May 07, 2016

“Eco-freaks” wrong about Fort Mac wildfires. Here’s what DID cause them

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Fort McMurray is devastated by wildfires, tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and have lost their homes and possessions but that didn’t stop people from blaming climate change for the catastrophe.

The eco-crazies were out in full force on social media, rejoicing as the town went up in flames -- even Elizabeth May stopped just short of blaming Alberta for bringing the catastrophe on. And who could forget the tweet from former NDP candidate Tom Moffat, who called the fires “karmic” and used the hash tag “Feel the Bern” to mock the town.

I know this is going to come as a shock but wildfires like the Miramichi fire that happened in New Brunswick and the Peshtigo fire in 1871 have occurred throughout history.

Scientists that specialize in climate say global average temperatures have risen only one degree and that if human activity is the culprit in rising temperatures, it would have only been significant starting from 1960. A degree in temperature increase is not “catastrophic” and the argument that climate change causes wildfires is flawed simply based on the fact that there have been more catastrophic events throughout time.

So, what did cause the fires?

It all started with El Nino, the appearance of unusually warm water off of Peru and Ecuador that causes complex changes in climate. It meant winter ended a month earlier in Alberta, causing higher than average temperatures. This in turn caused dry conditions that have provided ample fuel in the form of tinder dry forest fires.

A report released in 2012 also found that our forests are aging and much drier than 50 years ago. For Fort McMurray, it was one of those times where the elements for a wildfire were present – dry fuel, low humidity and high winds.

El Nino and aging forests aren’t a result of climate change, or human activity, so when are the politicians and eco-freaks going to stop misleading people and just have some compassion for the people of Fort McMurray?

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commented 2016-05-09 21:52:24 -0400
Easy way to make money and prevent fires at the same time. Log more land, and reforest it with younger trees, burning out the dry scrub as you go. And this can be explained as a carbon reduction scheme that can pay for itself, as young, small trees absorb more carbon than old ones. Everyone’s happy in theory.
commented 2016-05-09 18:25:25 -0400
FACTS, not ideology determine reality
commented 2016-05-09 17:30:47 -0400
So the Alberta government was warned after the Slave Lake fire that Alberta’s forests were aging and fires would be a more common occurance. They, being both the NDP AND The Conservatives chose to do nothing about it in the ways of fire guards etc AND actually cut firefighting budgets. In my eyes this is negligence and a class action lawsuit by those affected by this fire should be filed. I realize the taxpayer will be on the hook for this bill if the government has to pay BUT the taxpayer will be on the hook anyways when Raunchey Notley starts handing out money. A lawsuit will not only help those that need it but it will also put responsibility and blame squarely on the shoulders of where it belongs – the Government of Alberta who consistently listens to the enviro-freaks. Maybe paying for the damage will help them grow some balls to stand up to the tree huggers.
commented 2016-05-09 15:23:52 -0400
What caused them?

SJWs with flare guns or tubes.

This is only going to get a lot bigger.
commented 2016-05-09 12:15:33 -0400
If you want more info on the source of the “Vitriol” surrounding the Climate Change SCAM, you need look no further than ICLEI. — ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is an international association of local governments and national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. – UNITED NATIONS – .
Try to get your heads around this, it is a lot more than just “CARBON TAXES” they are coming after your property, including your personal vehicles. They want you packed and stacked into SUSTAINABLE Cities, limited travel, reduced population. Kind of like “FEED LOTS” for humans. Don’t believe it – than ask yourselves what was Bill 6 about, how about apartment buildings (with no parking spaces), more and more restrictions on small farming, shutting down of “COAL MINES” that result in shutting down coal generators, shutting down or limiting oil sands developments etc. etc.. This is just the beginning, do some research, the information is available to you, IF YOU DARE!!!!
Oh please, don’t ask me who “THEY ARE” , IF YOU DON’T KNOW OR CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO FIND OUT, I am sorry but it is probably too late for you. Start by turning off your TV.
commented 2016-05-09 10:13:56 -0400
Lloyd commented:
“Bob dylan____ strum your hippie ballads ,you vacouse shallow lefty, you’re about as deep as a mud puddle”

