August 24, 2018

“Civil war”: Bernier and Scheer just cost the Conservatives a majority in 2019

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I was flying to Halifax, to cover the Conservative Party convention, when Maxime Bernier announced his resignation from the party, and his plan to start a new one.

He outlined disagreements he had with Andrew Scheer, including Scheer’s support for supply management — a form of subsidy for Quebec’s dairy industry.

But frankly, none of Bernier’s stated grievances seemed impossible to resolve.

Bernier was already steering the party towards his views on immigration and multiculturalism. And the party convention this weekend was scheduled to reconsider the dairy issue, too,

Did Bernier really have to quit — and devastate the Conservatives' election chances, by announcing his plans to start a rival party?

And isn’t handling troublesome MPs just part of the job for Andrew Scheer, and any party leader?

But what shocked me the most today was when Bernier said that Scheer hadn’t even talked to him in nine days.

Bernier has been signalling his discontent for weeks; he has been making provocative policy statements; he got into public quarrels with other Conservative MPs.

And Scheer just watched passively — not even a phone call, let alone a face-to-face meeting?

On my TV show last night, I gave Scheer my unsolicited advice on how to handle Bernier. It’s too late now.

The party is in disarray. I sense that Scheer and his staff might be celebrating though — Bernier is no longer an internal rival to Scheer. That’s true — but Scheer now leads a smaller party, that’s demoralized and divided internally.

And if Bernier really does start his new party, it will probably split the vote enough to guarantee Justin Trudeau’s reelection.

Stephen Harper united the right. Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier just divided it.

It’s a disaster for every Canadian conservative who was counting on them to work things out like grown-ups, and win the election.

I just landed in Halifax to report on the convention — even though Scheer has banned The Rebel. We’re going to cover this disaster fairly and honestly — unlike the CBC, who Scheer invited into the convention itself.

The Media Party can’t contain their glee — they believe that not only did Scheer just lose the next election, but all of the ideas that Bernier was proposing have lost, too.

It sure seems that way right now — the party has just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

There are admirable qualities about both Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier. But the fact that they are still quarrelling 15 months after the leadership contest is something they both should be embarrassed about. And the fact that they both just gave the next election to Justin Trudeau is inexcusable.

I know one thing: our role at the Rebel — the only truly conservative media outlet in Canada — just got more important than ever.

I promise you that we will continue to hold Justin Trudeau to account, and promote true conservative ideas, no matter what Ottawa politicians say or do.

In fact, I think we’re in a bigger, tougher fight than ever, thanks to today’s disaster.

And I hope you’ll help us continue to bring you the facts. VISIT to see how you can help bring Canadians the other side of the story here at the Conservative Party convention.

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commented 2018-08-24 19:33:55 -0400
This is a very small thing but I found it very disturbing, posted by Ron Voss, watch the video, see the pamphlet in his hand? Looks like a Liberal pamphlet except there is a C not an L on it (red pamphlet with white lettering).
commented 2018-08-24 19:28:13 -0400
Flatwater, the only reason Chretien was PM for ten years was because Manning was Bernier 1.0. He was wrong then and Bernier is wrong now. Not in his policy, but in his strategy. What is it that someone said about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

If Bernier really wants to defeat Trudeau, he will rejoin the CPC and fight to reform it from within. What he is doing now is just playing to his ego at the expense of the conservative movement and Canada.
commented 2018-08-24 19:19:00 -0400
Sorry for the spellcheck on that comment ted. "The only reason the NDP are in power is because somebody across the floor "
commented 2018-08-24 19:17:11 -0400
To all the good conservative’s out there… Remember to keep your wits about you when everybody else is finding a reason to lose their’s
commented 2018-08-24 19:16:30 -0400
Ted… calm yourself.. less gloom and doom.!!!
And you got a remember the only reason that not losing power just because somebody crossed the floor.. before you start throwing a tantrum and spraying around words that aren’t entirely accurate keeping in mind that this isn’t the 90s anymore so take it easy remember who you are and vote who represents your values.!!
commented 2018-08-24 19:12:20 -0400
So Bernier wants to set up Reform 2.0. Great. How did that work out? Oh right, ten years of Liberal government. And then there was Wild Rose in Alberta. Eeeyeah. Notley as premier. But it will be different this time, is that it? Whoever said we don’t learn from history was right. And whoever gets on the Bernier bandwagon is helping elect Traitor Tot for another term or two or three. Then the right will smarten up again, but it will be too late. Canada will be dead. Nothing left to revive.
commented 2018-08-24 18:49:04 -0400
Donna I agree, the election has not been handed to Justin over this, and we shouldn’t be saying so. Sheila David and Ezra did that off the bat yesterday. The dance has only just begun. Who knows, maybe this will be a good thing. I’m not exactly sure how yet, but exposing and accepting the truth is never a bad thing and holding up a lie is not only exhausting, its pointless.

