July 04, 2015

#FireDancey UPDATE: Journalists' reaction reveals Canadian Media Party's "sickness"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Our flourishing petition campaign to have Brent Dancey fired from Alberta's NDP Ministry of the Environment continues, and the mainstream media is finally starting to notice. Sort of.

These "journalists" think there needs to be an investigation into me, for daring to look into Dancey's background.

(Remember: Brent Dancey is the new chief of staff of the Alberta NDP's Ministry of the Environment. He's also a convicted violent criminal. We believe this hire was inappropriate, especially since he also oversees the Status of Women portfolio...)

Some reporters and commentators think I should be sued for daring to publish details about Dancey's past.

The bizarre, hysterical reaction of some of these journalists makes me wonder what they think qualifies as "news."

It certainly reveals a kind of sickness at the heart of the Canadian media.

The Alberta NDP has hired violent criminal Brent Dancey to run an important ministry.
SIGN OUR PETITION to fire Dancey.


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commented 2015-07-07 01:19:10 -0400
The answer to that one Peterr…..that would require a timeline from the law society….and that simply is not going to happen…the Law Society was commandeered by those who Terry and Jimmy are sock puppets for …
commented 2015-07-06 21:12:09 -0400
“Glenn, we can argue about the chicken and eggs till the cows come home (hmmm), but my point remains true in 2015.”

Terry, Glenn, what are the cows going to say when they come home and hear you two arguing about the chickens and eggs? Answer that one!
commented 2015-07-06 21:03:18 -0400
How is it kosher to import Ontario activists and crims into the Alberta Gov.
If you don’t live in Alberta you can’t vote in the Alberta election, so how is it even legal for Notely to get in these bloody anti everything foreigners to help her run(take down) the province?
commented 2015-07-06 12:32:52 -0400
Glenn, we can argue about the chicken and eggs till the cows come home (hmmm), but my point remains true in 2015.
commented 2015-07-06 11:39:27 -0400
Terry Rudden…I would point out that it was the Liberals who made the most blatant politicization of public service staffing …it is called the Employment Equity Act and under the Liberal watch performance bonuses were given to staffing officers who met centrally planned objectives……white male HR staffing executives received thirty pieces of silver………….:-)
commented 2015-07-06 08:57:13 -0400
The “reasons” offered by media party leftists and their hangers on for coddling and “protecting” Dancey do not even rise to the level of immature poorly reasoned logic. Childish, overdeveloped, “my side – always right” bias with a good sprinkling of pretend lawyer hairsplitting sums up their best efforts.
A good journalist is hard to find.
An honest one immune to government trough attractants and political backscratching is an even scarcer item.
commented 2015-07-06 08:05:20 -0400
Terry Rudden, you may think that pointing out that Brent Dancey was once convicted of a violent crime is a cheap shot, but when it comes to the type of people who occupies the positions of power and authority over us in government, that person’s entire adult life is up for inspection because only by viewing their entire adult life can it we see that person’s true character.
commented 2015-07-06 07:21:20 -0400
Kim: absolutely; you can’t rewrite the past. But at issue is how we as a society deal with the past. Currently, we assume that once punishment has been doled out and rehabilitation occurs, we welcome past offenders back into society. I don’t think Ezra is seriously suggesting that we alter that fundamental principle; I think he’s just taking another cheap shot at the government of Alberta.
commented 2015-07-06 02:31:33 -0400
To all those pointing at the law, remember, they could pass a law to make Pi equal to 3. It would not be right, it would not be good, it would not be useful, but it would be the law. The man did indeed commit a crime. Going “erase, erase, erase” does not change the fact that it actually happened.
commented 2015-07-05 15:11:50 -0400
Glenn, you’ll have to forgive an admittedly flippant response to a ludicrous attempted parallel by Jamie. In the case of the federal government, however, Mr. Harper’s grotesque expansion of the civil service, coupled with the politicization of the staffing function, have tended to minimize the inherently conservative (SMALL c) tendency of the bureaucracy.
commented 2015-07-05 14:16:29 -0400
Terry Rudden….one flaw in your “up to the voters” argument…….he was not elected he was appointed…..and it has been my experience that far too many people do not grasp the difference between “appointed” and “anointed”.

