April 22, 2016

“YES to LNG” forces unite in Fort St. John to send “energy illiterate” Trudeau a message

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Northern BC and all of Canada can reap the rewards of Liquified Natural Gas if the Federal Liberals approve pipelines, liquefaction plants and port terminals to get Canadian made LNG offshore to Asian Markets where demand is high and growing.

But Canada has to act fast because our competitors in the LNG market place, namely the United States and Australia, are moving faster to access export markets than Canada is. Canada, thanks to the Federal Liberals, is slowing down the approval process, adding more regulation and more hurdles to climb over for LNG projects. An opportunity to create 100,000 Canadian jobs in a gas boom could pass us by as the Liberals kick the LNG ball down the regulatory road.

In the Northern BC town of Fort St John, where natural gas is the biggest and best game in town, they have had enough of hearing “No to LNG”. They have started a movement to represent the forces of yes. Yes to LNG. Yes to jobs. Yes to a future in the North. I decided to use my friend, fossil fuels, and drive all the way up to beautiful Fort St John to see one of the rallies being organized in support of LNG projects for myself. I love a good rally and Fort St John has an oil derrick in the middle of town, so I knew I’d feel right at home.

The rally itself started with everyone lining up along the street, holding signs in support of LNG. By the time everyone lined up, there were people saying “Yes to LNG” for nearly three city blocks and these weren't all fracking crews and pipeliners. They were families, the young and the old, just people who want their community to survive, and maybe thrive into the future while helping Canada through a very tough economic downturn.

Local and provincial government representatives were there in Centennial Park to stand together with the people of Fort St John. Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman, City Councillor Dan Davies, Peace River BC Liberal MLA Pat Pimm joined Premier Christy Clark as she took to the stage, actually a truck trailer deck, to ask the Trudeau Liberals to quit making excuses and approve delayed LNG projects.

Alan Yu, the founder of the the local pro-LNG movement, “FSJ for LNG” told me of the human cost of delays in LNG approvals. He said that people are moving out of town and that crime and domestic violence are increasing as unemployment surges. Yu is a new resident of Fort St John. He moved there last year to find work in natural gas and that goal never materialized for him. He was recently laid off and he’s taking this time to make a difference, build a movement and fight for what he thinks will be the future of BC in LNG.

LNG is clean burning and plentiful and the world wants it. The world should be getting it from Canada. Canada needs the jobs and economic activity that each of these projects will create. Fort St John and the residents of Northern BC are tired of hearing no. They're tired of hearing the federal government say they need to wait longer for answers. They're tired of more and more red tape being added to projects that needed to be built yesterday. The voices of the forces of yes, the forces of economic growth, employment and for prosperity for the future are so much louder than the forces of no.

I saw that for myself, first hand, in Fort St John.

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commented 2016-04-24 10:14:45 -0400
I’m convinced all our governments are conspiring to keep us all in debt for an eternity. It holds us down and takes away our freedoms to think, explore, invent and learn.
commented 2016-04-23 20:31:37 -0400
I hope you’re right, Andy. I just fear I won’t live long enough to see it.
commented 2016-04-23 17:45:23 -0400
Sheila, excellent story. It makes me somewhat hopeful. But that will mean that selfie PM will have to come off the media roller coaster he’s been on since he was elected and get back to real work such as finding jobs for Canadians. Not nearly as much fun as cheers, claps, standing ovations, international celebrity status. (Can a Nobel Prize in quantum computing be far off?) Hope Premier Clarke can have some influence. A side note..I loved the PM’s serious, thoughtful, pouty boxing photo from Thursday.
commented 2016-04-23 14:46:18 -0400
All valid points MAURICE… If memory serves there are from 12 to 14 LNG terminal proposals chugging away in different locations in British Columbia… The ones near Squamish (the old Woodfibre mill site) and near Kitimat(?) seem very close to having the final approval… I think others will get approval once the local indian bands are placated… Whatever… Once one is operational, the sky doesn’t fall, and the money starts rolling in, the union types will start getting on board… I agree that the eco-nuts on the coast are never going to admit it’s good for the Canadian economy…. In the meantime Catcher’s Mitt Notley is going to keep providing a focus for Western anger… She’s just that kind of “giving” lady, eh?…
commented 2016-04-23 10:17:08 -0400
Jim Curry asked, “How soon will the talk of Western Canada separating become action?”

