April 24, 2017

“Disgusting” Leah McLaren personifies what’s wrong with feminism

Gavin McInnesArchive

Leah McLaren just wrote another disgusting column, but at least it isn't about breastfeeding strangers' babies.


Watch and see what I mean, and why what she just did to her own kid is the perfect example of what's wrong with feminism today:

It's not about equality, it's about emasculating men and boys.

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commented 2017-04-25 14:28:50 -0400
Feminism— sucide cannabalism
commented 2017-04-25 00:19:43 -0400
Tammie sadly you are right , i take it some of them even get upset if you hold the door for them or give up your seat to them.
commented 2017-04-24 20:20:18 -0400
“The Canary in the Coal Mine” … “Sweden” … and the “Nuclear Family” either an astounding coincidence or I’m pleased to know someone actually reads our material! Either way, Gavin, thanks for all you do. BTW, my 10 yo son is your biggest fan :-)
For those who care, this is why my NGO believes Sweden is really the Canary in the Coal Mine (StopS206): http://www.keep43.ca/app/download/7245738500/Sweden+-+The+Canary+in+the+Coal+Mine.pdf
commented 2017-04-24 19:19:56 -0400
Drew Wakariuk, of course you allowed to think that. Just be careful which women you say it to….some will accept the compliment with a smile; others will find a disgusting label to hurl at you or maybe even throw a punch!
commented 2017-04-24 19:02:32 -0400
Am i still allowed to think women are beautiful and sexually attractive? Or is that forbidden now?
commented 2017-04-24 18:41:32 -0400
Canadian Mongrel – you said it. The teachers pick out the children that they can’t control by snapping their fingers, or bullying them. I know of a little girl that was also forced to take drugs to control her behaviour. Then to top it off, they don’t allow them to play anything physical at recess, to let off steam. Which further controls their natural behaviour, in order to confuse and frustrate them. I’m shocked at how many people believe that ADHD garbage and do what the schools say. Of course the shrinks are involved in this evil too. Pink Floyd’s song about teachers is so true now.
commented 2017-04-24 18:17:29 -0400
I have posted these links in another thread and in case you missed them,Linda Sarsour is leading the fake feminists. She is a militant Islamist, and a champion of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Linda Sarsour attacked Ayaan Hirsi via twitter and in the media, See Ayaan’s interview:
Sarsour’s deleted tweets – luckily, they were archived by a concerned person.

Billy Bong’s great commentary – found this video today
commented 2017-04-24 18:12:28 -0400
The alphabet soup of made-up psychological disorders from the Readers’ Digest School of Psychiatry, ADHD, ODD, CDS, etc., were all targeting normal boy behaviours of being distracted and rebellious. These behaviours are due to boys being naturally inquisitive and less likely to accept the status quo. Consequently, the epidemic use of drugs, like Ritalin, on boys.

If girls showed these symptoms, they just had issues and needed to be understood, never put on drugs.

The child abuse of putting boys on chemicals to change their behaviours, have now been joined by the psychological child abuse of “parents” like Leah McLaren.

I do find it ironic though that McLaren considers ballet a solely female activity to put her boy into to feminize him. I wonder what the great dancers like Nureyev would think of that, but then he is Russian and Russia seems to be the only Western style country that still produces male-type men.
commented 2017-04-24 17:54:17 -0400
Justin Trudeau is a feminist…but his wife Sophie is not…..none of Justin’s feminist supporters and admirers think that she is “one of the girls”….but Justin just doesn’t seem to get that.
commented 2017-04-24 17:03:58 -0400
Gavin, Leah McLaren has a screw loose! The third wave feminists are a joke and a group of hypocrites, they completely rationalize the subjugation & abuse of millions of girls and women without losing any sleep at night. They align themselves with Islamofascists and don’t realize they have entered a state of dhimmitude. These fake feminists are truly warped, Trudeau included.
They value their genitalia staying intact & count their orgasms…, these hypocritical women can’t or will not fathom the lifelong painful consequences of FGM and do nothing to stop it!!!! Willfully blind sheep wearing pussie hats and carrying signs full of nonsense. Oh, the actors & singers who join this madness are on my boycott list. They are clearly sell-outs!
commented 2017-04-24 17:00:22 -0400
There is a difference. Testosterone
commented 2017-04-24 16:47:13 -0400
Harley; Exactly. I can remember 30 yrs. ago teachers beginning to tell our boys to settle down , don’t be jumping up and down trying to answer the questions, don’t be so rough, play nice and all this crap. Seemed good at the time you know, good manners and all. But at its essence was taking the boy outa the boy.
commented 2017-04-24 16:36:55 -0400
This is why we’re in this population mess. Encourage your kids to have babies. The more babies the less time for this feminist nonsense.
commented 2017-04-24 16:28:27 -0400
Feminising began in the schools a couple decades ago. I think this resulted in the drop out rate being higher for boys.
First remove everything young boys like Sticks, guns, knives, rockets.
In an older school in Calgary their was a shooting range in the basement. shut down and not because of school shooting.
Rocketry club shut down due to insurance, same for flying model air planes in the gym. Even though there was never an incident. maybe the kids were smart enough then not to stand up in front of a model plane or rocket. i was allowed to bring my dads old 22 cal. to school to refinish the stalk. one would simply drop off the bolt at the principals office.
Murder ball then had to be called dodge ball. Then Football we all loved became flag foot ball no contact. Shop class went from welding , forge molding, lathe, band saw etc……. all shut down for insurance reasons. To heat up a piece of plastic in a toaster oven to form over a block of wood.
I dont have a problem with the introduction of girls in shop and boys in home economics. After all these years though females are no where near 50% of trades people. If you asked any young man why he would take home eco. he would say to meet girls.
commented 2017-04-24 14:42:57 -0400
Feminising young boys results in Homosexualism. That’s fine, I am not putting Gays down. The point is, a lot of these kids would have grown up and Married, eventually creating a Family of their own.

The more Gays there are equals less Child Births, this ends up with less None Muslims. Wynne’s Sex Education program works the same way.

Western population decreases. Muslim population increases. All part of the Saudi plan.
commented 2017-04-24 14:05:51 -0400
These feminist freaks need to be charged with child abuse.
commented 2017-04-24 13:55:02 -0400
Gavin McInnes said, “Let’s just be normal human beings for a change!”

Problem is that “normal” is defined by the norm, or the average in society. Apparently the norm in today’s Western culture is for men to be pussy-whipped with almost all vestiges of masculinity removed.

So no, we do not want the “normal” for men. Let’s get back to when men were men and women were women not more than a few decades ago even.