August 13, 2015

"From the heart"? Justin Trudeau's economic ideas reveal "worldview of a simple-minded spoonfed rich kid"

Brian LilleyArchive

By now you've probably heard Justin Trudeau's latest gaffe: That he wants to "grow the economy from the heart."

What's almost as bad is that the Media Party ran that clip without comment, instead of making fun of Trudeau's remark.

Of course, this isn't the first time Trudeau's answer to serious questions has sounded like the musings of a child. Remember how he wanted to fight ISIS with warm clothing?

It was actually a Liberal friend who asked me, "Can you imagine this guy sitting across from Vladimir Putin and being taken seriously?"

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commented 2015-08-16 22:05:46 -0400
Old Pierre got away with it with his “Just Society” and the pup is trying a “just not Fair” Both phrases are undefinable, yet some people will fall for it.
commented 2015-08-16 18:12:15 -0400
heres just a good example of how pathetically stupid trudeau really is and I quote:
When CBC’s Terry Milewski asked Trudeau, “If you don’t want to bomb a group as ghastly as ISIS, when would you ever support real military action?”, Trudeau’s response was shocking. “That’s a nonsensical question,” he retorted.
commented 2015-08-15 22:45:16 -0400
That’s an interesting observation Charles. I’m thinking that the Trolls pick their spots. Their most likely lcurled up in the fetal position knarling their fingers after hearing their idol’s most recent soliloquy.
commented 2015-08-15 13:16:44 -0400
When the tax payers reached into their empty pockets and found Justin Trudeau’s big heart they began to understand the inverse relationship. It’s easy to make promises with other people’s money.
commented 2015-08-15 06:33:54 -0400
Fool me once P-air True-dough in ‘68 when I got caught up in True-dough mania and foolishly voted Liberal, now it’s a replay; son of P-air, Master Just-in True-dough wants to fool me twice so he can go disrespect the Queen with his pirouette? Shame on me? Not likely. Nor will I vote for that French – Canadian De Gaulle, Doubting Thomas Much-air and those Godless socialists. I will vote for Prime Minister Harper’s TEAM because he alone of the party leaders puts God before self. God Bless Canada. Amen!
commented 2015-08-15 06:28:26 -0400
Fool me once P-air True-dough in ‘68 when I got caught up in True-dough mania and foolishly voted Liberal, now it’s a replay; son of P-air, Master Just-in True-dough wants to fool me twice so he can go disrespect the Queen with his pirouette? Shame on me? Not likely. Nor will I vote for that French – Canadian De Gaulle, Doubting Thomas Much-air and those Godless socialists. I will vote for Prime Minister Harper’s TEAM because he alone of the party leaders puts God before self. God Bless Canada. Amen!
commented 2015-08-15 02:36:36 -0400
STEVE RENNIE: …. remembers the PET married to JT’s mother when she whelped him … but not wanting to speak ill of the dead ….

You may not, Mr Rennie — and I respect that — and my mother and grandmother who along with my every other ancestor, sibling and other family member who has told me I must speak only good of the departed, would be disappointed in me and would disapprove if I did otherwise. So I won’t, too.

Suffice it then to say someone told me and I quote him directly so as not to speak ill of the dead PET: "The treasonous barsteward, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, whose life was dedicated to the embrace of everything evil, wrong and failed and to the detriment of all that is Good and Right and Successful and whose legacy is to have accelerated Canada’s spiralling into a tyrannical state, (of Hell on Earth) is dead!!

To which – me Mum’s and me Grandma’s admonitions in mind – I responded: “GOOD!”

