September 25, 2018

(FLASHBACK) Ezra Levant's colour commentary: Trudeau v. Brazeau boxing match

Rebel Staff

"This is his Liberal bar-mitzvah — Today he becomes a man!" Back in 2012, then-MP Justin Trudeau fought Senator Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match.

It was broadcast on Sun News Network, with Ezra Levant providing color commentary. We thought it would be fun to post these highlights, for anyone who missed the fight or wants to relive the comedy...

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commented 2018-09-26 04:41:12 -0400
Brassiere wasted all his time hitting Junior in his least vulnerable spot, his head. If he had gone to our chief ectomorph’s body he would have folded like a cheap suit.
The only good decision Jr. ever made was retiring from the ring right after that fight.
commented 2018-09-26 02:02:10 -0400
No, No, N0. You people have it all wrong. Brassiere was paid the handsome sum of $500 to take a dive. It was all fake too, especially watching him getting beat down on with those flailing pencil arms. It’s a cartoon.
commented 2018-09-26 01:08:06 -0400
I freely admit Justin was a better boxer than Brazeau , but would it have killed Brazeau to do some damn cardio?
commented 2018-09-26 00:23:50 -0400
Howard Cosell you’re not Ezra, but that was a hoot!
I’d almost forgotten how embarrassing it was to watch that silliness in the ring…as a man.
Justin ‘The Groper’ Trudeau wildly flailing his little pencil arms about with the power of a six year old girl…on crutches. Paddy ‘Earrings’ Brazeau, just as flaily, only a bit chubby. Both fine examples of ersatz men.
I got at least twenty years on that young goof, Justin ‘The Groper’ Trudeau. I’ve got no wind and arthritis…I’d love get get in a ring with that foppish fruity globalist, bare knuckle!
commented 2018-09-25 19:40:52 -0400
If that is too high above his ranking we could make it, The Shiny Pony Justin Trudeau Vs. Mike Holmes?
commented 2018-09-25 19:38:58 -0400
Next match Justin Trudeau Vs Evander Hollyfield!
commented 2018-09-25 19:19:53 -0400
Well done Ezra. Bet Trudeau would not smile at You now.