April 25, 2017

“Conservation” group uses OHV ban to kill Alberta’s oil and gas industry. Here’s how

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Who were the NDP listening to when they were making their decision to ban quads, ATVs, snow mobiles, dirt bikes - basically all motorized fun - from the New Castle Wilderness Park? 

We know it wasn’t the people who actually use the park. They were kicked out.

Then who?

One group that has the ear of the NDP is the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative, or Y2Y.

But why should we care about Y2Y? They’re just some well-meaning grassroots conservationist group like your local hunting and angling association, right?

That’s what the Calgary Herald and the rest of the mainstream media calls them: a conservation group, but Y2Y is exactly the opposite.

They aren’t grassroots. Instead, they’re one of those foreign-funded American meddlers in Canadian politics that has bigger plans for Canada than just having the government expel hundreds of outdoorsy types from the public lands they use near the Crowsnest Pass.

Y2Y says it wants an “interconnected system of wild lands and waters stretching from Yellowstone to Yukon, harmonizing the needs of people with those of nature”.

Basically they want to turn all the Rockies into a park.

Look, everyone likes clean water and wants to protect animal habitat, but that’s how organizations like Y2Y fool you. It’s never really about what they say it’s about.

Watch my video to see what Y2Y’s real motivations are and where they get their money from. Some of it is from you!

All of this is why it’s so important to push back against Y2Y and their foreign plans for Alberta public lands. We can't just give them a win. Maybe you don't camp or don't have a quad or a snowmobile but a win for Y2Y now, especially with a friendly provincial government, is just going to embolden them.

This isn't going to stop at your neighbour’s RV. Y2Y wants Alberta jobs kicked out of the Rockies too.

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commented 2017-04-27 16:22:06 -0400
Excellent video commentary. Except that you don’t mention the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, which has been developed as a joint venture between U.S. Department of Interior, their counterparts in Canada, and various radical conservation groups including several partners from the Y2Y Initiative. There are 22 LCC’s covering ALL of N. America which are designed as government structures that “bridge geographic and jurisdictional boundaries” in order to create regional landscape conservation cores, corridors, and negate “barriers to biodiversity connectivity”, i.e. private property and development.
commented 2017-04-26 09:19:35 -0400
Andy: The provincial conservatives supported Y2Y with direct cash payments, with cash payments to some of the 300 environmental NGOs that comprise the Y2Y coalition; and with lavish subsidies to academic conservation biologists whose work underpins the Y2Y effort.
The Conservatives proclaimed three Wilderness Areas within the Y2Y zone (Ghost River, Siffleur and White Goat) with a combined land mass of 1000 square kilometres where hunting, camping, all forms of motorised travel, and even bicycles and horses are prohibited. They also established several Ecological Reserves within the Y2Y zone which are similarly restrictive.
commented 2017-04-26 08:35:28 -0400
I do not think the conservatives be for the NDP were conservative with Stalmack and Redford as leaders more like far left socialists.
commented 2017-04-26 02:21:12 -0400
Now that’s interesting William Kay, to wit:- “2. Y2Y was supported by the provincial Conservatives before the NDP took office.”… Are you saying they supported the full-blown “no people/no town/no roads corridor” concept or something else?…
commented 2017-04-26 01:38:00 -0400
Do we feel like we are being ganged up on yet?
commented 2017-04-26 00:30:16 -0400
1. Neither the Beaufort Sea nor the Lower Mainland are within Y2Y’s proposed mega-park.
2. Y2Y was supported by the provincial Conservatives before the NDP took office.
3. Yes, suppressing oil and gas development is one eco-fascist goal but they have many overlapping objectives. A project nearly identical to Y2Y is in the works in central Canada (called A2A or Algonquin to Adirondack) targeting an area with no significant oil or gas deposits.
4. Vivian Krause’s tunnel-vision Canadian nationalism compels her to portray environmentalism as an American imperialist plot. Environmentalism is a truly international affair dominated by Europeans. The USA is actually one of environmentalism’s main victims. Canada has an eager fifth column of wealthy enviro-benefactors (Bronfmann, Weston et. al.) but you’ll never hear much about them from Viv.
Keep up the good work, Sheila!
For more info check out www.ecofascism.com
commented 2017-04-25 23:12:37 -0400
Now I am going to crank this up a notch….those who know and love me know I’m like that….:-) Me and Elfwig are kindred spirits….:-)

Before I owned my Jeep JK (which the environmentalists just HATE)…I owned a Suzuki Samurai….the prefered vehicule of those who serviced the back woods powerlines and fire roads of Canada…It was discontinued in production and the dealer informed me that the Angolan Police had a standing offer to buy mine….:-)

So the enforcement officers who will be despatched to enforce this edict….how will THEY get there?

One of the PTSD afflicted RCMP officers I met during my tenure at Veterans Affairs told me about an incident where he found himself stranded on a back dirt road….his tires deflated by calitropes….and the voices of Weibo Ludwic supporters taunting him from the bush….

Claude Dallas used horses….not that I am advocating anything violent against those commissioned…against their will and better judgement…to enforce this….

But I know of a swimming hole that has been banned from public access….the level of civil disobediance makes that a joke.
commented 2017-04-25 21:29:58 -0400
Thanks SHEILA, most Canadians and most of us Canadian REBELS would not know of these underhanded intrusions into our country if it weren’t for you , most of us are busy with life’s chores

I’m worried about China though, after all the deals are made for our mining ores , natural gas and oil , they’re going to find out it’s all been shut down— CRIMEMINISTER! , how are you going to work that out . Poor China
commented 2017-04-25 20:54:43 -0400
Now that you mention it Sheila… I must confess it has been many years since I had heard anything about “Y2Y”… They may have, on the surface, moderated what they post on their website these days, but I clearly remember that in the early years of Y2Y, it had advocates, like anti-hunting Cleveland Amory of TV Guide Magazine, proposing that the Y2Y “corridor” should do more than just protect nature and animals… Back then they were calling for the actual dismantling of towns and roads along the corridor so wildlife could “roam freely”!… Just how that could be done without splitting Western North America in half I don’t know and it was never explained… But I wouldn’t be surprised that some eco-crazies still have that as a goal…
commented 2017-04-25 20:51:16 -0400
Sheila, another excellent report. Foreign meddling is right! The NDP are up to their elbows in this and should be ashamed!
commented 2017-04-25 19:56:41 -0400
The Eastern slope is also a major source of coal, and ranch land butts up to it.

Interesting that Y2Y is also targeting Site C. This means it is targeting the Peace River and downstream tributaries, presumably to expand to include the Athabasca,which unites with the Peace to form the Slave. Then on down the McKenzie. That is one big watershed that has agriculture, gas, oil, forestry and potential hydro.
commented 2017-04-25 19:56:39 -0400
Excellent investigative work, Sheila!

The NDP using a “back door” method to stop oil and gas production by zoning areas as natural habitat reserves is just the sort of underhanded devious tactic I would expect from a government that is more corrupt than the PC party ever was, making the PC look like Catholic convent sisters.