We live in a “democracy” where those who are elected fear certain appointees of the previous regieme the way the ancient Greek Gods feared the Titans.
commented 2015-07-05 14:05:51 -0400
While I was in the Canadian Armed Forces, I got my secret security classification, they revealed to me that I had a juvenile record which I had , now I thought that those were supposed to be sealed. There was one guy in peticular that was denied his classification because his uncle was a SS officer during WW11. Just saying I don’t think nothing is sacred.( I was awarded my classification by the way)
commented 2015-07-05 12:15:17 -0400
If the electorate chooses to re-elect Mr. Del Mastro, then absolutely. They may, of course, wish to wait twenty years to see whether there’s a re-occurrence (as is the case with Mr. Dancey) or a pardon (as is the case with Mr. Dancey), but that’s their call. I myself would be inclined to wait until Mr. Del Mastro acknowledged some culpability or expressed remorse, but again, that would be up to the voters.
commented 2015-07-05 11:58:46 -0400
“And the argument will not work. Dancey, on the other hand, did the time. "

Then the best thing slippery Dean del Mastro can do is serve his 30 days during the summer recess and be back sitting as an MP when the house resumes in the fall.
commented 2015-07-05 10:31:33 -0400
Jamie: "I thing that’s what Bernardo’s lawyer is arguing. "
Probably. And the argument will not work. Dancey, on the other hand, did the time.
commented 2015-07-05 10:01:02 -0400
Yes, Terry Black, I think the more pertinent question is why didn’t the main stream media pick up on this first and report it. Some did after Ezra looked into it.

And despite what some people think, it is important for us to know Brent Dancey’s background even if he was pardoned because he is taking a public office position in the operation of the government. If he was in any other job type, then it wouldn’t matter to know about his conviction.

As to his being a threat to women in Alberta, I doubt it, and Ezra did not claim that he might be a threat to women in Alberta, but his did suggest that Brent might not be qualified because of the nature of his conviction to offer advice on the status and protection of women in Alberta.

Please people, be precise on your criticisms. It makes you look like an idiot when you attack something someone did not actually say. It means you did not read (or listen) properly.
commented 2015-07-05 09:40:32 -0400
I believe the Canadian Media should be sued for not doing their Journalistic Job for the public! That is why we have Journalits’ to help us keep check of things running on the straight and narrow! We don’t need massive criminals inside our Governments like America has! Or do we?
commented 2015-07-05 09:31:42 -0400
TERRY RUDDEN: “You do the crime, you do your time, you re-enter the community. That a fundamental principle of law, of justice, and, for that matter, of Western society”

I thing that’s what Bernardo’s lawyer is arguing.

Ezra’s valid point is that if Dancey had been a Conservative appointee and this info about his past had come to light, the CBC et al would be in full howl mode. So, I forgive Ezra his selectivity – his howls are filling a curious void. And I have no reason to doubt that Ezra is indeed concerned about the status of women in Alberta – at least the true, uncapitalized kind.
commented 2015-07-05 09:16:17 -0400
You do the crime, you do your time, you re-enter the community. That a fundamental principle of law, of justice, and, for that matter, of Western society. Judge Dancey on his actual performance in this position, not on an old conviction.
And please, commenters; open your eyes. The Rebel is running focused, targeted vendetta against the Alberta NDP government, and this is just the most recent in a long string of attacks. Does anyone actually, seriously believe that Brent Dancey represents a threat to women? For that matter, doesn anyone actually, seriously believe that Ezra Levant suddenly cares about the Status of Women in Alberta?
Give your heads a shake.
commented 2015-07-05 00:08:14 -0400
I feel sorry for the people in Alberta. In their anger towards the PC, they forgot to think and acted crazily. And as sure as the PC were corrupted they will never be as corrupted as the NDP. the NDP will destroy Alberta.
commented 2015-07-04 20:14:52 -0400
“Jewish Police in the Warsaw Ghetto: “Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei, Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst” One War Criminal in New Zealand in 1992 said that Jewish People being executed “screamed like geese while being shot!” Socialism can be like this. The Nazi Party of Germany was derived from “National Socialism”. The NDP being members of Socialism International subscribe to whatever means to achieve their goal! Alberta is in trouble and Canada if an NDP Gov’t is elected in the fall!
commented 2015-07-04 19:54:36 -0400
Ezra, I am not with you on this one the fact that he was pardoned nullifies disqualification for the job…that’s the law.

