October 23, 2015

"Fake": $2.2B Ivanpah solar plant runs on so much NATURAL GAS, it's subject to cap and trade!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Ivanpah solar plant in Nevada is one of the biggest in the world.

It was built with $2.2 billion in government loans and grants.

You don’t need a government loan to build a real power plant — they make money.

But a solar power plant doesn’t.

The thing is, despite all those mirrors, the Ivanpah solar plant doesn't even make power.

Solar power is so inefficient that Ivanpah actually has to run on natural gas -- so much so that it's now subject to cap and trade regulations!

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commented 2015-10-24 16:15:53 -0400
AND…. the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on mitigation schemes could have been used to eradicate the deaths of millions of these third world children by providing clean, affordable energy
commented 2015-10-24 14:43:45 -0400
Ezra was at least partially correct when he said this Nevada fiasco was paid for by Canadian taxpayers…the ones who lose heavily at the casinos in Vegas! As a geologist, I have been shaking my head so hard since this climate change idiocy my head has damn near fallen off. Someone here correctly mentioned that climate change has been going on for eons (100’s of millions of years), with an ice age here and there, some hot times up in Canada’s present arctic, etc. And, this all happened without the assistance of man made carbon dioxide. Why don’t all these “caring” lefties do something good like helping to eradicate the deaths of millions of third world children from lack of good water, malnutrition, medications, starvation, malaria, etc.? I imagine it’s just too damn difficult for them to get out and knock on doors to raise money for a real worthy cause. Clicking LIKE on facebook envirokooks sites is soo much easier for the softies!
commented 2015-10-24 12:05:21 -0400
Alan. I have a picture on the side of my fridge of that system you linked to. It’s old, yellow, drying out. That’s how long it’s just been sitting there. I thought it was super cool, but unfortunately, when they tried to scale it up it didn’t work, and that’s why they’re not being built.

Daryl. Who are you yelling at? We Rebels are well aware the whole Global Warming / alternative energy schemes are the biggest scam in the history of man. We’re way ahead of you!!
commented 2015-10-24 10:25:10 -0400
Daryl, the problem with dried dung as a fuel (besides the stink which the folks who use it probably get used to) is it still emits that nasty old CO2…it is abundant though I will grant you that…
commented 2015-10-24 10:09:15 -0400
Yes, Daryl, I realized my error .25 seconds after I clicked on the “Post Your Comment” button. Sorry for the error.
commented 2015-10-24 00:59:59 -0400
I’m so far to the right that I have drive down the centre of the highway just to get to my destiny! FFS!
I honestly wasn’t attacking him. Just boosting some thoughts about heat. LOL!
I live the same way as he does. Just don’t like the heat from the BS!
commented 2015-10-24 00:31:34 -0400
Daryl Herman, you are obviously leftist. You attqacked Glenn Craig instead of having the intellect to respond to the content of his post.

Leftists always attack the person and not address the issue the person they attack commented about. It is the sign of a weak mind.
commented 2015-10-24 00:06:32 -0400
RE: "Glenn Craig commented 4 hours ago
A&K Chattaway…..I support theREBEL…but I never throw away an idea…..something inspired an insight….and if we could come up with a technology that sucked the heat out of the desert… "

Glen, if we were able to suck 5% of the heat off the pure bullshit we are hearing from arm-chair scientists, we have this whole planet in Flames!! All the CHEAP fuels are being purposefully “burnt-off” because they can’t be taxed the way these flat-brained idiots would want.
People ! We have alternative energy options – many from days of old – but we are allowing these arm-chair IDIOTS to subvert our system for their “profit” only.
Check out what the former Green Peace executive has stated regarding these climate change issues -as has many honest scientist.

For F- – K Sake people stop & think – the climate has been changing since the beginning of time – AND when people like David Suzuki & his best new pall – Just-in Trudeau can start coming up with some positive ideas how to control solar and volcanic influence on our world climate – me thinks they should just go and QUICKLY find a hole to hide in – because heir theories are only those to tap more cash from your ever skinny wallet!! People – other than those mad scientists from the USA government playing with Tesla’s ideas & patents ie. HARRP – have absolutely no influence on what the weather is going to be like tomorrow!

What we need is a BULLSHIT burner.
Then we’d have Just-in looking for fire-extinguishing technology. Most definitely at our expense & his buddy’s profit. Which we do have – but I ain’t telling him about my grade 8 science experiment!!
…not sure he could even comprehend that science.
commented 2015-10-23 22:46:34 -0400
And that’s the core of the problem… Until there is a breakthrough in solar panel energy conversion, above the 16 per cent efficiency only obtained in laboratory conditions, it will remain a “subsidy driven” game… Leave it to the private sector to find the solutions, until then, keep your hands off my wallet… A personal home emergency solar backup system is nice to have and indeed many amateur radio operators set one up for just such a purpose, as do people who for philosophical purposes have decided to “live off the grid”… But it is EXPENSIVE and should not be imposed on anybody by any government…
commented 2015-10-23 22:05:09 -0400
That is the stupidest solar power generation facility ever, there are much better and more efficient solar thermal generation sites.
commented 2015-10-23 21:25:37 -0400
COLIN CRAMTON commented -
“solar power generators do not run on sunlight, nor do wind turbines run on the wind. they are both run by gov’t. subsidies.”

