May 29, 2016

#CPC16: Firearms resolutions pass with overwhelming support -- Now what?

Brian LilleyArchive

Previously, Faith Goldy told you about gun owners’ rights advocate Richard Wakefield’s efforts at the Conservative Party convention to see that new firearms resolutions were passed in order to become party policy. 

Watch as I speak with Richard about what’s next and why he believes that the passing of these resolutions will re-energize firearms owners to challenge the narrative put out there by the Liberals and the media about gun owners.

We don’t know for certain what the Liberals plan to do but we can be fairly certain that they won’t distinguish between law abiding gun owners and criminals continuing instead to focus on the firearms instead of the people possessing them.

With the passing of these resolutions, Wakefield says he hopes more people will be encouraged to speak up in defense of responsible gun ownership.

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commented 2016-05-30 00:48:41 -0400

Doesn’t matter if Ambrose and Rempel voted for the resolution. They will stab in the back the moment it becomes an bad PR problem.

CINOs are the slimmest.
commented 2016-05-29 23:50:17 -0400
The past few years at SNN and now THEREBEL have been great. The recognition of free speech rights and all those uncensored comments about defending my God given, unalienable rights to life, property and the protection thereof, how anyone kicking in my door to rob me of my life, property or rights – no matter what they’re wearing – will be met with deadly force…Grrrr. Molon Labe. Rah Rah!

Well. It looks like GUN CONFISCATION could be just around the corner with Justin’s Liberals…The solid wood front door set in a log frame with skookum hardware doesn’t seem so solid all of a sudden…
It also looks like I won’t be able to speak my mind about the gender-confused and the threat they and their enablers represent to my country – soon to apply to Islamic terrorists – and any other protected special interest minority with high value entitlement points – because it will soon all become hate speech…officially.
Funny how the loss of those two rights tie in so conveniently…That’d be the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the States…
commented 2016-05-29 21:40:36 -0400
I won’t fault you for taking your swing at the cat Richard – I’m just saying we have been down this road before at CPC policy conventions. The fact we have to come back is testament to the fact firearms policy directives were ignored and ineffective reforms drafted in a vacuum by caucus.

Thanks for your efforts.
commented 2016-05-29 20:43:45 -0400
“The resolutions on lawful firearms possession and use are almost vague generic statements and do not deal dorectly with the issue of decriminalizing noncriminal posessession and lawful use.. "

You’re missing the strategy here. At a convention you dont bog down the delegates with details that wont understand. What you and I and all want, is in the details and covered by inference in the generic statements. I worded these in this way to specifically be vague with the intent in the background.
commented 2016-05-29 20:32:49 -0400
The resolutions on lawful firearms possession and use are almost vague generic statements and do not deal dorectly with the issue of decriminalizing noncriminal posessession and lawful use.. The whole segmet of the statute dealing with lawful possessen and use needs to be repealed. Anything else is tinkering with a draconian uncivil enforcement regime and allows it to continue to be abused and crimininal law misapplied. Reworking the classification system and not removing the supra-parliamentary arbitrary powers to reclassify and ban – it is a pointless endeavor.

If you are sick of being a second class citizen with criminal stimata attached to your lawful activities then effective action must be taken to legally ensure this type of abusive control regime never will damage law abiding citizens AGAIN! Repeal all the sections of the bill that criminally stigmatize lawful firearms ownership and use – this does not belong in criminal law
At the CPC policy level what I see here is déjà vu of the last firarms policy amendment to decriminalize non criminal possession. Last time we had resolutions to kill criminal indemnity by removing the criminally indemnifying licence and returning to a police fitness certification (FAC) to aquite and grandfathering need to renew – it was a clear mandate from the membership, but it was watered down in the language of the final published policy and then obviously ignored by caucus – seeing how they left the dangerously abusive section in the statute which still threatens us today.

We shall see how it looks when published then how the exec and leadership candidates will run with it. I’m in wait and see mode. In the mean time, I believe firearms owners as a group should organize and lawyer-up because there is banning and confiscation on the horizon through unjustified arbitrary reclassification – firearms owners had best hang together or they will certainly hang separately
commented 2016-05-29 19:53:58 -0400
Any politician who has ANY position to control guns simply can not be trusted! These very same politicians are totally removed from the fact that doctors, cars and health practices claim more lives x 1000 – than guns do. Laws have been in place for years to properly prosecute criminals using guns – HOW MANY TIMES HAS IT BEEN USED?!? Start handing out proper & just sentences to those committing real gun or any crimes & finish the sentences – and not criminalize citizens defending themselves.

@ Donald – don’t disregard the “guard” Canada has waiting in the wings – gun control is only a figment of a Libtard’s imagination. To curb criminal activity – a country has to purge it’s governments of CRIMINALS!!
commented 2016-05-29 19:27:41 -0400
“Ambrose, Rempel, and their CINO ilk will everything in their power to disregard the grassroots on this issue. "

They both voted for it.
commented 2016-05-29 18:43:08 -0400
America is the last refuge on the planet where the people can hold the government to account through their Second Amendment Rights. In Canada , forget it.
commented 2016-05-29 17:55:24 -0400
With CINOs in every nook and cranny of the CPC, this resolution was allowed to keep the grassroots at bay. However, CINOs intend to play with the Liberals plans for confiscation of all firearms in Canada. Ambrose, Rempel, and their CINO ilk will everything in their power to disregard the grassroots on this issue.

There is no reason to believe them.
commented 2016-05-29 17:25:50 -0400
maybe as Churchill said, “this is not the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the beginning” Here’s hoping.
commented 2016-05-29 17:06:22 -0400
Firearms will continue to be confiscated

Even the Cons are turning bad on this despite the party rhetoric – just my opinion.

I no longer trust the Cons