May 27, 2016

#CPC16: Conservatives one step closer to adopting new firearms resolutions

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Viewers of my show "On the Hunt" will remember Richard Wakefield, the gun owners' rights advocate who wants the Conservative Party to adopt new firearms resolutions.

Sure enough, I caught up with him at the Conservative Party convention in Vancouver.

WATCH and find out what happened when he presented his sane, simple resolutions to other delegates!

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commented 2016-05-29 16:21:46 -0400
Andrew, I didn’t say gone deaths. I said murder rate. Since the gun rate is only a part of the larger murder rate it is irrelevant. Whether you are killed by a gun or knifed to death like the kids in Calgary were is irrelevant. Except for lefties like yourself who want to misrepresent things.
commented 2016-05-29 14:34:32 -0400
@andrew Stephenson

As soon as you start comparing states within the United States rather then the United States to other developed nations any notion that there is a correlation between gun ownership and murders and violent crime goes out the window.

The United States does not have a gun problem, they have a culture problem. This gangster or violent culture is primarily made up of black and Hispanic’s in the inner cities.

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO WATCH THIS ANDREW. Your head will probably explode……

I pulled some stats from these Wikipedia pages:

I picked two states with exactly the same gun ownership. All these stats are 2010. After doing the math….

Gun ownership: 41.7%
Population: 5,988,927
Murders per 100,000: 6.99
Gun murders per 100,000: 5.36
Population Density: 87.9/sqmi

Gun ownership: 41.7%
Population: 5,303,925
Murders per 100,000: 1.72
Gun murders per 100,000: 1.00
Population Density: 68.1/sqmi

Ok so where’s the correlation between gun ownership and murders? Both States have similar population, population density, geographic location and gun ownership yet Missouri’s murder rate is 4x higher then Minnesota. Over 5x higher for gun murders

It is disingenuous to compare countries with different cultures, demographics, race and age profiles, population densities, welfare and social programs and then claim that guns are the factor effecting the murder rate.
commented 2016-05-29 10:46:54 -0400
“In fact the US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world something like 95 5 but they are not in the top 10% of murder rates. Not even in the top 20. Nor the top 50. Not evening the top 100. "

It’s actually in the low teens for firearms-related murders, 14th or so, depending on what year you’re looking at. The countries with higher gun-related violent crime rates are largely Latin American states controlled by drug gangs, as well as perpetual problem states such as Jamaica and South Africa. The American firearm murder rate is over four times higher than the next highest ranked developed nation (which is Belgium) and nearly five times Canada’s.
commented 2016-05-29 10:36:05 -0400

What, exactly, have I said that is “Treasonous”? I don’t think my comments are even particularly contentious among mainstream society, let alone treasonous.

We have never had gun rights in Canada commensurate with those the Americans enjoy, but even their laws are merely a product of gaining independence via insurrection.
commented 2016-05-29 05:55:39 -0400
I decided some time ago to compare US states with my Province of Manitoba. TO make the comparison fair I compared us with North Dakota and Minnesota right across the border. Both have concealed carry laws and both have far lower murder rates than Manitoba. ND has 38,000 CCPs and MN has something like 600,000 CCps. But don’t confuse the lefties with the facts. They have already made up their minds.

In fact the US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world something like 95 5 but they are not in the top 10% of murder rates. Not even in the top 20. Nor the top 50. Not evening the top 100. If we removed the Democratic held strongholds like Chicago, DC, Miami etc it would be significantly lower yet. The truth is out there. Be honest enough to use it. “The truth will set you free”. Jesus of Nazareth
commented 2016-05-28 23:25:48 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 10 hours ago
“…Sure thing, Kim Jong Dan. We have freedom of speech in Canada. Offended? Too bad for you, I guess. Perhaps you need one of those safe spaces Ezra is always denigrating?”

