October 21, 2016

“Dear Mainstream Media”: NEW Paul Joseph Watson video a must-see

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant calls this "the best @PrisonPlanet election video yet" and says Paul Joseph Watson is "a one-man army for freedom."


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commented 2016-10-23 12:33:35 -0400
The Canadian MSM is as bad, if not worse!
commented 2016-10-22 14:36:44 -0400
I sent it to my oldest brother,tells me he plays hockey with professional financial ect. and I’m the only one talking up Trump.Brain washed MSM All the way.They will not accept the truth period.
commented 2016-10-22 11:00:42 -0400
Love this guy.
Would love to forward this link to my progressive NDP family back east,
but I’m blocked because this is too much truth for them to handle.
commented 2016-10-21 21:35:47 -0400
In no uncertain terms…
commented 2016-10-21 19:37:04 -0400
God bless you Paul. I’ll follow you anywhere. Hey, Peter and Paul. Keep the heat on them, they need to get used to it for their next life. "Thou shalt not bear false witness "
commented 2016-10-21 19:22:10 -0400
The left is pathetic, they deem themselves to be so superior while they lie, cheat steal and censor and hide the truth and misrepresent? Those are the actions of small shallow people who know they are wrong and inferior. And deep down they know it, so the project it as anger toward others instead of dealing with it like an adult should. Sorry left wing idiots, it is not the fault of another that you are
insecure and pathetic.
commented 2016-10-21 19:14:09 -0400
Al Peterson it is a mystery to me as well as to why they hate the truth , they will even die in order to avoid it. They really are screwed up.
commented 2016-10-21 15:19:47 -0400
Patriotic Canadians need to be as bold!
commented 2016-10-21 13:51:33 -0400
I heard a report from one of the poll watchers at the advanced polling in N. Carolina – this is a state the MSM say Hillary has nailed in a landslide – he says the returns are about 2 to 1 for Trump.

When you see untampered results like this you realize how vast the ballot fraud will be to stifle a Trump landslide into a squeaker Clinton win (like the Gore-Bush rigging) – I predict they ( Dems and GOP insiders)will rig the vote, get caught red handed and the whole election will go to the courts and possibly a re-run in which the Dems and possibly the GOP will replace the current candidates – that is a win-win for the status quo power structure and Barry gets to be king for a little longer – the beauty of it ( for the riggers) is that it will be Trump who sets the whole thing in motion.
commented 2016-10-21 12:54:22 -0400
Standing ovation for Paul Joseph Watson. Encore, Encore. Pure honesty and truth.
Absolutely loved this video. Right on Paul. How can anyone in their right mind not see through the criminal lynch mob mentality of CNN and others against Donald Trump. Dozens of cnn anchors repeating the same lines constantly 24/7 meant to totally destroy Donald Trump. Only people guilty of criminal activity would resort to this.
commented 2016-10-21 12:48:27 -0400
The real meaning of a Hillary Clinton presidency is that the West actually lost the Cold War.
commented 2016-10-21 12:17:43 -0400
Glenn, as of yesterday, at Trump’s Delaware, Ohio rally – Trump stated he has invested 100 million $$ of his own money into this campaign. Barring a rigged election, I believe Trump will come out as the winner. But, with the satanic evilness being exacted on the American (& Canadian) people, who knows what will come?
commented 2016-10-21 12:15:34 -0400
Paul captures the key and most critical, if not dangerous issue facing the security of the the USA. If the Fourth Estate can’t regain its credibility, integrity and professionalism, any anarchist/dictator with money can tear apart the Nation — and they’re already lined up and working at it.
commented 2016-10-21 11:30:11 -0400
The MSM call Pall Watson a “conspiracy theorist” – the only open conspiracy here is with the MSM who have openly refused to air the damning PV smoking gun videos proving Dem election fraud/violence – if these had been played on MSM Clinton’s election campaign would be over.

“Conspiracy” is a convenient dodge to dismiss evidence that a narrative is fraudulent or disinformation – whenever you see someone use this against an opponent you know there is a crack in their argument.

As for the MSM calling down PJ Watson, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Matt Drudge, James Okeefe and a host of other Alt media as “conspiracy theorists” or Illegitimate media they would not exist if the MSM was doing it’s job as the 4th estate instead of the 5th column.

Bravo PJ, great rant and damning evidence that this election has spotlighted the MSM as part of a corrupt status quo power structure
commented 2016-10-21 10:07:57 -0400
In video interviews on Alex Jones’ INFOWARS the fellow from VERITAS who did the voter rigging expose said that his story was spiked for two reasons…the MSM fears retalliation if Clinton is elected (apparently they believe their own less than scientific polls and do not believe their own eyes when they see the disproportionate attendance at speaking events) and….this is something to really think about…

If his revelations were put forward to the level of public attention and legal investigation that they actually warrant…THAT WOULD STOP THE ELECTION IN IT’S TRACKS!!!!

I think that even Trump…having invested $25 million of his own money to date on his campaign would not be too anxious to hit the reset button this close to voting day…however it does give him grounds to call for an investigation in the event he looses.

The task for Trump supporters is to motivate voter turnout. The MSMfalse narrative of majority Clinton support will backfire by lulling their supporters into not showing up to vote.
commented 2016-10-21 09:52:40 -0400
Why do people sell their souls for what they know is a lie? Because they want so badly to believe the lie contrary to all evidence. The truth will set you free.
“I Am the Way the Truth and the Life”. Jesus of Nazareth
commented 2016-10-21 09:29:10 -0400
Keith, it seems the whole western world is being run by shit-bags! Indecency is the new normal and decency is shunned! Truth is twisted and turned into conspiracy – all the while the real lies become gospel truth – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that our systems are rigged – by evil witches & warlocks like Obumer, Clintoon, Soros, Nutley and TruDope! This climate change fraud is worse than the “flat earth” theory! Why would any sane patriot want to have illegals & criminals voting for it’s leaders?!?¿
commented 2016-10-21 09:15:49 -0400
Ya gotta like Paul Joseph Watson. He tells it like it is.