I just hope what needs to happen next will become undeniably evident so that we can all be on the same side against the totalitarian liberal party. If its with the conservative party its going to need a good house cleaning. We need some straight forward leadership in this country and someone who does what they say they are going to do, even after they get elected. I feel like Scheer lied to us. Then ignored us. That is hard to forgive.
commented 2018-08-24 18:33:53 -0400
Robert M , yeah back when people used information before jumping on the bandwagon . But back then we had a tyrant and communist as PM ! PET and history repeats itself and nowadays the stupid is a lot stronger !
commented 2018-08-24 18:33:34 -0400
Donna.. calm yourself..
Read the post below this one .!!
commented 2018-08-24 18:32:08 -0400
Calm down mark. The federal conservatives are just a right wing branch of the Liberals.!!
I personally do not want to settle and I certainly do not want more of the same .!!
commented 2018-08-24 18:32:07 -0400
Rebel I’m disappointed in your comments about this issue. You are not helping the conservative cause, actually you are aiding a split vote. The election HAS NOT been handed to Trudeau or did I miss the election. That’s want sways undecided or misinformed voters.
commented 2018-08-24 18:29:52 -0400
Mark rate… calm down… this is a good thing
commented 2018-08-24 18:22:36 -0400
Thanks Ron. It brings back memories of a time when I actually watched the CBC.
commented 2018-08-24 18:22:10 -0400
If we’re going down in flames then let’s go down fighting for our God given rights and freedoms! I have grandchildren now, and it sickens me watching what these clowns are doing to our country.
commented 2018-08-24 18:20:50 -0400
Robert M , that’s hilarious !
commented 2018-08-24 18:09:04 -0400
Go Max Go , You already have lots of support from real conservatives across Canada . I am with you 100% and truly believe you will be the next PM of Canada . Finally someone who will not cave into towing the politically correct line ! Don’t listen to the haters and uniformed people that are misrepresented by there own party .
commented 2018-08-24 18:09:04 -0400
Go Max Go , You already have lots of support from real conservatives across Canada . I am with you 100% and truly believe you will be the next PM of Canada . Finally someone who will not cave into towing the politically correct line ! Don’t listen to the haters and uniformed people that are misrepresented by there own party .
commented 2018-08-24 17:55:50 -0400
I have supported and respected your work for years, but in this I hope that you are wrong. This country cannot afford or even continue to exist if the liberals under Trudeau come to power again. He has become the dictator that he dreams of being , and is slowly turning Canada into a third world country; like Venezuala.
commented 2018-08-24 17:55:42 -0400
WTF IS WRONG WITH CONSERVATIVES!? Don’t the provincial and federal wings of the party want to govern? Bernier, you are a class 1 asshole. One year before the next critical election, and you pull this stunt? Jackass! Ontario just showed Canada that it is fed up with the Liberals high-tax, phony diversity, thieving brand of politics. Another four years of Trudeau and his sycophants, and Canada is doomed. Yet you think you can start a new party and conservatives will flock to you? Are you so vain that you think you can get all conservatives to love your form of narcissism, like Liberal voters love Trudeau’s? Any drain of any number of voters from the federal Conservative party, will GIVE Trudeau the election. Look at how long the Cons were in the wilderness until Reform and them finally combined into one party, and you want to split it into two AGAIN? Asswipe. Save it for after the next election, or better yet, go find another biker chic and crawl under a rock. Asshole.
commented 2018-08-24 17:37:19 -0400
Sonny, really..a f’cking moron Liberal like you trying to tell me what a Conservative is. Hilarious…
commented 2018-08-24 17:27:50 -0400
KW For Maxime
Replying to
It will be an endless upset for Conservatives living under the tent of the new right wing of the Liberal Party led by

commented 2018-08-24 17:27:11 -0400
I wasn’t talking about Ford winning his leadership bid I was talking about him smoking the Liberals out to the curb… And once again you change this all around to suit a different narrative… Nice try trickster but get lost.
commented 2018-08-24 17:12:56 -0400
Sunny we’re really not interested in your opinions.. please find another site to disrupt and let us carry on with our discussions.. even if you were to start saying things of substance it’s already too late for that because you have said so much junk and insulted so many people in the past and I think your objective here is to sway opinion… Please go someplace else. .
commented 2018-08-24 17:10:07 -0400
Watch the exodus and the genesis..!!
commented 2018-08-24 16:26:18 -0400
In an earlier post I referenced how Bernier sarcastically commented on how the party would deal with supply management, “So, party establishment says we’re open to debating supply management – BUT, only if we have some time left after everything else”. I added, “We’ll see if Bernier’s glum prognosis holds true.”

Turns out Bernier’s prognosis was correct.

A disgruntled delegate VERY upset that the proposal to phase out supply management won’t make it to the policy floor tomorrow, announcing he is quitting the party and joining Bernier’s new party:

Another delegate says he’s done with the CPC after supply management failed to be discussed:
commented 2018-08-24 16:21:34 -0400

Put simplistically mankind is not bright enough as to learn from history.

Case in point:
“…in 1963, as you will remember, Trudeau had campaigned for the Marxist New Democrats, and had called the Liberals “idiots” and “a spineless herd.” Two years later, in 1965, Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier and Jean Marchand, of Cité Libre, decided to run for Parliament themselves – as Liberals. In an article in Le Devoir, Trudeau and Pelletier explained to the dumbfounded N.D.P. that, “we are pursuing the same objectives and adhering to the same political ideas we have been espousing for so long in Cité Libre…” Among these ideas was “a politics open to the left.”
It should be understood, they explained, that “a political party is not an end, but a means.” Trudeau, in other words, was still working for Communism. He had become a Liberal simply because the Liberals could win and the N.D.P. couldn’t. He was frankly using the Liberal Party, in accordance with the Maoist tactics he so admires."

And yet people voted for his son.
commented 2018-08-24 15:52:13 -0400

“Rulers, Statesmen, Nations, are wont to be emphatically commended to the teaching which experience offers in history. But what experience and history teach is this – that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it. Each period is involved in such peculiar circumstances, exhibits a condition of things so strictly idiosyncratic, that its conduct must be regulated by considerations connected with itself, and itself alone.”
- Hegel