No retard we do not have freedom of speech in Canada, we lost that and all the rest of our British Common Law rights and protections under Trudeau1, and I never said you shouldn’t be allowed to spew your lies and other crap on THEREBEL, I said you should be killed by the state for it…as a traitor. Pay attention!
“Offended”? More like contemptuous, like I am of all filthy scum who actively work against my country and it’s interests, especially lying treasonous scum.
I lack the eloquence, knowledge base and self control of some REBEL commenters, I’m just calling you out on your delusional socialist, gun-grabbin’ BS and in no uncertain terms, because there is a line drawn in the sand already, that law abiding responsible firearms owners will defend, and this is why the state hasn’t come for them en masse…yet.
As for your lefty snowflake ‘safe spaces’, in my world that’ll be my home, which is my castle, which I have a God-given right to protect and defend – had a (legal) right to protect and defend – and which I will defend and protect irrespective of the gun-grabbers and their jack-booted thug hirelings, with any tool available, as is my inalienable right – the Trudeaus notwithstanding…

“…CCC – Offences Against Public Order
Treason and other Offences against the Queen’s Authority and Person
High treason
46 (1) Every one commits high treason who, in Canada,
(a) kills or attempts to kill Her Majesty, or does her any bodily harm tending to death or destruction, maims or wounds her, or imprisons or restrains her;
(b) levies war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto; or
© assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.

(2) Every one commits treason who, in Canada,
(a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province;
(b) without lawful authority, communicates or makes available to an agent of a state other than Canada, military or scientific information or any sketch, plan, model, article, note or document of a military or scientific character that he knows or ought to know may be used by that state for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or defence of Canada;
© conspires with any person to commit high treason or to do anything mentioned in paragraph (a);
(d) forms an intention to do anything that is high treason or that is mentioned in paragraph (a) and manifests that intention by an overt act; or
(e) conspires with any person to do anything mentioned in paragraph (b) or forms an intention to do anything mentioned in paragraph (b) and manifests that intention by an overt act…"
commented 2016-05-28 23:02:09 -0400
Who cares – eventually even they the CINO crowd will remove them from the public – all politicians are becoming the enemy.
commented 2016-05-28 21:59:58 -0400
Texas is truly free because I am, by my Constitutional right, allowed to own and carry firearms.

Again, I have more security on my belt right now than any Canadian could ever hope for. I am a crack shot and I will, in self-defence, destroy anyone who threatens my person or others. Crime is rampant where the criminals are the only ones with the guns. Chicago is, supposedly, a gun free area; yet, every weekend, there is a wholesale slaughter by criminals with firearms.
commented 2016-05-28 20:55:31 -0400
@andrew Stephenson

All I have to say to you is “Do we live I’m a free country?”

Free men have always had the right to arms to defend their lives and property. Being anti-gun it’s pretty clear you don’t believe in freedom or the right to self defence.

The reason why anyone for more gun control is also anti-self defence is because a gun is the best tool for that job. How the hell is a 120lb woman supposed to physicaly defend herself against a 200 lb male rapist?

It’s sort of like telling someone they have the right to frame a house but they aren’t allowed to use a framing Hammer because it is too scary and heavy. Instead they can use an 8 oz ball peen hammer. Which theoretically is possible but sure as hell isn’t going to work very well.

As for the BS statistics that don’t really apply from one country to the next with different demographics and cultures I’ll let Bill Burr rebutt that for me.
commented 2016-05-28 20:21:56 -0400
“Peter Netterville commented 7 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson said, “Yeah, that explains why the American murder rate is three times our.”

And yet the Americans have ten times the population, which makes their murder rate better than Canadian.

Math is not your strong suit, is it Andrew."

The rates I commented on are population adjusted. They have 25 times more murders than we do (12000 a year, vs under 500). Nine times the population. 25/9 = 2.8. Which is to say, in agreement with my original claim. Calculated rates are 1.4 per 100k in Canada and 39 per 100k in the States.

