called Transfer Payments…from the other Government class. This class has no money due to shattered oil prices. So the Government class discovers Bankruptcy.
commented 2015-04-15 14:33:16 -0400
Funny enough, Toyota is cutting production in Cambridge and moving to Mexico. And Toyota said they would replace the jobs – that’s a lie. Around Ontario on the US side of the border, these states are called rust belt states. All of their economies have been devastated. And Ontario is following quickly.
commented 2015-04-15 14:03:31 -0400
Don’t worry all the industries she approves of will get lots of free credits they can sell to those Wynne does not like. >.<
commented 2015-04-15 14:02:39 -0400
In some convoluted way one can understand why environmental groups push the global warming lie, because they get billions in grants. It is a greed thing. But what do the regular citizens that believe in and push the global warming hoax get out of it? If they are not employed by or in some other way benefit from the billions spent on global warming, then why do they support it? Do they truly believe the lies? Are they really that stupid?
commented 2015-04-15 14:00:06 -0400
Ontario Liberals: “Details-shmetails…..trust us”.
commented 2015-04-15 13:39:17 -0400
Gee, are they going to start charging us for breathing?…I whispered this fear to someone a few years ago…but I thought the government couldn’t hear me…oops!
commented 2015-04-15 13:33:53 -0400

And then there are the Russians who are expecting global cooling. “As Russia steps up efforts to upgrade its icebreaker fleet, new-generation icebreakers are set to arrive in the years to come. No climate changes will thus be able to impede an increase in shipping traffic via the Northern Sea Route.”

Read more: http://english.ruvr.ru/2013_04_22/Cooling-in-the-Arctic-what-to-expect/:

I remember being warned many years ago that we were in danger of a pending ice age (I am not a youngster) and being quite fearful of it as our winters were very cold already…you can imagine my surprise (and pleasure) when scientists did a complete about face and began to warn about global warming…More like POLITICAL WINDS BLOWING THAN REAL WIND, I THINK! Sorry…it’s hard to believe any of them…remember all the foods they warned you about and then did a turnabout and vice versa? Justin may respect the scientists, but I know that if you follow the money you will find that there are some real scientists who are idealistic and moral and the rest of the real scientists who are mercenary. The trouble is that they DON’T WEAR SIGNS on their foreheads. My take is NEVER trust a scientist if the government is promoting him…or if he has just published a book.

Sorry, I believe that many scientists are PAID to help certain politicians achieve their agendas…after all, scientists need to work too…and who has more money accessible to them than those with the public purse?

Governments are as corrupt as we allow them to be and, gullibly, we have enabled the Ontario Liberals to steal us blind by using global warming to create a new, massive, probably unnecessary, and costly infrastructure of windmills and other ‘GREEN’ (read money) technology that, I am sure, our great-grandchildren will still be paying for after we are all gone …the fault lies with the fool voters who kept them in power when they had been strongly warned!
commented 2015-04-15 13:14:18 -0400
If Queen Kathleen is hoping to stop the wind from blowing why the hell is she still expanding wind farms? Is this just another example of her goal to redistribute wealth? I missed the boat, I should have been a liberal then maybe I could get a slice of that pie. Unfortunately I care about the Province of Ontario.
commented 2015-04-15 13:09:28 -0400
Liking the use of the word “scheme” because that is all it is, a scheme.