Mud puddle? I’d say more like the depth of an ant’s piss puddle (if ants did piss)

commented 2016-05-09 09:13:27 -0400
Bob dylan____ strum your hippie ballads ,you vacouse shallow lefty, you’re about as deep as a mud puddle
The facts are there for every body to see
PETER doesn’t even have to dig them up for us
For the time being, what a waste of carbon you are!!!!!!
commented 2016-05-09 06:48:42 -0400
Dylan McLernon those numbers are totally screwed up because your not factoring in that much of the world doesn’t need to expend as much energy to heat their homes like we do.
I would like to also point out that unlike many middle eastern countries don’t have much of the vegetation like we do. (aka boreal forest) What most people forget is CO2 is what plants consume. Simple science.
commented 2016-05-09 01:47:23 -0400
Sure El Nino was a contributing factor but what ignited the flames? In my opinion the fires at Ft Mac could have been started on purpose by the Eco freaks. I wouldn’t put it past some leftist Suzuki and Dicaprio type radicals to pull something like this to try to shut down the oil sands projects. Having the right weather conditions it wouldn’t have taken much for one or several of them to start the blaze.
commented 2016-05-09 01:02:32 -0400
So if this is Karma then why does progressive tolerant cesspool California get hit with fires so often?
Oh yeah because they have dirtier oil there , my bad.
commented 2016-05-09 01:01:32 -0400
Dylan sorry if you hate the truth and need to go hide in green idiots lies, but go ahead. We do not care , what makes you idiots think we need you for anything?
commented 2016-05-08 19:55:00 -0400
Dylan said, “You are all whack jobs here anyhow, so there is no point in even bothering to try and speak reasonably.”

Why would you want to hang around here with “whack jobs”? In order to keep from damaging your 4 billion IQ with conversation from us “whack jobs”, shouldn’t you go away?

Oh, btw Dylan, would you be so kind as to provide us with the raw data from which you calculated “that we have been among the top 3 contributors of CO2 since the turn of the century” please. Thanks ever so much.
commented 2016-05-08 19:37:58 -0400
You know those 3200 government jobs Notley has created….she can re-write the job descriptions now to hire the unemployed oil employees to work on rebuilding Fort McMurray and tree and forest restoration projects.
commented 2016-05-08 19:32:28 -0400
Dylan canada accounts for 1.6 percent of the words green house gases, china is first, the states is second thethe rest of the world is third, EU is 4th, india is 5th, russia is 6th, canada is tied for 10th with mexico, and iran. world carbon emissions as of 2013, china 27.1% usa 16.9 % india 5.5 % 1 to 2 percent canada, so guess again, the numbers dont like. plus if your so dead set against oil products then toss your cell phone, computer, car, clothing, bike,meds, and a partial list of some 6000 items feel free to stop using them.
commented 2016-05-08 19:24:05 -0400
Ah! Where was Suzuki when these fires started? He did have a sabotage movie on pipelines! This looks like arson against the people in the only earthly truly renewable resource oil/coal/gas etc etc etc! Bureaucrats fully at fault for this fire! Oh fire all these useless public paid paper shufflers . Carbon is the only thing that will clear the atmosphere of chem trailing!
commented 2016-05-08 18:56:25 -0400
Lloyd Nolan if you did the math, you would realize that we have been among the top 3 contributors of CO2 since the turn of the century. You are all whack jobs here anyhow, so there is no point in even bothering to try and speak reasonably.
commented 2016-05-08 18:54:02 -0400
Eco Freaks? hahahaha… this news source is a joke.
commented 2016-05-08 18:48:22 -0400
Can we please give credit where credit is due? I heard Alberta’s Rachel Notley cut the firefighting budget by 80%. The need to fight fires is ongoing from year to year, and this year is no different. Fact: Drastically cutting the firefighting budget by 80% didn’t give the firefighters the resources they needed this year to win against wildfires. Someone needs to humble herself to step down. This blunder is just one too many.
commented 2016-05-08 15:09:25 -0400
And how much carbon emissions were released into the atmosphere by this forest fire? Some research indicates that as much as 30% of all carbon emissions stem from forest fires. Some estimate that this particular fire will emit as much CO2 as humans will in one year of activity.
And wait for the global warmists to hide these stats and say it was anthropogenic warming!
commented 2016-05-08 14:31:54 -0400
Forests, woods and big conifer trees close to towns/urban areas should be a huge “fire danger” warning sign as they are an uncontrollable fuel source.

