February 15, 2018

“Feminist” Liberals still fund Oxfam amid “horrific” sex abuse allegations

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Justin Trudeau refuses to pull Oxfam’s funding despite sexual abuse allegations against the disgraced international aid organization.

Allegations include staff prostituting survivors of the Haiti earthquake, sex parties in Chad with prostitutes believed to be Darfur genocide survivors. Former staff also accuse Oxfam workers of sexually abusing volunteers in the UK and using donated food and medicine aid as currency in exchange for sex in the developing world.

The unfolding sex scandal prompted the resignation of the deputy head of Oxfam's UK branch. Actress Minnie Driver and South African Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have resigned as Oxfam ambassadors.

Sky News reports more than 1,200 people in the UK have cancelled their monthly donations to the charity, and British PM Theresa May called Oxfam’s actions “horrific.”

But Canada? Canada refuses to withdraw their funding and support for Oxfam.

And that support isn’t a pittance. On International Women's Day 2017, Trudeau and International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced $650M over three years to fund sexual and reproductive health rights.

When asked about Oxfam’s troubles, Bibeau said she had assurances from Oxfam Canada that Canadian taxpayer money didn’t fund any projects linked to sexual misconduct allegations.

She told the Globe and Mail:

"From that conversation I had with Oxfam Quebec and Oxfam Canada on their procedures or their processes, I was very satisfied with what I heard.

"I have no information that would be of concern to me."

Oxfam covered up an international sex scandal of their own making, the extent of which is still not known, and problems go all the way to the top, but the Liberals are “confident”.

Well, I’m not. Why are the self-proclaimed feminist Liberals still funding Oxfam?

And why are the #MeToo, women's march, and #TimesUp armies silent while Canada funds an organization that operated an abuse ring exploiting poor women of colour in far off places?

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commented 2018-02-15 19:19:25 -0500
Minister Bimbeau’s position is truly appalling….how about no funding until a complete forensic audit into Oxfam comes back confirming what she has been told by Oxfam Quebec & Oxfam Canada. Taking their word for it does’t cut it.
Ignoring obvious problems is the progressive way….while inventing concerns & implementing regulations which have no basis in reality is the LPC way. Just ask McKenna!!
commented 2018-02-15 18:24:49 -0500
It makes perfect sense.
Trudeau’s plan, like OXFAM’s, is to have McKenna fulfill her promise to protect small town women by rounding up some sex slaves (maybe some of those Yazidi girls brought in recently?) and send them to northern Alberta and other isolated resource development areas to service those horny oil and gas workers.
commented 2018-02-15 18:18:03 -0500
SHEILA , I warned the REBEL a couple of years ago that one of oxfam’s icons : lotta hitch manova had a file opened up on her decades ago by the R c m p for funneling donations to the cause of communism , I think it’s never been closed in my opinion.
SHEILA, dig that one up .