January 04, 2016

"Conservatives won't hound Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan about his addictions the way leftists" -- including O'Regan himself -- "hounded Rob Ford"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So a Liberal MP from Newfoundland named Seamus O’Regan just announced that he's "adopting an alcohol free lifestyle" and has entered "a wellness program."

Let's wish O’Regan well.

I predict that conservatives will not hound him about his addictions the way leftists hounded Rob Ford, the former Toronto Mayor, about his.

Like how the CBC sent Mary Walsh to Ford’s home to badger him.

Or how the Toronto Star started paying people thousands of dollars for footage of Rob Ford drinking, even in private homes on his own time.

Because Ford was a fat, populist conservative and O’Regan is a fashionable, sleek liberal. Reporters would never say a word against him.

And we won’t do it either.

But it would be journalistically corrupt if we didn’t take a moment to reflect on how O’Regan himself acted towards Rob Ford’s addictions.

In a word, he was merciless. He was jubilant.

WATCH to see some examples.

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commented 2016-01-06 03:54:56 -0500
Drew, I wish you would stop using the word “trolls” as though it was other people. You are the biggest troll on this site and it gets tiresome. Why not try to post one brief comment on a topic you have an interest in, rather than a series of blathers on something you are biased about?
commented 2016-01-05 23:12:24 -0500
To all the left wing trolls and non trolls, let me say 2 words BEN LEVIN! No liberal media at his trial , no liberals following him around. You come on here saying oh Rob Ford smoked crack, well Levin made and possessed child porn, please tell me why he got no attention, only Sun News and a blogger showed up to his trial. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD THERE?? I dare you , tell me how that is not hypocrisy. YOU ARE PATHETIC AND SAD PEOPLE!
commented 2016-01-05 23:02:22 -0500
Robert we will defend Ford from liberal BS and lies, now go be a good hypocrite and support Vaughn LMAO
commented 2016-01-05 14:19:18 -0500
David Tremblay, he did do something illegal, he drove drunk. Whether the drug he did was legal or not does not matter. It could have just as easily been prescription drugs. I wish him all the best in his recovery, but he is a hypocrite.
commented 2016-01-05 14:09:21 -0500
didn’t defend ford, but why does a liberal WHO JUMPED ON THE GET FORD BANDWAGON GET SPECIAL TREATMENT,
commented 2016-01-05 13:58:16 -0500
The conservative trolls are out in numbers I see. Still trying to defend Rob Ford. And yet they criticize Liberals.
commented 2016-01-05 13:54:43 -0500
Because Seamus O’Regan admitted he had a drinking problem, Ford never did. Typical EL hypocrisy.
commented 2016-01-05 12:18:51 -0500
except seamas is a liberal and gets a free ride
commented 2016-01-05 12:03:17 -0500
Well these are two very different circumstances. A mayor who was using explicit illegal drugs and was hanging out with gang members would not admit that he had a problem and needed help. The other situation was a MP who did not do anything illegal and is seeking help on his own accord. There is nothing similar in any way to these two situations.
commented 2016-01-05 10:33:41 -0500
Conservatives hold themselves to a much higher standard then do LIEberals.
commented 2016-01-05 08:40:30 -0500
Truth is Liberals will do anything to get votes. Rob Ford was a very good Mayor with issues a lot Of people have.
Just how did the police video end up in the Stars hands?
Personally I don’t give a damn about this drunk Liberal.
commented 2016-01-05 06:52:12 -0500

