September 12, 2015

"Disgraceful": NYT highlights names of Jewish senators who oppose Iran deal -- in yellow!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Polls show that only 21% of Americans support Obama's nuclear deal with Iran -- but the New York Times loves it.

The Times printed a graphic showing which senators were for and against the treaty, and actually indicated whether or not these senators were Jewish and/or had states with significant Jewish populations!

In yellow!

Why didn't they just add a "star" beside their names, Nazi-style?

Jews make up only 2% of the U.S. population. They certainly aren't the only ones who oppose this deal.

This NYT stunt is just more of the casual anti-Semitism of the left.

PS: Did you know that because of Obama's insane bargain with Iran, the U.S. is obligated to help Iran stop Israel or other countries from trying to sabotage Iran's nuclear capability through, for instance, a computer virus.

This means that Iran is now America's ally.


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commented 2015-09-12 10:27:31 -0400
I stand with Israel and the Jewish people.
commented 2015-09-12 10:09:28 -0400
NYT is. A leftist rag.
commented 2015-09-12 10:08:27 -0400
We all-knowing Obama is a Jew hater. He is a Black Bigot.