May 05, 2015

'Erection Day' UK Conservative Party Candidate’s leaflet could have used a look-over

Rebel Staff

Eyes were bulging out of heads after catching this error.

A leaflet encouraging voters to go out on 'Erection Day' has been making rounds online.

Candidate James Duddridge tweeted the leaflet himself saying “Always have someone to proof read your leaflet. This one had no imprint and mentions Erection Day. Keep it up!”

The leaflet hasn't been distributed yet, as election day is May 7.

The error itself is one that spellcheck wouldn't catch.

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commented 2015-05-06 13:06:20 -0400
Reminds me of flied lice.
commented 2015-05-06 12:37:25 -0400
Yeah, Maurice, hahaha. The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese I know would laugh too.

The R is nowhere near the L on any keyboard. Either a whole-word computer auto check decided the right word should be erection – which happens far more often than it should – or some office technician’s mind was distracted by thoughts other than the election.

Or, most likely, this was an intentional error designed to draw attention to Duddridge’s campaign.

In light of the politician named Denis whose campaign signs repeatedly replace the D with a P, I suspect that is what this is. An intentional gimmick to get votes.
commented 2015-05-06 06:43:53 -0400
lol Maurice… you may be treading on tin ice.
commented 2015-05-05 16:52:40 -0400
Maybe the flyer was specifically aim at the British Chinese, Korean and Japanese communities.