A friendly tip: Next time you think you have a “gotcha”, you might want to fact-check first. My math is fine. Your fact checking, perhaps not so much (I thought it would be an obvious question to ask, was she using per capita rates, or total numbers? It’s not like these data are hard to find and check) Regardless, your little oops is now permanently etched on the internet for all to see.
commented 2016-05-28 13:33:05 -0400
Andrew Stephenson commented – Sorry Andy, you’re dealing with someone who has used statistical data sets professional most of my career and the rates you so casually toss off are tainted when used in the way you portray them – first, larger populations will have larger murder rates. Second, the source of your stat for gun death (no such category in US crime stats as gun murder) lump self defensive use in with criminal use and armed police intervention. Remember Americans have the right to armed defense against armed criminals.

If the overall innuendo of your purposely stacked stats is to make the logically incorrect assumption more guns equals more crime, that premise has been categorically debunked with the jurisdictions who have allowed lawful civilian defensive carry. In these jurisdictions criminal armed violence is in freefall.

At any rate crime stats from the US have no logical use in the Canadian experience with armed citizenry, we are armed for slightly different reasons and historically and statistically it is not lawful Canadian firearms owners or lawful firearms ownership which has any impact of criminal firearms use.
In short, Duck hunters and target shooters are NOT the problem, and the criminal laws used to regulate their lawful activities are misplaced, bad law and misdirected. Firearms owners are being politically scapegoated for the failings of law makers, the legal system and the judiciary.

So pull US crime stats out of your thought hole as much as you want they are irrelevant to the issue of reforming misdirected federal statute. Normal gun owners are not a criminal problem and all the distorted junk stats in the fallacious gun-hate narrative can’t make it so.
commented 2016-05-28 13:09:44 -0400
Andrew Stephenson said, “Yeah, that explains why the American murder rate is three times our.”

And yet the Americans have ten times the population, which makes their murder rate better than Canadian.

Math is not your strong suit, is it Andrew. Or did you just think that we would not notice that you left out important facts in your comment, just like a good brain dead lemming socialist.
commented 2016-05-28 12:49:39 -0400
Actually, where concealed carry is allowed thre is absolutely no evidence that those carrying those have any tendency to abuse the privilege. As I stated the crime rate goes down. In Toronto, I think you will find that the majority of offences are commited with handguns, most of which are illegally obtained. Our stricter gun laws have no effect on these rates. There is a demographic involved as the offenders are typically youger individuals involved in crime.
commented 2016-05-28 12:44:35 -0400
Lloyd Nolan commented – “Give them a chance , I’AM sure they will discuss what you and others of us have been pointing out. It’s not written in stone yet as a policy”

Well, that’s my point Lloyd – I’ve been involved in the policy making process for the party and Reform before it. I’m here to tell you the fix is in – policy is filtered by a top-end filter – ALL policy for debate on the convention floor has been filtered and sanitized through an executive screening process – so what gets to the floor for membership voting is only something the back room boys can live with – if something which could cause them discomfort like having to actually make political waves in the Ottawa-media-governing complex to accomplish, gets by the party policy filter it will be watered down in meaning in the final print or be ignored by the party caucus. This party functions much the same as the others in a top down manner and the top end are smug Ottawa establishment fixers who do not want to really rock the boat with any real positive social reforms to what has become a really corrupt, authoritarian, perverse political/legal system.

Lawful firearms owners/users or social conservatives or libertarian reformers will get justice when they stand up and demand true social justice and stop relying on working through systems which are designed to politically disempower them and filter them out of the policy system. When you are being politically bullied you must stand tall and refuse to be bullied, censored or defamed.

If what I’m saying isn’t factual, then why has such an obviously abusive unjust legal regime such as the civilian firearms act been allowed to damage innocent Canadians with malicious entrapment intimidation and abusive enforcement for 30 years? Surely some political party would see the injustice of arbitrary criminalization of millions of law-abiding Canadians? I mean they see it with pot users, and crossdressers and gays and ethnics why not duck hunters or target shooters ? Is it OK to continue the systemic legal oppression of non criminal Canadians because of their lawful hobby?