Brian Richard Allen
commented 2015-08-15 02:25:29 -0400
Karin Bougie, while many who smoke pot do just fine, there is a portion of the population who are genetically predisposed to not do so well. That is where the pot head and other negative terms come from. Justin;s mother Margaret, has publicly admitted that she was prone to psychotic episodes , depression, and manic behaviour when she was smoking, and that pot was a factor . It is a proven fact that some people should not use pot. It makes them stupid ,and not able to cope, lets say. Justin could be genetically predisposed. However, I don’t know how much pot he has actually smoked in his time, but considering his mothers documented history you would think he would know better than to advocate it for everybody, when he knows first hand not everybody should use it.
commented 2015-08-15 02:20:20 -0400
KARIN BOUGIE …. Eileen McRae, I agree that Justin Trudeau is stoned, pot smoking and brain dead and that he is not leader material.

Leader? That is just not true ….

Edited for veracity by Brian Richard Allen
commented 2015-08-14 22:16:07 -0400
Time to get involved, or be ready to suffer. I do not want this to happen on my watch.
commented 2015-08-14 20:09:52 -0400
I lived in the Yukon Territory when PET was elected. One of his initial visits was to Whitehorse back in the days when we cretins could actually drive on to the tarmack to view the ‘annointed one’. I was with the mum of a friend and our response was a resounding ‘but he’s just an old man!’ We’d only heard CBC Love for the guy. We were expecting some Elvis or Kennedy. What a letdown… And then I moved to Alberta to rejoin my own family and that was when PET kicked Alberta in the balls. Well, he kicked the whole western Canadian populous in the balls. And he did it with glee. But in spite of all that, I did respect the elder Trudeau for his acumen even though I hated him as a politician. His son – not so much. A more inept candidate I cannot even imagine. A more inept individual I cannot imagine. Let the mainstream media celebrate him. And let them celebrate Tom Mulclair. He too is hopelessly mired in union fuss. If Canadians are stupid enough to elect either of these two idiots to power, then I’m vacating. Some nice warm country that says nope to face covering immigrants and nope to sharia law.
commented 2015-08-14 13:16:50 -0400
I cringe to see what damage these socialists want to do to our great country and the very people that want it to happen. I need to ask this, are all socialists unemployed and have no kids, because why else would someone want to turn a society from workers, to a society of Kum Bah Yah, where does the money come from to do this?
commented 2015-08-14 12:27:43 -0400
Anyone under 40 that votes for Justin or the other Socialist . . . . is putting their future, their retirement and Canada’s long term wellbeing in Jeopardy. Want to see the future? Look to Europe, the failing states of the EU !
I am old, I have mine . . . but in 20+ years when you are hitting your 60s, will Canada look like Greece?
Justin and Tommy know the way to Greece !
commented 2015-08-14 12:20:18 -0400
I remember JT’s father… Pierre. I hated him, and he had a habit of stepping “in it” from time to time, but at least he was somewhat competent. Not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but I actually celebrated every time Pierre and his Liberals lost elections. Justin, on the other hand, is a buffoon. It’s been entertaining having him be the leader of a completely dysfunctional Liberal party – and if the liberals are going to insist upon existing as a federal party, I wish Justin to be its leader for ever and ever (like I said he’s entertaining). I just wish that people would see Kathleen Wynne in the same light as Justin, because she really is a buffoon and deserved to be embarrassed at the next provincial election.
commented 2015-08-14 10:02:47 -0400
Eileen McRae, as much as I agree that Justin Trudeau is not leader material, you have got to quit using the ‘stoner, pot smoking, brain affected’ line as it’s just not true. I know lot’s of people that have smoked marijuana for years that are successful business men, family men and that vote conservative.
JT’s problems or issues are probably from being an entitled, sheltered momma’s boy…….
commented 2015-08-14 09:33:36 -0400
Coming soon to a theatre near you: “Flower Child – Second Generation”! All of wee “wittle” Justie’s off-the-cuff remarks need to be compiled into a clip and made MANDATORY viewing for all young people who would deny the effect marijuana has on the developing brain! Dead STOP! Intellectual cognitive thinking decreases with increased use of marijuana.
commented 2015-08-14 09:28:22 -0400
Even if li’l Justin wasn’t so clueless, it would still be hard to take claims of concern for the masses seriously from someone whom shamelessly absented himself from parliament in order to collect five-figure speaking fees from charities and publicly-funded institutions.
commented 2015-08-14 02:04:46 -0400
Absolute idiot. What a total embarrassment to Canadians. Canadian MSM also a total embarrassment to Canadians. Sad times in Canada!!!
commented 2015-08-13 23:48:29 -0400
“Simple-minded Rich Kid”….In two years Justin has proven that to be very true. And to think, Brian Mulroney thought Justin was “a very clever young man”! That does not say much for Mulroney’s ability to judge people. Yes, I know Mulroney thought he was giving very good advice, as an elder statesman, to Stephen Harper, and of course -he did it via television.
commented 2015-08-13 23:46:13 -0400
Remember the film “Trading Places”? Or, perhaps, “Brewster’s Millions”? Maybe if Trudeau Jr and family had to survive for a couple years (hell, ONE year!) on $50k pre-tax income, he’d come to see what most Canadians deal with on a daily basis. Then maybe — just maybe — he’d have a clue what he’s talking about…
commented 2015-08-13 22:59:36 -0400
I really am starting to notice, that when the two losers that troll this site. They don’t comment, they haven’t a argument for the shit they believe in….
commented 2015-08-13 22:24:48 -0400
“…grow the economy from the heart…”?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ach ach achha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
From the heart… was that one of Butt’s, or did Justine think that up all on his own?
I wonder how Obama’s, Justin-handlers are taking it – are they still around…
commented 2015-08-13 21:53:16 -0400
RE: “Yvette Mozol commented 4 hours ago
Gerry….You are so on the money when it comes to Justin. He has led a privileged life & at times it’s like he lives on another planet. I simply cannot see Justin at a G7 conference for example with the rest of the world leaders…….we would become the laughing stock. Gosh, I hope the voters are smart enough to look beyond.” …