Sooner than later I hope, but it will probably be later if not never, I fear. There are a lot of issues to resolve first.
commented 2016-04-23 05:26:17 -0400
The sticky part of Western separation, as I see it, Andy, is the west coast. Or perhaps more accurately, it could be described as an awkward obstacle in the way of separation. Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island are primarily eco-freak tree-hugging nut bars. And the North Coast, though primarily blue collar, is heavily unionized, and therefore NDP. I live in Houston, BC…. just inside the coastal constituency, so I know I’m outnumbered and my vote is wasted. But the BC interior is strongly conservative. I don’t believe Notely will be a factor after the next Alberta election. I believe Albertans won’t be able to separate fast enough. But geography is very important for a separate nation to stand and without the BC coast, Western Canada’s only access to the sea would be through Churchill, Manitoba. And, of course, I’d have to move if I wanted to be part of the new country. I’m not saying western separation would be impossible without the BC west coast, but it would certainly be difficult.
commented 2016-04-23 03:37:29 -0400
MAURICE… Good question… But now that Manitoba has elected a Conservative government the issue of Western Separation is going to get serious attention in the coming months and years and such questions are going to be asked more and more… “Catcher’s Mitt Notley” is more and more in the crosshairs and sooner or later the mainstream media in Western Canada is also going to have to address it or keep losing audience and revenues…
commented 2016-04-23 03:27:04 -0400
The real tragedy is the unnecessary hit to the Canadian economy that has been going on for decades by not exporting this resource earlier… I visited Fort St. John several times in the 1980s and already there were capped gas wells stretching out to the far horizon… The NDP came to power in B.C. in the mid 90’s and killed not only the oil and gas industry but mining and forestry as well… There is enough gas in the ground there to not only supply all of Canada for hundreds of years but export LNG 24/7 to the rest of the world… That we are still “debating” doing so is indeed INSANITY
commented 2016-04-23 02:57:54 -0400
What a tragedy that Canada is now saddled with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been completely taken in by the ‘carbon pollution’ con. We have as much chance of getting federal approval for LNG projects as we have of putting Trudeau on a one-way trip to the Moon, unfortunately for this country that we love.
commented 2016-04-22 21:12:20 -0400
I wonder. Is there a legal way, or any legal president for provincial governments acting unilaterally and stopping all transfer payments to the federal government? I’m talking, of course, about the provinces who give more than they receive. The provincial government would then have to pick up the slack in those areas that normally fall under federal jurisdiction, but if they hung on to more of their own money that shouldn’t be a problem. And then they could also act bilaterally with other affected provinces to implement inter-provincial regulations and cut the Federal government out of the decision-making process. I don’t know if that’s possible the way our legal system is structured. I’m just asking the question. Does anyone know?
commented 2016-04-22 20:05:15 -0400
Just do it !!!!!! To hell with the Feds. We don’t need their approval. They don’t live in the west, they hate the west. We don’t need federal money, is this not mostly privately funded? If not the west can raise the capital. If you take this first step into western sovereignty, it will lead to giant strides later.
commented 2016-04-22 20:02:21 -0400
Justin will not approve of LNG. He wants all our energy to be imported from Saudi Arabia. He will be getting a large bonus, paid into his Saudi Bank Account, for every Tanker load shipped to Canada.
commented 2016-04-22 19:45:10 -0400
You’re amazing Sheila. But like Justin said, " just hang in there" (what? Til you’re dead?)
commented 2016-04-22 19:38:38 -0400
Jim Currie, SOOOOOOOOOON I hope!!!!
commented 2016-04-22 19:24:34 -0400
Trudeau is first and foremost a Quebecer. Combine that with the fact that he is unbelievably stupid. Having a Government elected by the TAKERS from Eastern Canada making uniformed decisions negatively affecting the West continues to drive a huge wedge in Confederation. How soon will the talk of Western Canada separating become action?
commented 2016-04-22 19:19:46 -0400
“We need an economic future in BC.”

And Alberta
commented 2016-04-22 19:17:31 -0400
Christy the blackmailing bitch. She really went to bat for northern gateway. Any carbon tax or levy is a bunch of bullshit. Guaranteed if you look deep enough its not revenue neutral. Hope for the good people of BC to succeed with this endeavor though. Its important for all of Canada and its too bad Puff and his band of idiots are bent on holding things up.
commented 2016-04-22 18:53:40 -0400
The “forces of the uneducated no” are being perpetuated by the MSM, Trudeau’s bought and paid for media. Canadians write your MP and express your feelings. We need an economic future in BC.
commented 2016-04-22 18:51:31 -0400
Lets just let places like Qatar fill the market for LNG. They take so many refugees and immigrants and they really treat the workers well there. There is no truth to their funding of some of the problems in that part of the world. And they certainly did not buy the World Cup.
commented 2016-04-22 18:51:27 -0400
@ Andrew – Forget Bernie Trudeau – just a waste of air.

Yes, and today he just signed away many future Billions of our $$ on his “Earth Day” signing at the UN Climate babble palace!! Now that is WASTE!!
commented 2016-04-22 18:46:25 -0400
@ John Landry commented 16 mins ago
Change LNG to LGBT and it will flourish!

Do that and there will be NO LNG!! People up in this country are not gender confused.
commented 2016-04-22 18:46:14 -0400
The 60% of voters who didn’t vote these scum in should just stop obeying their rules.
commented 2016-04-22 18:36:24 -0400
Trudeau, Notley, Wynne – enemies of Canada. Enemies of Canadians.

commented 2016-04-22 18:34:02 -0400
BC should act on its own. There is enough private capital out there.

Bernie Trudeau is a useless tit and can be relied on by islamic terrorists and that’s about it.

Forget Bernie Trudeau – just a waste of air.
commented 2016-04-22 18:32:57 -0400
It’s pretty hard to teach an ideologue that his ideology is flawed.
I’m speaking of Turdo-Turdumb, and his energy-illiterate green cult.

commented 2016-04-22 18:29:07 -0400
Change LNG to LGBT and it will flourish!
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