CINOs are at it again, Now, they want to give this drunk a break, though liberals didn’t give Rob Ford a break? Fuck them all. It’s all fair game in times of war. Ambrose is finished for this boneheaded stunt. Obviously, she’s looking for fat patronage out of the Liberals.
commented 2016-01-05 06:34:33 -0500
Jay. Ohh listen to you. That Liberal arrogance is astounding. Where do you guys get it from? Do you buy it? Born with it? Please do tell.
So you’re STILL down on Ford, while pretending not to be. Yeah, sorry, that stupid psychology doesn’t work on us!
You ASSUME, O’Regan is getting help “earlier” than Ford did. Oh, so that’s the moral superiority is it? You have proof?
And what of his attacks on Ford? Oh, you forgot about those already huh? A whole 2 seconds after watching the video? That’s quite the memory you’ve got there!! I think you need to “self-depopulate” and “save the planet”.
commented 2016-01-05 01:11:20 -0500
Hey Drew, good points. The Gomeshi thing is so quiet. It should be up front, but like you say, they protect.
commented 2016-01-05 00:54:22 -0500
Jay Kelly, I’m may have missed it, but I didn’t think anyone was wishing him ill will in his recovery, but merely pointing out the hypocrisy.
commented 2016-01-05 00:47:34 -0500
Why isn’t the liberal media stalking Gomeshi? Oh yeah they were too busy covering for him LMAO!
commented 2016-01-05 00:46:36 -0500
If this turns out to be more than just an addiction the leftie trolls will not even post in that article. I know that already , they are cowards and babies.
commented 2016-01-05 00:45:41 -0500
Lefties where did his opponent get coke, from a legal source , not from gangs LMAO? The left is so pathetic.
commented 2016-01-05 00:45:00 -0500
Ron Christenson they stalked him long before any cocaine was in the picture you halfwit. And they supported the cokehead who ran against him. LMAO!
commented 2016-01-05 00:44:12 -0500
Michael Mann please tell us his scandals and lies LMAO! I can tell you CBC’s scandals and lies and liberal scandals and lies.
commented 2016-01-05 00:43:31 -0500
Michael Mann sorry left wing media BS is not a scandal you halfwit. We are talking about real things. And Justin has lied many times, where is his stalkers?
commented 2016-01-05 00:41:16 -0500
Jay Kelly no one is saying otherwise, but the media hypocrisy is astounding.
commented 2016-01-05 00:40:42 -0500
Sean Penson we will let him have peace we are not left wing pigs like you and the MSM.
commented 2016-01-04 23:58:16 -0500
O’Regan seems to have made a decision in his life that could save him a lot of grief later on. Imagine if Rob Ford had entered a rehab program early on when his addictions were first causing concern. He could have saved himself and the people of Toronto a great deal of shame and expense.
I hope no one—conservative or liberal—criticises O’Regan for his smart choice.
commented 2016-01-04 23:56:57 -0500
We should let Seamus have his peace, and let him recover. He needs our sympathy and compassion, not criticism or condemnation
commented 2016-01-04 23:26:11 -0500
Andrew, Michael, Ron et al……an addiction is an addiction, be it legal or not. Get off your morally superior high horse. It is hypocrisy on O’Regan’s part. Announcing on Twitter is not mentioning it quietly. Clowns!!
commented 2016-01-04 22:47:25 -0500
Michael Mann: I hate to inform you but all kinds of people have used illegal drugs, Anything from pot to any other number of drugs. Some people even go so far as to boast about it nut the police aren’t going to go after everyone who used a drug because they would have to put a huge portion of the population in jail. Now if they were to walk by and catch someone using they would probably act. The reason it is hypocritical is because one person was mocking an addiction (legal or illegal is irrelevant both are destructive) while he was not addressing his own. Sadly too many people do not want to confront their addictions because there is (especially in cases of politicians) individuals who care nothing for your well being but only see it as an opportunity destroy your opponent. There are plenty of alcoholics who are willing to break laws to accommodate their addiction. From time to time we hear about it on TV usually when there is a drunk driving accident but because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.
commented 2016-01-04 22:05:27 -0500
Mikey, I’ve read all the stories, and none of them mentioned how critical he was of Ford when he was mayor and going thru his problems (admitted or not). A more appropriate headline in the MSM, written if this happened way back when major news sources like CBC and CTV took journalistic morality a bit more seriously than they do now, would be “Former Journalist Who Criticized Rob Ford for Substance Abuse Enters Rehab”. That’s the headline, guaranteed. Every news editor I’ve ever heard of goes for the “hoisted on his own petard” angle, always. Like, every single time, without exception, written in stone, always! To do it to one of their own would just make it sweeter. Trust me, I’ve been one of them. You obviously don’t quite get that, which tells me you’ve never had experience in a newsroom. To help you understand, imagine if Ezra got outed for requiring a handful of scantily dressed female students to escort him around a university he was going to be speaking at. What would that headline be? The fact that this particular bit of journalism falls to Ezra speaks volumes about the state of unwritten censorship in the significant majority of media news sources. It’s almost as if we’ve got a Ministry of Truth, directing both subtly and openly not only what stories we all get to hear about, but the spin that’s allowed. Ignoring, or mocking sites like this is just stupid.
commented 2016-01-04 20:50:53 -0500
Forget it Drew. You are arguing with those who don’t consider alcohol a drug, because it is a legal drug. What if Ford was hooked on a prescription instead, doing them with criminal?
commented 2016-01-04 20:43:24 -0500
So Michael Mann and Andrew, why was the media not stalking Ana Bailao?