Local fire departments within towns are always conscience of combustible fuel sources next to buildings and warning owners to practice good be fire prevention.
Just as you wouldn’t surround your buildings with open combustible refuse bins, you should take measures not to surround your towns/cities with combustibles.
Trees are aesthetically nice but sooner or later the right dry weather with wind conditions arise and then catastrophe.
One of the problems is that most gov’ts and local councils are overrun with environmentalists who are too emotional about saving all the trees without considering the risks they pose.
commented 2016-05-08 13:46:55 -0400
98% of voters do not listen to Elizabeth May anymore; why does the MSM give her so much air time ? She should take herself and her freaky followers and disappear.
She also commented lately that Canada is lucky , as the Syrian refugees are going to help re-populate our Country. No Thanks !
commented 2016-05-08 13:25:18 -0400
TODD OUELLETTE commented 14 hours ago
You would think that the Boy King Trudeau would want to at least show up for a Photo-Op, but I guess not!! So the media covers for him. What a waste of air!!
The Mars is undergoing its annual maintenance and the the 747 in the states has not been certified yet.Plus, the AG has not asked for them.
commented 2016-05-08 12:08:46 -0400
PETER — they would only have to stop the train and do a report and other procedures, further slowing down our economy
commented 2016-05-08 11:56:29 -0400
E.May is a pot head from Salt Spring Is.
commented 2016-05-08 11:22:30 -0400
TODD OUELLETTE commented 12 hours ago
You would think that the Boy King Trudeau would want to at least show up for a Photo-Op, but I guess not!! So the media covers for him.”

You can bet he’ll show up in world record time if a mosque burns down. Junior can’t stand to miss another opportunity to play bicycle rack with his Islamist buddies, whine about hate crimes and give them more stacks of our cash.
commented 2016-05-08 10:25:48 -0400
If the Eco-freaks would do their math they would have to blame China

BILL ELDER. The “Police” are on their side, most part

Good report HOLLY
commented 2016-05-08 07:48:12 -0400
Ugh beach not beech
commented 2016-05-08 07:47:36 -0400
Empathy is gone. The left remind me of whales that beech themselves on purpose. Self destruction – has anyone done any studies on this? It would be interesting to look into why this behaviour is so prevelant. Time to Google … Maybe the library instead though. I’ll only get leftist hits.
commented 2016-05-08 02:20:47 -0400
Hi Holly. So good to hear your voice of sanity.
commented 2016-05-08 00:48:53 -0400
You’re all right. But who are the House of Commons spokespersons who will educate Canadians on the subject and oppose the eco-frenzies?

This will, unfortunately, simply give Trudeau, Notley, May etc the fuel to suck us dry with new taxes for every environmental scheme they can think of. Imagine all the money they’ll make on us now.

The fact is, this is Mother Nature. Like the animals being displaced by human development, people are developing and living in an area of forests. Like earthquakes are a potential reality of living on the BC lower mainland/coast, this is their reality.

Very sad for the people of Fort McMurray, the beautiful forest and all the wildlife that has been killed.