The short answer is that they don’t care (power first, ethics last). The longer more cerebral answer is they are too timid to politically challenge true systemic injustice if that injustice is politically sanitized by the Bureaucrat/judicial/special interest triumvirate of social engineering and cultural warfare. It comes down to having the guts to stand up for the truth and justice when deceit and injustice are the key to political power, it comes down to defending people when their political elite are at war against them. The fixers in this party have neither the guts or ethical stoicism for a true battle over what’s right.
commented 2016-05-28 12:44:30 -0400
“Dan Mancuso commented 1 hour ago
You are a liar, a criminal and a traitor!
Scum like you ought to be horse-whipped before you are executed by the state for your criminality, treason and lies.”

Sure thing, Kim Jong Dan. We have freedom of speech in Canada. Offended? Too bad for you, I guess. Perhaps you need one of those safe spaces Ezra is always denigrating?
commented 2016-05-28 12:40:43 -0400

“If you break out “murder” rates into method and per capita, firearms murders in the US and Canada have similar rates”

Canada’s firearm related murder rate is 0.4/100k, US’s 3.4. 8x times higher per capita. Their accidental shooting rate is three times ours (their accidental rate is almost half our deliberate murder rate; in absolute terms, four times as many Americans are accidentally shot to death, than Canadians are murdered), and their suicide rate five times. Remember, these rates are all population adjusted, per capita rates). That 8-fold higher firearms homicide rate? Multiply by nine again to get absolute numbers. Unnecessary gun violence kills more Americans in three months than 9/11 did.
commented 2016-05-28 12:32:46 -0400
“Hmmm, maybe because they have 3 times the population? Never seen anyone good at math or statistical interpretation come from commie martyrs Uni with a degree in gunphobia.”

Bill: anybody who is good at math would realize that that number is per-capita rates. That means, you divide total murders by total population to get a rate. The American number is still considerably higher.

They have nine times the population (330 million vs 36 million) and 24x the murders. Per capita, their murder rate is a bit less than triple ours. 38 per million residents vs 14.

Suggest you perhaps look things up next time. Your basic obliviousness to relative populations is enough to immediately discredit you. Pot, kettle, black.
commented 2016-05-28 12:24:12 -0400

There is crime in Texas in those areas where there is chronic criminal activity, typically among those who are impoverished, addicted, and so on. I liken these few places to a self-cleaning oven. Let the rampant crime and violence where they live kill them off. Less problems for the rest of us.

Texas also maintains the death penalty, which is fantastic. The CPC would be wise to reintroduce it in Canada, as it will clean up a lot of problems. Most crime occurs among those who are spoiled as children into a adulthood, and they feel they are entitled to everything. These are the people who are most dangerous. These are the people who must be executed in volume. There is a problem with lethal injection, in that the drugs used are becoming unavailable because of sanctions by European suppliers. No problem. Start using firing squads. Shooting the condemned is far more humane and effective.
commented 2016-05-28 12:08:11 -0400
Andrew Stephenson reflexively regurgitates this programmed jibberish – “Yeah, that explains why the American murder rate is three times our.”

Hmmm, maybe because they have 3 times the population? Never seen anyone good at math or statistical interpretation come from commie martyrs Uni with a degree in gunphobia. You realize that statistically Government has murdered more civilians in the past century than “criminals” have in millennia – Or that the greatest genocides in history were preceded by civilian disarmament? – be worried about big government having guns, not civilians – then THAT is a fear based in fact and probability.

If you break out “murder” rates into method and per capita, firearms murders in the US and Canada have similar rates – also these rates are distinguished by the fact that they occur in similar jurisdictions with either super strict gun controls or gun bans – like Chicago and Washington DC. In Canada it is GTA which is the gun murder capital of Canada and the guys being killed and arrested in these crimes; A) are not licenced sport shooters/hunters B) in legal possession C) have smuggled black market firearms D) are repeat violent offenders who compromise 80% of the criminal activity in this nation and are set loose after violent armed crimes. IOW – they are not average normal law-abiding Canadians.

