October 15, 2015

"For liberals, Trump is one of the best options out there"

Jayme KaralesRebel Blogger

Donald Trump is everywhere.

There isn’t a single website, blog, or social media platform where you won’t find his name plastered all over the place.

His longevity in the upcoming election has been weighed non-stop since he entered the ring. Facebook debates about his credibility as a politician have occurred between every young person and their mildly racist uncle. It’s tiresome and seemingly never ending.

But is Trump really the worst viable candidate to grace American soil since Mary Carey?

Between his tactics and controversial statements, The Donald has done a great job of keeping his name in the press without spending a dime. The fact that he’s become the most talked about candidate without bruising a fraction of his net worth shows that the man is a legitimate threat.

Millennials have reacted to Trump in a way that would suggest he’s the reanimated, straw-haired corpse of Adolf Hitler. The prospect of building a wall to keep illegals away from the border is on par with genocide to them.

The words of Donald Trump have polarized our nation and we’re now split down the centre. You see his quotes everywhere and, despite being taken out of context, they are still pretty reprehensible. However, they certainly aren’t the worst things that leaders in either party have said.

Need I remind you of socialist fan favorite Bernie Sanders? The same man who claimed in an essay that all women fantasized about being gang-banged and men, of abusing women? Granted, Sanders has taken plenty of grief over this essay and did issue an apology, but what about his stance on illegal immigration?

According to the man himself:

“When you have 36-percent of Hispanic kids in this country who can’t find jobs and you bring a lot of unskilled workers in the country, what do you think happens to that 36-percent of kids of today who are unemployed? […] I don’t think there is any candidate for president — none — who thinks that we should open up the borders and not see that is having a negative impact. So, to my mind is, what do we do and how do we address the problem of 11 million undocumented people in this country today moving?”

Here we have Bernie Sanders siding with Donald Trump, agreeing that illegal immigration is a problem. His solution, unlike Trump’s wall, is to offer those currently residing here amnesty and for those trying to get in… a shrugging of the shoulders.

Now, I like Bernie Sanders. He seems like a genuinely good dude. I would probably elect him city dogcatcher. But his approach is concerning in that Sanders hasn’t offered solutions to many of the problems raised, unlike Trump – who has – but has also thrown out a number of ludicrous concepts and generalizations. In terms of effectiveness, Trump gains a point for effort – Sanders does not.

Onto the woman who’ll probably edge Bernie out when it comes time to vote, former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This one speaks for itself. Clinton was exposed to Smilex gas back in ’89 and hasn’t produced a natural facial expression since. The list of reasons why she’d be a cancer to this country if elected president is a long one, so I’ll hone in on what’s at focus here: controversial statements. That’s the big thing burdening Trump, right? Well how about Clinton boasting about having the "white vote" over Obama in 2008? This is the same woman who laughed about having defended a child rapist in court that she knew was guilty. And while Trump gets flack for not outright stating that Obama isn’t a Muslim, lest we forget that it was Clinton’s camp who started the whole "birther" movement. In terms of controversy, they should be considered equal. However they’re not and never will be. 

Liberals are incapable of seeing beyond what they want to see. While Sanders is the candidate of choice for many, Hillary is viewed as the second best option simply because she’s a Democrat. There’s no thought of entertaining the prospect of a Republican taking the oath because they’re all lumped together as backwoods Christian extremists.

Which brings me to my next point:

For liberals, Trump is one of the best options out there. Sure, he wants to deport illegal immigrants. So what? With the exception of Sanders, that doesn’t distinguish him from anyone else who's running. Have you listened to anything that Mike Huckabee has said in the past two months? Rand Paul, while being the last true American patriot, believes that businesses have the right to discriminate based on race. Jeb Bush is passionate about shutting down Planned Parenthood (despite abortions only making up 3% of their business) and wants to repeal gay marriage. Short of John Kasich, Trump is the best guy they could ask for.

Critical thinking is clearly not the left’s strong suit. If it doesn’t mesh entirely to their ideals, it’s not worth contending. It’s a real ‘take your ball and go home’ kind of attitude. In this instance, Trump’s disdain for undocumented citizens has been enough to turn him into public enemy #1 when coupled with the media blitz.

Trump is an annoyance, a fruit fly that just won’t go away, but none of the ideas he’s lobbed out (and that can realistically be accomplished) is any better or worse than what other candidates have proposed. As a matter of fact, his tax plan is quite appealing and has even gained favour with liberals – albeit unknowingly:

Remove the media fatigue and he’s just another conservative with loose lips and a bad hairdo. Trump isn’t the worst option by a long shot. Moreover, he’s the first candidate in decades to offer a genuine glimmer of change. Whether that change will be for the better or worse though, remains to be seen.


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commented 2015-10-16 05:57:08 -0400
We always elect medicare people as our politicians, all they know is how to smile and manipulate to get elected, after, they don’t keep their promises, Bush and Obama are good examples,Hillary has already proven she is barely a mediocre politician, she accomplished nothing as Senator or Secretary of State and now she wants to be the president, just crazy. Actually without Bill Clinton she would still be in Arkansas and no one will know of her. In the other hand you have Trump, yeah the press makes fun of him, obviously they can’t control him as they control the rest of the C-politicians again like Bush and Obama and the rest. We are lucky to have a strong character like Trump to lower himself and deal with this people/candidates,(except Carson,respect). They have accomplished nothing, they never created a single job with risking their own money, they just smile and manipulate and become politicians. The country is circling the toilet bowl and most of the press want us to elect another “same old” politician, when are they going to get it? At least the public is starting to get it. We will never get different results by trying the same thing over and over. Trump’s arrogance and energy will bring change, he already let everyone know he kisses no one’s ass to get ahead, what a beautiful refreshing thing to watch. Get used to it liberal press and talking heads, millions and millions of knowledgeable people like Trump .
commented 2015-10-15 22:27:29 -0400
I like Trump and his cocky attitude . And I like Ben Carson too.
I like Mr. Carson’ s attitude about gun ownership and taking personal responsibility for our own safety and well being. He is a constitutionalist and speaks outside the box of political correctness.
He is a brilliant man and he and Trump share the same ideas. They would make a good team.
God spare us from Hillary.
commented 2015-10-15 15:04:07 -0400
I love the Donald, and I like it that he is stirring the pot! I would vote for him over that liar Clinton.
commented 2015-10-15 14:12:53 -0400
As a person Trump is very unattractive. The latest Forbes article is worth reading. Trump has always been insecure and a fibber on his true wealth. When he was first let into the top 400 in Forbes he had a battle with Forbes as they estimated his worth at half he did. Apparently what people think he is worth is very important to him, so much so he sued an author who he claims underestimated his wealth. More recently Forbes again challenged Trump’s 10 billion number saying he was worth at best half of that. Trump then had a hissy fit calling Forbes a “bankrupt magazine”. When pushed by Forbes if he thinks they use a different metric on him than others he said he thinks they do. Trump is a great man in his own imagination. Part of the problem is he estimates his brand to be worth 3 billion. Forbes hired an independent branding specialist and said at best his brand is worth 150 million. Trump is just such an ugly person. He stoops to name calling and personal attacks when anyone dares to challenge him. The man is a joke. I would honestly vote for him over Hilary because frankly I would vote for a poop throwing monkey over Hilary, but I just hope the GOP comes to its senses.