That was so funny, and bang on! Thanks for the laughs.
commented 2015-10-23 20:02:49 -0400
Nathan W wrote «It’s not fake. It produced 40 GwH of clean energy per quarter in 2014»

That’s pretty much nothing. A real power plant produces 1 GW of power all day every day, for a total of 2191 GWh per quarter. This $2.2B boondoggle falls short by only 98.2%.
commented 2015-10-23 19:58:33 -0400
A&K Chattaway…..I support theREBEL…but I never throw away an idea…..something inspired an insight….and if we could come up with a technology that sucked the heat out of the desert…we would have something that met the criteria of that fellow who stated the dichotomy between fossil fuels and man gadgets so simply but eloquently…sorry I am terrible at remembering names….

But the technology we currently have for doing that doesn’t work all that well.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods……cold nights in this old farm house I am more thankful for that than I am for any promise from a nice guy…….

I will have to pay a carbon tax for my firewood…..unless i scrounge it myself or find a grey market source….nothing is black or white…

I have always made it a personal point of ethical wood burning…I only burn wood that was a nuisance…and had to be cut…or was the biproduct of forestry to finished product manufacture …and would otherwise be a waste management problem.

I am an old tree hugger…..so I plant lots of trees…..planting more is on my bucket list.
commented 2015-10-23 16:36:39 -0400
From publicly-available figures I calculated that at least 28% of the electrical energy this plant delivers over the course of a year comes from natural gas. Despite its enormous cost and large land area (1600 hectares, about 15% of the size of Vancouver BC) its average power output is very low. It dazzles pilots and fries thousands of birds every year. There are better solar technologies than this, such as Solar Updraft Towers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_updraft_tower
commented 2015-10-23 16:34:39 -0400
solar power generators do not run on sunlight, nor do wind turbines run on the wind. they are both run by gov’t. subsidies
commented 2015-10-23 15:39:48 -0400
DJ Oats: No, it does not generate electricity at night. It is running worse than designed, but it is still in the startup phase, and it is experimental technology. Not a well researched article.
commented 2015-10-23 14:33:14 -0400
Vlad your description of Wynn is a little rude and maybe considered vile by some but in trying to come up with a more polite way to describe her and her govt. I wasn’t able to find a better desciption
commented 2015-10-23 14:23:17 -0400
This is so sad its funny.
commented 2015-10-23 14:04:52 -0400
mark macfadzen – commented
i know a left wing environmentalist who just tells me it is still better than oil …repeat in a drone voice…repeat in a drone voice…repeat….

Yes, that is exactly what they say, while the hypocrites use all the modern conveniences that are made with oil. If they want to back up what they say, then they need to wean themselves off of all products that are made with oil. Otherwise they are just plain old hypocrites!
commented 2015-10-23 14:03:06 -0400
As DJ stated; Ken’ does solar work at night’ ? please answer the question. If it does, please feel free to enlighten us dumb rednecks.
commented 2015-10-23 13:49:02 -0400
KEN – does it run at full capacity at night?
commented 2015-10-23 13:30:49 -0400
The second biggest untold fail of solar (and wind) energy—it requires supplemental energy (fossil fuel) due to it’s intermittency. Not that I personally am bother by carbon emissions given the fallacy of CAGW, however, warmists should be concerned since they’ve imbibed healthy portions of that Kool-Aid. The biggest fail? It’s exhorbitant cost subsidized by the taxpayer to appease the grossly undereducated enviroharpies.
commented 2015-10-23 13:26:41 -0400
i know a left wing environmentalist who just tells me it is still better than oil …repeat in a drone voice…repeat in a drone voice…repeat….
commented 2015-10-23 13:12:42 -0400
The current green energy development is a scam plain and simple and that goes for every country, county, city and town around the world, I will definitely send this to all my old hippie friends.
commented 2015-10-23 12:39:51 -0400
Charles, we both have the same disease. The Left make me sick also.
commented 2015-10-23 12:26:36 -0400
I see the leftist voice is no where near this news report. Terry and Jimmie here is your brainwashing at full force. You leftist make me sick.
commented 2015-10-23 12:25:47 -0400
I assume at the very end you meant to say that U.S. taxpayers are paying for, not Canadian.
commented 2015-10-23 12:16:24 -0400
Why would Canadian Tax dollars go to an energy project in California?