85% of the current federal criminal code gun law effects only lawful non criminal firearms owners – it is NOT about the criminal use of firearms. It is about criminalizing non criminal actions and legally oppressing a segment of society which is provably the least likely to commit crimes – it is redundant and a dangerous legal entrapment regime which has been horribly abused by those entrusted to enforce it in a responsible just manner. When a bad law corrupts our justice system this badly, it must be removed/repealed.
commented 2016-05-28 11:16:59 -0400
You are a liar, a criminal and a traitor!
Scum like you ought to be horse-whipped before you are executed by the state for your criminality, treason and lies. There are a few of you trolls and other insane idiots stinking up this site that should be targeted. So until then you anti-Canadian, anti-freedom, anti everything good and pure, devil worshiping slimeball, eat shit and die you asshole…or get the f**k out of my country!

The preceding is an example of the reasonable fear and anger law abiding, responsible firearms owners feel while under threat from the jackbooted thug hirelings employed by the fascist state and their masters to steal our rights and protections and property, supported by the low information, useful idiot dupes like the Andrew Stephenson’s of the world. Some would call the expression inappropriate, immature or even uncalled for – I can’t disagree. However, the feeling is honest and very telling of the state of affairs in this country today…
Gun control has very little to do with guns and has everything to do with CONTROL!
commented 2016-05-28 09:37:01 -0400
Societal problems … like how if you’re carrying a gun for self defense, everything looks like a target. Look at Dieter, who talks relentlessly about self-defence despite the very high probability that he has not once ever encountered a situation where it was necessary. At any rate, there is no equivalent to the Second Amendment in Canada; that amendment was a product of the social disorder caused by the Revolution, and high probability the Brits were going to try and retake the Colonies, which were weak and vulnerable in the early days and it may well have come down to informal militias had the Brits indeed come back. Our distinct history has no such requirement.

Robert McClelland, what’s the rate like broken down by weapon type? Do lower gun crime rates (per weapon) in Canada/Switzerland reflect our stricter control laws (ie, concealed-carry handguns provides much greater opportunity for abuse than a target-shooter locked up at a gun range)? Is it because what we have, are mostly hunting firearms rather than handguns? There are also possibly demographics at play – youth are the prime cause of irresponsible behaviour and Canadian youth seem to have little interest in firearms relative to their American colleagues, and if they do own one it’s a small calibre rifle rather than a handgun.
commented 2016-05-28 05:07:35 -0400
As others have pointed out the reason for increased gun violence in the States is societal.
Liberals state that guns are a crime waiting to happen.
The USA has a high number of firearms, ergo more guns equals more crime, simple.
In Canda and Switzerland we also have high rates of firearms yet the rates of misuse are much lower….hmmm.
The places where firearms offences are the highest in the States are cities like Chicago which have been run by anti-gun Democrats. In Chicago there has been a breakdown of the traditional family in the black community. None of the typical societal safeguards are in place. Now there is black on black violence. It is not a function of guns. It is a function of the society.
commented 2016-05-28 04:51:34 -0400
I was watching Hannity on FOX News Thursday night. Hannity had a guest, Sherrif Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona. Due to the drug trade coming from Mexico, he was advising citizens going into wilderness areas to arm themselves. He also stated that since Arizona has passed open and concealed carry laws the crime rate in his county has dropped. Finally he stated that his deputies have no fear of armed private citizens. I would love to see this guy take over the RCMP!
commented 2016-05-28 03:37:11 -0400
Dieter, gross exaggeration does not lend itself well to your credibility. “….there is no crime at all.” Just where in Texas would that be? I go there often and would like to know.
commented 2016-05-28 02:40:22 -0400

Seems you enjoy listen to the lies of Progressivist/Sodomites – perhaps you have sympathies? Are you a sodomite?