Really! – any voter who tries looking beyond “JUST-In” – would be be staring at the stars – to even come close to cluing in to what this dumb shit spews out of his mouth!! Would just love to see him across table of Israel PM or Putin!
This proves for sure that Lieberlism is a “disease of the mind”!
commented 2015-08-13 21:16:03 -0400
Le Bebe is such a simpleton. I mean seriously he doesn’t have two active brain cells to rub together. I am quite sure that he thinks his crazy statements are really important and loaded with gravitas. They are loaded all right . .. . pant-loaded.
commented 2015-08-13 20:57:31 -0400
Haha! China’s “Basic Dictatorship” has allowed them to turn their economy around on a dime again … losing over 30% of their trading market in days.
commented 2015-08-13 20:34:38 -0400
The LPC candidate for my riding was door knocking last night – he asked for my support, I said: “You need all the support you can get after what your leader said today” He groans and says “what did he say now”. I told him about the bleeding heart school of economics gaffe and he rolled his eyes – He says “This will be a tough slog for us with this going on all the time – can I count on your vote?” I said; “only if I can count on your vote for another leader at the next leadership review”. “We don’t have any of those any more” he says. "Then you’re on your own, best of luck with selling your cardio-economic policy to people near retirement’. He walked off with his shoulders hunched – like he’d heard a lot of what I gave him that day.
commented 2015-08-13 19:42:07 -0400
As a budding actor perhaps the CBC could hire Trudeau to start up a new comedy series.
commented 2015-08-13 18:48:40 -0400
“His life in a bubble has made him extremely limited, simple and naïve…”
Yup, GERRY KELLY. Poor little guy can’t help it. He’ll be Peter Pan forever.
commented 2015-08-13 18:33:00 -0400
Frankly, for those people that would never vote Conservative I hope they do vote Lieberal or Green. Lets hope the ABC (Anybody But Conservative) crowd spread their votes out evenly among the left parties.
commented 2015-08-13 18:18:41 -0400
What’s worse is voters who will buy into this “merde” and vote for the Lieberals!