November 18, 2017

“Fake Indians,” Trump trolling and other “craziness” at UN Climate Change Conference

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

I'm a climate change skeptic from Alberta's oil patch, but they were using so much fossil fuel at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany that I felt right at home.

Before I leave, here's a rundown of some of the craziness I saw here — it was enough to last me a lifetime...

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commented 2017-11-22 03:45:40 -0500
When I saw “Fake Indians” I thought that Elizabeth Warren was in attendance. ;)
commented 2017-11-20 13:56:51 -0500
Awesome work Sheila.

Add on top of all the UN/greenie hypocrisy and climate BS this little news item:
This article in NP also shows that this climate BS is simply BS period, however they tried to salvage the climate change narrative at the end of article. Just too funny, reminds me of that End of Times prediction I came across that claimed Denver will become beach front property but the west coast of Canada will not be effected at all. They truly are reaching with their climate BS, pockets are getting empty so they need Canadian funds.
commented 2017-11-19 19:54:21 -0500
Hilarious comic that finally exposes (in 1 panel) why climate change scientists are so hysterical about climate change:
commented 2017-11-19 15:02:47 -0500
Jan G—— " The Rebel staff is better than it has ever been."

I’m also quite happy with the way things worked out. There are one or two places that I don’t visit, but I don’t have time anyway.
I do miss Brian and his unfilled role as a Political Journalist. The MSM reports on Trudeau 24/7, but what about Scheer and Singh? What are they doing?
commented 2017-11-19 14:48:53 -0500
Sheila, you had an impossible assignment; you were supposed to report on a party, however you weren’t allowed to go to the party.
Great job of exposing those hypocrites.

Canadian Mongrol—I see your point that we little people can best influence local Government.
Occasionally I like The Rebel reporting outside of Canada. We used to get lied to regarding the state of affairs in Sweden and the UK re. the Muslim takeover, until Ezra visited these Countries and exposed the lies.
commented 2017-11-19 00:59:00 -0500
Great work Sheila and thanks for the reminder of the Herman Nelson. How many planes we kept warm up north (and our trailer when we ran out of fuel oil) ahh.
commented 2017-11-19 00:07:49 -0500
Sheila has to cover all these things UN related. Exposing these sad global cocktail parties dilutes their “assumed” respectability and is an astringent to the worlds belief that they are the leeches we need to cleanse the blood, when in fact they are just leeches. I don’t remember the skeptic who said “wait a minuet, I don’t think the science corroborates that leeches actually clean the blood”. All the doctors did it because it was the practice of the day. I hope this craziness will, like leeches to the
medical profession, pass into history as a the stupid belief that it is.
commented 2017-11-18 23:58:05 -0500
Must say, TheRebel staff is better than it has ever been. A terrific group of experienced and intelligent journalists.
Sheila, you’ve been great. You’ve dug up the literal dirt they’ve been causing and didn’t want anyone to see.
What a shame those who recycle their pop cans and call themselves environmentalists, haven’t heard the side of this story you’ve presented.
The world is full of uninformed and ill informed followers. They’ll go in whatever direction the liberal wind is blowing. Of course, its usually hot air.
But they’d say it was global warming.
commented 2017-11-18 22:27:10 -0500
Good reporting Sheila , Just being around those climate cucks would make me lose my mind . Hypocrites , every single one of them .
commented 2017-11-18 20:56:55 -0500
Thanks Sheila for far more enlightening reporting from outside the fence. All the stuff that the MSM missed because they were part of the party. Mind you, they wouldn’t have reported it anyway for fear of loosing favour with those who bankroll the annual fossil fuel partyfest!
I think the protest against the US delegates, who offered suggestions on how to move the climate change issue forward in a more logical, level-headed way, says way more about the UN and the international climate change farce than anything anyone, no matter what their interest, knowledge and credibility is, has ever been able to express. Apparently, as you discussed with Wolfgang Meuller, it IS more about the transfer of money than saving the planet.
Well done Sheila!!!!
commented 2017-11-18 20:45:47 -0500
While this was interesting coverage of COP hypocrisy, and while I am glad Ms. G-R is getting the exposure she deserves as a reporter, I think it would have been best if she had been in Alberta this past week reporting on the actions of the New Demoncrats. Some major issues beside Bill 24.

Little people like us can best influence through the more local government, not international.

No reflection on Ms. G-R, her reporting was A-1 as always. Just wish it was directed at the point we can do something about.
commented 2017-11-18 17:33:51 -0500
119Climate Change conference – nothing but a great big farce. It is all about Money is the best statement I have heard thus far.
All of our concerned Liberal Ministers – all 119 (I think that was the number – were there and very concerned about missing the huge party, lavish lunches and dinners, hotel rooms, free stuff and probably a lot more that we will never hear about, all of which was paid for by our Taxes.
Canadian minister attending the conference: “what climate change conference?”, “I’m here to party and have fun, Justin told me it would be a nice break from all the very hard work that I constantly have to lie about accomplishing back in Ottawa. Besides, I can’t buy these luxury items and things and eat this good at home and I am entitled to these my entitlements, after all I’m a Liberal”
commented 2017-11-18 17:11:01 -0500
… Thank you Sheila and Rebel!