But what really makes me go WHAT??? about this appointment is that no women’s group has thrown a hissy fit about ANY male getting such an appointment…..unless of course…….he is just one of the girls….:-)

Any male willing to accept such an appointment is morally bankrupt (actually that term is too kind….it DOES take some courage to declare bankruptcy….he is in moral receivership….:-)

He has…in my view….about as much integrity as the Jewish Police in the Warsaw Ghetto.
commented 2015-07-04 19:41:38 -0400
Peter. Hold on tight. Survival is possible. I personally escaped an NDP Gov’t in Ontario (Rae Days) and lived through another in B.C. (Glen Clark, the “Deck Builder”) Keep that glass half full, not half empty!
commented 2015-07-04 18:37:16 -0400
Rick, that is good news that Albertans are recognizing the mistake, and you are right, what’s done is done. Notley and her crew will still, unfortunately, do as much damage as they can in four years. Of course, they will not see it as that, but the end result will speak for itself.
commented 2015-07-04 18:19:11 -0400
Peter et al: New poll in Alberta (Mainstreet). Albertans regretting NDP election only two months after polls. If an election were held today, most respondents replied they would elect Wild Rose with the NDP in second place and the PC’s bringing up the rear. Regrettably, what is done is done. The Che Gueverra crowd and their out of province help still have plenty of time to do massive damage. A protest vote gone horribly wrong!
commented 2015-07-04 18:10:08 -0400
A token conservative, boycott means don’t shop there anymore
commented 2015-07-04 17:51:26 -0400
A Token Conservative, I disagree because of one simple fact. He is entering politics. In any other profession, I can agree with your comment, but not when he will be responsible for running the government.
commented 2015-07-04 17:42:30 -0400
While we’re on the subject of censoring, the NDP facebook postings are also quickly censored and deleted – but if you post after hours on a Friday, they will remain there at least over the weekend where there is some viewing – I guess their Facebook administrators keep the usual “union” hours.
commented 2015-07-04 17:31:06 -0400
When Alberta’s economy tanks (oil will be around $25 per barrel), Canada will take notice.

All the have-nots, including that welfare province koobek, will get hit hard.

Should be entertaining – watch our provincial taxes rocket.
commented 2015-07-04 17:21:27 -0400
First off I am as appalled as anyone else here about the NDP government in Alberta, for all the same reasons as everyone else here has. Except for this. If Dancy had had any other scrapes with the law involving violence, likely, sure. But he hasn’t. Look, I think we should hold Notley’s feet to the fire at every opportunity, but this is deeper than politics; it’s justice. If he hadn’t been pardoned there could be an argument for attacking him on this but that’s not the case here.
I was convicted of a crime once, many years ago. A violent crime, but the “victim” survived with more of a sense of respect of the wishes of others as his only damage. I was told by two different lawyers before my court date that a pardon means that legally it never happened. You could even testify in open court that it never happened. The records are supposed to be sealed permanently. It’s, legally and socially, the very definition of the concept of having paid ones dues for the crime committed, you are now welcomed back into the community. I’ve since had that opinion confirmed by a judge I’ve befriended. The fact that this Dancy has obviously been leading a clean enough life to be in the public’s life previously, without any further brushes with the law tells me, and our legal system, that in this case the pardon was well earned. You want to go after him, do it for his being stupid enough to work for socialists. But not this. There are many, many other issues Ezra could be looking at, that have much more credibility than a simple character assassination of someone for one thing that they did when they were much younger. IMHO, anyways.
Question: are we still supposed to be boycotting Tims?
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