April 12, 2016

#EqualPayDay on Twitter: Feminists who are “bad at math” complain about mythical wage gap

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Today is Equal Pay Day. It’s another feminist blame men day!

These feminists, both male and female, are really bad at math. They think that women have to work from January 1, 2015 all the way to April 12, 2016 to earn what men earned from January 1 2015 to Dec 31 2015. The whole concept is bunk.

Men on average work more and women work less and more flexible hours. Men work in professions that pay more and women work in professions that pay less. It’s really that simple. And women can make these choices because we women in the western world are the most free and most liberated women on the planet in the entire history of humanity. We are not oppressed. We choose this.

In my video, I break down the statistics and numbers that prove there is no real wage gap.

I reject the feminist mantra that men are inherently bad, out to get us women or privileged. The freedoms we enjoy every day in western society were fought for by men. I refuse to believe that men who love women, the men in our lives who are our biggest defenders and loudest cheerleaders, like our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons are part of some warlock coven of patriarchy who plot ways to oppress us while drinking beers in the garage or watching NASCAR.

If the feminists of the western world want to talk about privilege, let’s do it. Men work more and see their children less. In Alberta where I am, because of the nature of working in our oil patch, men routinely miss birthdays, holidays, dance recitals, Christmas concerts, and hockey games because they’re working to give their women and children the best the lives they can. Men are making these emotional sacrifices everyday. Women, as a whole, are not. That makes women the privileged ones.

So today, on this made up day of Equal Pay Day, let’s celebrate those men in our lives who work later, work more and work harder so that women can work less and be with their children more.

Here’s to you, Patriarchy, my kids and I salute you!

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commented 2016-04-16 09:46:57 -0400
SAM YOUNG, you are an idiot.

No explanation required.
commented 2016-04-16 09:43:25 -0400
Let a feminist reshingle her own roof, then ask her how she feels.
commented 2016-04-13 12:54:06 -0400
Why do some women feel more comfortable in the victim role than owning their decisions. Life is volitional, if a woman wants to make as much money as the man beside her there is nothing stopping her but her own choices.
And ya, men rock!
commented 2016-04-13 12:50:19 -0400
Sam go take a pill. Not even going to dissect your lame convoluted comments.
Sheila, right on. Very well said.
The playing field is as level as it can be considering the biological factors. Nothing is stopping women from climbing to the top of the ladder as we know. Those who work part time, take time off to raise babies, don’t have the physical stamina, or take unskilled work are not going to end up with the same income at the end of the year as someone who works at a highly skilled job full time no breaks. It doesn’t mean any one is holding anyone back or that there is a ceiling.
commented 2016-04-13 02:27:17 -0400
Sheila, you are an idiot.

So on one hand, you blame women for earning less because of their career decisions. Then you treat men like they are the victims because they miss out due to working longer hours. Yet, you say that it is women who make their own choices. But what about men? Men don’t consciously make career decisions as well?

At the end of the day, many, but not all members of both genders make sacrifices. The reason why people make sacrifices, is to get more in return. If women want a lower paying job in return for flex time and safety, it is their choice. If men seek out higher paying jobs, in return they have more danger and longer days, it is their choice.

There is nothing stopping a woman from getting a traditionally male job, and nothing is stopping men from working a traditionally female job. All people make career decisions that have pros and cons. To be more specific, men made these decisions knowing the sacrifices that went with the job. Men do not need you to be a white knight and be the voice of men.

It is incredible how you can make a video complaining about double standards, but you end up promoting double standards yourself. Somebody like you should not be working for a conservative news source.
commented 2016-04-13 00:23:08 -0400
Anonymous wrote «This is the mentality from Feminists.»

When a feminist spells out the way they believe that men see women, they are really talking about how the feminists themselves see women.
commented 2016-04-13 00:18:10 -0400
real women don’t need feminism as they have the love and support of a caring man.
the rest are just angry lesbians.
commented 2016-04-12 23:19:04 -0400
My wife and I raised six kids , 2 boys, 4 girls. The girls did Bachelor of Science programs or Engineering programs. The oldest three all make between $70,000 – 120,000 annually. The youngest just finished an Engineering degree in the U.S. and has been accepted into the U.S.Navy Academy at Annapolis for their Nuclear Engineering program for aircraft carriers. . Their 93 year old grandmother was a radar operator during the Battle of Britain and was one of the first women to graduate from the London School of Economics with a Bsc. in Economics studying under John Maynard Keynes whose economic theories underpin all Western economics in post war Western civilization.
It was said that Ginger Rogers could do whatever Fred Astaire could do only in high heels and backwards.
Women who complain about their struggle as feminists are in my humble opinion either lazy , stupid or both.
commented 2016-04-12 19:33:44 -0400
SHEILA GUNN REID is not a Feminist, which means she is an inferior female whose opinions do not matter, who wants to be subjugated by men, and is happy to live in this misogynist society.

This is the mentality from Feminists. like Rosemary Westwood of the Metro newspaper, who not only think Women are superior to Men, but Feminists are superior to non-Feminists.

This is why you have people like columnist Christina Blizzard, Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod and others coming out as Feminists because if they do not, for reasons above, they will not be taken seriously.

This is why we need a Conservative Party and the conservative mainstream media, like the Sun, that will give a voice to women like SHEILA GUNN REID

Come on you sexist misogynist male chauvinist Conservative politicians and media members, stand up for the majority Women like SHEILA GUNN REID, instead of showing what inferior foolish men you are by being afraid to tick off a few Feminists and be called sexists and gender chauvinists by Feminists who are the true sexists and gender chauvinists today
commented 2016-04-12 18:01:15 -0400
Here Here
commented 2016-04-12 17:58:48 -0400

Try feminazis instead.

While I am on the road my wife looks after the farm and does the daily work that still includes raising some kids – now grandkids.

On the other side – if you ever need some explosives – she is queen of the kitchen as well as being fully licensed to handle the stuff – makes for some neat times during some of the family celebrations.

She tossed a few “ladies” off the property one day who thought they would show her how I was doing her wrong.

Got to love a lady like that!
commented 2016-04-12 17:55:08 -0400
THANK-YOU, MARILYN NEILSON, it’s nice to have a little reinforcement.
commented 2016-04-12 17:00:02 -0400
male feminists – LMFAO!!!! WTF????

Healthcare and education is loaded with women – and they often bring home more than their husbands.

Angry lesbians spewing hate because they can’t breed.
commented 2016-04-12 16:35:09 -0400
Sheila: Bless your heart! I am one of those privileged women who was lucky enough to have a husband who worked long hours every working day…no time off for sick leave….no time off for feeling sorry for himself. We raised six children, who are now grown up and fully employed, all thanks to the self sacrifice of their father, my husband. Every women in the country should give thanks to all these wonderful men!