The death rate from firearms in the US is tied to mishaps, self-inflicted wounds,and criminal activity. Indeed, where criminal activity is concerned, the overwhelming evidence proves that it occurs in regions where gun ownership is restricted, save for criminals, who are not considered as legitimate gun-owners by rational people. I you actually knew what you were talking about, in areas where there is universal gun ownership and C&C, there is no crime at all. Why? Because criminals do not know who is packing. If they go after the wrong person, they will die.

Knowing that I can dispatch a criminal to their eternal judgement fills me with pride and purpose. Texas is truly far more civilized than, say, Chicago, where guns are, supposedly, controlled.
commented 2016-05-28 00:04:34 -0400
Clearly the liberals want to disarm Canadians and this left wing zealot, will no doubt attempt to do just that. Canadians don’t need draconian gun laws, as liberals propose, nor do we need this useless gun control period. This era of political correctness where everything must be the way the socialists think it and demand has to stop, along with the continuous erosion of our rights and freedoms. People need to push back hard against these fools and when they reply with their usual tactics of anger and racist gibberish, hit them right back with the same thing! Enough already.
commented 2016-05-27 22:49:06 -0400
Andrew . . . 50% of crimes in the USA are committed by 13% of the population.
Gang and illegal gun crimes in Inner Cities in the USA are the problem.
Over 40 States have Conceal Carry laws today . . . and crime rates have been dropping.
Legal Gun Owners are NOT the problem . . . every year 1000s of crimes are stopped or prevented by LEGAL gun owners in the USA. Proof you say . . .
Question: It just seems to defy common sense that crimes likely to involve guns would be reduced by allowing more people to carry guns. How do you explain the results?
Lott: Criminals are deterred by higher penalties. Just as higher arrest and conviction rates deter crime, so does the risk that someone committing a crime will confront someone able to defend him or herself. There is a strong negative relationship between the number of law-abiding citizens with permits and the crime rate—as more people obtain permits there is a greater decline in violent crime rates. For each additional year that a concealed handgun law is in effect the murder rate declines by 3 percent, rape by 2 percent, and robberies by over 2 percent.
Concealed handgun laws reduce violent crime for two reasons. First, they reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves. Second, victims who have guns are in a much better position to defend themselves.

A Cato Institute white paper states that “tens of thousands of crimes” are prevented each year in the United States by legally armed citizens exercising their Second Amendment right to self-defense.
The 58-page study, “Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens,” was released in early February. In it, authors Clayton Cramer and David Burnett analyzed news articles recounting the defensive use of firearms over an eight-year span.
According to the study’s findings, in the vast majority of self-defense cases, the gun is never fired—its presence in the hands of a would-be victim or witness resulted in thwarting a crime or detaining criminals until they were taken into custody by law enforcement.
Tim Lynch, director of Cato’s Project on Criminal Justice, writes that among the study’s significant conclusions is the statistical confirmation that, “The defensive use of guns happens much more often than most people realize,” and, “Each year gun owners prevent a great deal of criminal mayhem – murders, rapes, batteries, and robberies.”
commented 2016-05-27 22:29:04 -0400
’It must be recognized that an armed society is a polite and lawful society. "

Yeah, that explains why the American murder rate is three times our.
commented 2016-05-27 21:16:59 -0400
Firearms advocates will be ignored by the CINOs in their race to become more like the Liberals.

The only clearly conservative policy is to uphold the principle that all citizens have the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS.

The wisdom of this principle is obvious …

Citizens MUST retain the right to destroy tyrannical government and disobedient politicians, who seek to subvert their rights.

Citizens must retain the right, in all instances, to defend themselves and others against those who seek to harm them.

It must be recognized that an armed society is a polite and lawful society.

And guns are fun.

I am packing more security on my belt right now than Canadians could ever hope for. Incompetent police and cowardly soldiers are what Canadians have to look forward to for their protection. That and government bent on tyranny over an unarmed population.
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